Pink Floyd The Later Years Box Set

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    The Early Years sampler, was only released on CD, the Later Years sampler is CD and vinyl, thus a double vinyl set, if the Early Years had come out on Vinyl it would have had to be 4 discs.
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    You could say that.
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    TER is a phoney release? I think you're in the wrong thread then.
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    I think it would be a smart move to ignore people who show up (or in this case, swim in, at night...) with the obvious aim of starting fights and derailing the thread. Have a lovely evening everybody :)
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    'Looks suspiciously at his Grateful Dead and Bob Dylan boxes'
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    You're wrong.
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    Not wanting to derail the thread, but I can see viewing TER as a “phony” release, and I’m a fan of the Gilmour-led Floyd. I still can’t help but think it should have stayed a bonus disc for a Division Bell box, rather than be marketed as “The Final Pink Floyd Album”. The Division Bell was already a fine final statement from the band. TER is not.

    That said, this set is pretty much a guaranteed Christmas gift for me—there’s not much else I want, and gf wants to get me SOMETHING. I hate that it’s overpriced, but I’m sure I’ll enjoy the set.
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    My feelings about it too. That, or David should have produced the album himself.
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    The complete Endless River title should've been

    "Pink Floyd - The Endless River. The Division Bell Sessions"

    High Hopes HAD to be the last ever Floyd song

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    To me, TER sounds like generic music on corporate training videos.
  13. Billy Infinity

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    Tough room.

    Minus “Louder Than Words“, I love The Endless River.
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  14. SlimLee

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    I've been following/lurking through this thread out of interest in this era of Pink Floyd as opposed to any inclination to buy this set. In my opinion, there's simply not enough material here to justify the exorbitant price. Some sort of smaller (3-CD) collection that covered the remixed Momentary Lapse, and Delicate Sound would be something I'd consider, but I don't see that happening anytime soon.

    I did want to chip in on The Endless River discussion, which I personally really enjoy. Music was always Gilmour's strong-suit, as opposed to his lyrics - and for that reason, an album that is almost entirely instrumental seems the perfect fit for this era of the band. I find if I consider the album as four distinct movements, it flows really well and in a way harkens back to the structuring of classic-era Floyd material. Side 3, I find especially strong, with Richard Wright's "Autumn '68" well bookended by the two "Allons-y" pieces. The quieter Side 1 also reminds me of the more atmospheric elements of 70s Floyd. I personally enjoyed TER as a collection of songs that feels like it reflects on a whole many different styles of the band's career, certainly more so than the two albums preceding it.
  15. edfom

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    It's really grown on me more and more. I never disliked it. LTW would have been better as an instrumental. I'm not a fan how they ended the album that way. If it had to have lyrics I would have rather they used something from Rick or whatever as a final tribute. I dunno. One song at the end doesn't ruin the experience for me.
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    Removing the fluff from MLOR unfortunately for me reveals songs that don't hold up to most of their catalog (and that's a kind description). Although the songs I know from the follow-up for me reflect a stride and are emotionally effective. Maybe they should've just toured first.

    ...but then again....what do I know? :p
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    You know, that's actually a valid point really. A lot of their best work came from being heavily played live before entering the studio to record it. I remember reading that when it came time to record Animals Gilmour wasn't happy about them using R&D and YGtBC because they had been playing those songs for a couple years at that point. Interesting how a lot of a fans see that album as being the beginning of the downfall of Floyd and it was also the last one to feature music that started out as live pieces.
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    Agreed! It's a good album. "It's What We Do" is in my Best Of playlist.
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  19. I like Endless River—think about how much of Pink Floyd’s work has extended instrumental sections—but I have to admit that I would have enjoyed more lyrics. Maybe a few minutes in, and then every once in a while a verse or two, chorus, or refrain. Heck, they could have brought Roy Harper in again for a little variety.
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  20. Pants Party

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    Yeah, more lyrics certainly would have made The Endless River a stronger album -- assuming the lyrics would have been halfway decent, that is. Otherwise, the lyrics could have made the album worse.

    It's kind of an odd bird -- straddling the line of wanting to be a self-standing album, but truthfully, might be more a Division Bell Sessions (or leftovers) album. Were there really that many leftovers?? Either way, I actually love a lot of the stuff on it... in many ways it's the best of the Gilmour era. There's a lot of stuff on there that sounds more classic Floydian than a lot of the stuff on Momentary Lapse Of Reason and Division Bell.
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    After a few listens to the Later Years sampler lp, I am most excited now to hear the full DSOT album. These sound so much better. As for AMLOR I love the album as it was, but I was interested to hear other versions of a favorite album. So far I think the new versions sound good, and hear the differences, but I am not yet getting much from those differences..
  22. posnera

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    Overall, I like TER, but the lyrics are the worst part. When the vocals came in on my first listen, it was almost as jarring as the alarm clocks at the beginning of Time.
    I think the album would be better as all instrumental, but could also be improved with more lyrics. Make it a "regular" album or make it an instrumental. Pick one.
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  23. jɑmbo

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    I still adore Side 1 of TER, it's pure Floyd in my book.

    I agree that some more singing spread around might have helped.
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  24. fluxkit

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    I know I may never play the dvds but I think I would rather keep them as insurance back-up copies myself.
  25. fluxkit

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    I tend to agree.but then I do love hearing David's voice to conclude...I think I just cringe about a few of the lyrics.
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