Pink Floyd The Later Years - Specul/ation (Pre-release)

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by DylanPeggin, Jul 27, 2017.

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  1. pinkpurpl

    pinkpurpl Well-Known Member

    Peace be with you could be part of the first early AMLOR Version. I hope, we get this version
  2. jonboy71

    jonboy71 Forum Resident

    Oxnard, CA
    That's not the case at all. There was a Do Your Own Lead version of Terminal Frost that was supposed to be without the lead guitar, but it was mixed just like the album version. Peace Be With You has nothing to do with it and @rontoon said the plan was to include this as far as he knows.
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  3. floydophile

    floydophile Well-Known Member

    And I am wondering whether a proper 'Terminal Frost (DYOL-Version)' will be released. So far, we have only got a redundant / regular edit of 'Terminal Frost', which erroneously has that name suffix ...
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  4. Sytze

    Sytze Forum Resident

    Sure, pure speculation. Still: that "ta-da-da-da" theme from Terminal Frost is now stuck in my head as "peace-be-with-you"... it does fit, haha. We'll see...
  5. wilberforce55

    wilberforce55 Well-Known Member

    It is truly amazing how much the "80s sound" permeated so many established artists

    a duet between Elvis Costello and John Hiatt just came up on my iphone

    Elvis costello is usually such a traditionalist in terms of music, but there were the 80s synthesized drums echoing though both ears.

    The de-80s version of AMLOR is what i am looking forward to most in this box, now if roger can de 80s KAOS all would be good in the world
  6. Philrock90

    Philrock90 Forum Resident

    I'll give this de-80s AMLOR a listen but i have doubts it will end up being my go to i think maybe the 5.1 might be my go to same with Division Bell that or the vinyl version
  7. LarsO

    LarsO Forum Resident

    I used to have the opinion that the 80's drum and synth sound is simply a less good type of music. However, I have found that it is nice to have the variety and sometimes I'm just more in the mood for that type of thing. One of the reasons I like Radio KAOS is that it is so 80's in a cruising down the street in a convertible wearing aviator shades kind of way :cool:
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  8. Kim Olesen

    Kim Olesen Gently weeping guitarist.

    Odense Denmark.
    About de-eightiesizing (or whatchamacallit). Remember that sometimes the song were built up around the programming, the sequenced synths etc etc. Taking that out of a production will sometimes leave the song with not much...
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  9. rontoon

    rontoon Floydian Archivist

    Highland Park, USA
    They're not just being taken out they're being replaced.
  10. mark winstanley

    mark winstanley Pick up a fast car, burn my name in the road

    I figure we must be getting close to an announcement
  11. Josip

    Josip Forum Resident

    I think I've seen this quote already in this thread somewhere... :)
  12. pinkpurpl

    pinkpurpl Well-Known Member

    Is it possible that David Gilmour and Nick Mason promote the box together?

    That would be cool.

    And if it is allowed to dream....they can do a promotion concert - 2 songs from every studio album - in a small theater in London together with Jon Carin and Guy Pratt.
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  13. tcj

    tcj Forum Resident

    I've been listening to AMLOR a lot the past week. It's an important album to me - the first album I bought that didn't feel like music meant for kids/teens. I always kind of consider it my first REAL music purchase. Anyway, I have a lot of history with it and despite the negative reactions from most PF fans, I consider it a favorite. So while I'm intrigued and excited about this new version, I'm also a little iffy on it because I've either never really noticed, or cared, or maybe I've just forgiven its instantly dated production. The album feels built around the 80s sound - the drums, especially, have a reverb on them you won't find anywhere today, and that sound is given a lot of space in the mix. I really can't imagine what it would sound like without that. I don't see it replacing the original for me but, like the recent remix of King Crimson's Thrak, it'll be an interesting way to hear it (unlike The ReConstruKction of Light, which is so good that it has made the original feel unnecessary.)
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  14. Billy Infinity

    Billy Infinity Johnny Switchblade: Adventure Punk

    This will never happen, but I *love* this idea.
  15. pinkpurpl

    pinkpurpl Well-Known Member

    I know, it' s dream. To clear things up. Two songs from every later years studio album...
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  16. I bought AMLOR my freshman year in college, a few months into the year (maybe even as much as 2-3 months after it came out) -- but critically, I got it just a month or two after started on my very first fairly deep dive into Pink Floyd. Up until that point, I only knew what I knew from the radio -- though K-SHE95 (in St Louis) was known to play any/all of the big 3 cuts from Animals from time to time, as well as every track off Wish You Were Here too (including "Shine On 6-9").

    So AMLOR was part of only my second-ever "deep dive" into an artist's entire catalog (the first being Jimi Hendrix, my first really big musical love in high-school). I remember there being lots of press about Pink Floyd being back again, and I really loved AMLOR back in the day. But my tastes moved on to Zappa within a year, and eventually Miles Davis (and Sun Ra), and I move away from Floyd generally so much, that I never even bought a copy of The Division Bell until 2003. And AMLOR had not aged especially well, imho -- though I'm famous for saying that every time I listen to it (about 1-2x annually), it's alternately a lot better (or else a lot worse) than the last time I heard it.

    I do think the production is really a problem with most of AMLOR. There are some great tunes on side 1, but a lot of bad production choices there too. Side 2 isn't quite as strong tune-wise, but oddly -- I think side 2 is a much better listening experience, especially "Sorrow".

    I'm really hoping they will be bold with what they've decided to do with de-80's-izing AMLOR. It's not a dreadful album, certainly -- but I think it does need a lot of freshening up. I hope the contrast is significant, is my main point. Not jarring, but it's an album that really could 'sing' a lot more than it does. The Endless River, being such a lovely and remarkable album -- I'm certainly hoping the same team that put it together, is the one working their magic on AMLOR.
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  17. Brautigan

    Brautigan Well-Known Member

  18. posnera

    posnera Forum Resident

    That’s some of the worst dreck I’ve ever seen. Pink Floyd wine box? Barbecue tools? They just uploaded a logo and told the site to just put it on everything they sell.
    The poker chip set would be nice, but I’m sure the chips are just generic.
  19. revolution_vanderbilt

    revolution_vanderbilt Forum Resident

    New York
    I want to reply to this but I'm afraid it will wind up getting labelled "off topic and nonsense" so I guess I'll say nothing :targettiphat:
  20. xXFloydianXx

    xXFloydianXx One Slip, and down the hole we fall

    I hope that isn't the case, personally. I'd assume they want to push the big box first. That, and they haven't posted anything Animals on their social media pages in awhile. It's all been Gilmour era related, sans some 60s posts sprinkled in between.
  21. Sigma6

    Sigma6 Forum Resident

    I would love to hear that first version.
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  22. realmdemagic

    realmdemagic Forum Resident

    I think the new version of AMLOR is to explore the what ifs...had the three remaining members contributed equally on the project.

    I don't think it's to de-80's-ize the production values, I think that's a rather silly idea, considering all the PF albums have some style and production that ties them to the time they were recorded.

    The technology was new at the time, and PF did what they always did-push new techniques and sounds forward. Wasn't AMLOR one of the first albums to use digital sequencing and recording?
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  23. Ozric

    Ozric Forum Resident

    Can't comment on sequencing, but Digital recording was around long before AMLOR.

    From Wikipedia:

    November 28, 1977: Denon brings their DN-034R to New York City's Sound Ideas Studios and records Archie Shepp's On Green Dolphin Street, making it America's first released digitally-recorded commercial album.[3] The following two days, November 29-30, Frank Foster and the Loud Minority record Manhattan Fever which is released April 1978.[3] Five other jazz albums are recorded with the DN-034R in New York before it returns to Japan in December.

    July 11, 1979: the first U.S.-recorded digitally-recorded LP of popular music (with vocals), Bop 'Til You Drop by guitarist Ry Cooder, was released by Warner Bros. Records. The album was recorded in Los Angeles on a 32-track digital machine built by the 3M corporation. [27][28] Also, Stevie Wonder digitally recorded his soundtrack album, Journey Through the Secret Life of Plants, three months after Cooder's album was released, followed by the Grammy-award self-titled debut album of American singer Christopher Cross. Cross' album is the first digitally recorded album to chart in the US (coincidentally also winning 5 Grammys).

    September 5, 1982: Peter Gabriel releases his fourth studio album (titled Security in North America and Peter Gabriel IV elsewhere).[36] When released on CD in October 1984 it becomes the first full-digital DDD release. It was recorded on Sony's Mobile One digital studio[37] and mixed with a Sony PCM-1610.[38]
    October 1, 1982: The Nightfly by Donald Fagen is released, recorded and mixed on 3M's 32-track recorder. When the CD is issued in 1984 it becomes another early DDD release.
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  24. kenanna

    kenanna Well-Known Member

    La Porte
    That would be juuuust fine with me. I agree with posnera about the dreck. Standalone blue rays & dvd audio would sell like hotcakes, but they market nonsense.
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  25. floydfan2410

    floydfan2410 Forum Resident

    I was listening to AMLOR again today in the car while driving through mountains (we are on vacation in Bosnia) and I realized that the album just gets better and better every time I listen. The song flow is really great especially the more experimental stuff. My least favourite track is probably One Slip as I don't think it really fits the mood of the rest of the album and it's the most 80s song IMHO, but I still enjoy it enough not to skip it.
    I will be really interesting to hear the new mix :)
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