Pink Floyd The Later Years - Specul/ation (Pre-release)

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by DylanPeggin, Jul 27, 2017.

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  1. floydfan2410

    floydfan2410 Forum Resident

    I guess you're not first in line for the new box :laugh:
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  2. Six Bachelors

    Six Bachelors Troublemaking enthusiast

    Firstly, thanks to @rontoon for sharing a lot of information about the box in his usual circumspect manner.

    I'm looking forward to this quite a bit. I really hope there is no Continuation-style set that tricks me into buying the full box but I think it's inevitable, especially as this time around they know that we know that the individual volumes will likely come out later.

    That said, just to poison the good atmosphere in this thread (which I am really enjoying), I'll mention my strong hope that this boxset has better quality control than Early Years did in terms of the audio content. Please nothing out of phase, no weird editing issues, no inferior sources when superior sources are available and no fatiguing high frequency mastering. As great as TEY was (and is) it did seem like the audio side of things was bit...rushed.
  3. croquetlawns

    croquetlawns Forum Resident

    Considering how long they spent working on the box, the audio content for TEY certainly should not have been rushed!
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  4. Hardhog

    Hardhog Well-Known Member

    Anyway I hope for the official announcement next week. :goodie:
  5. johnjohnstone

    johnjohnstone Well-Known Member

    Kendal, UK
    I also hope that the manufacturing of the bluray discs is better this time round as well. I have just had to get two of the TEY ones replaced and one other looks suspect ...
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  6. floydfan2410

    floydfan2410 Forum Resident

    I hope the Blu-rays/DVDs will have easter eggs the same way Gilmour's Remember That Night did! The menu design was a bit dull on TEY to be honest.
  7. Tiago Fernandes

    Tiago Fernandes Active Member

    This is so true. There's no Floyd without him imo. My first memories, even before I spun one of their records, are picking up the awesome 'A Nice Pair', 'Meddle' and 'Animals' LP from my father's collection and being in awe.

    I truly believe that one of the reasons that 'The Endless River' wasn't as well received or felt as special as the former albums was the lack of Thorgerson input on the artwork. It looked cheap and forced imo.

    I miss him the same as I miss Rick or Syd.
  8. Outside The Wall

    Outside The Wall Well-Known Member

    Cumbria UK
    And it'll be interesting to hear the menu music loops, and then work out the sources of the music excerpts used, just as was possible with TEY DVD/Blu-Ray menu music loops.
    ( Mind you, I think that the Dramatis/ation menu music remained a bit of a mystery, IIRC.)
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  9. floydfan2410

    floydfan2410 Forum Resident

    I hope they include the aerial shots of the beds from AMLOR cover that was also seen in the Taken By Storm documentary.
    Interviews about the creation of the album would also be great! The same goes of course for The Division Bell :)
    I know you can read all about it in books, but I just love interviews and documentaries about that stuff :)
  10. xXFloydianXx

    xXFloydianXx No more turning away, from the weak and the weary

    Here's a Barcelona 88 poster

  11. Runicen

    Runicen Forum Resident

    Actually, I'm cautiously optimistic about this box because I love this era of the band (though, granted, there's not a lot that I don't love from the band). My only real hangup would be if the content is out-stripped by the price as it was when TEY was announced. Fortunately, I did end up getting TEY when the price dipped a bit a few months after release. I expect that's my "worst case scenario" here.

    As for DSoT, I can't really say why I never tracked down a copy. Ages ago, I picked up a used copy but the second disc was all jacked up and unplayable. Maybe I was just being bloody-minded, but I never made an attempt to replace it. :shrug:

    That said, Pulse is in pretty heavy rotation for me most of the time, so I'd say latter-day Floyd live is well-represented in my listening.
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  12. tommyball

    tommyball Well-Known Member

    I’d imagine the new set might be cheaper because it seems like it would take less work to compile. By the mid-80s the band’s popularity was well established and they had more control over their audio & video releases and appearances, so versus TEY, material should be easier to track down.
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  13. rontoon

    rontoon Floydian Archivist

    Highland Park, USA
    Amen to that.
  14. Simon A

    Simon A Arrr!

    I second that. He definitely gets the "Cheerleader of the year" trophy for his rational, good spirited attitude and quality spoilers and info he brings to us. :cheers:

    I'm 50% with you here because without the hungover vibe of QT of The Early Years we would not have gotten the Andy Jackson 5.1 mix of Meddle, which is one of my favourites. :)
  15. Philrock90

    Philrock90 Forum Resident

    I agree with the quality, i was dissapointed with the bbc sessions that they used yet we have superior in bootlegs
  16. Sytze

    Sytze Forum Resident

    Sad but true...
  17. Mike burgess

    Mike burgess Forum Resident

    Norfolk UK
    Looking forward to this set. I’m not the biggest Floyd collector, but like to have as much material as possible. Here’s hoping for an announcement soon!
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  18. mestreech

    mestreech Forum Resident

    Can you tell us if there will be an announcement in August or is that also under embargo?
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  19. Oh man, is that a thing of beauty!!! I work for an Architecture museum, and I absolutely LOVE the Sagrada Familia. Always have, since I saw it just once back in the early 90's, long before much more than those spires had been completed.

    I would frame that for my wall, if I had the chance. Glorious!!
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  20. akmonday

    akmonday Forum Resident

    berkeley, ca
    one of my lasting regrets was not seeing Floyd in Oakland in 91.
  21. rontoon

    rontoon Floydian Archivist

    Highland Park, USA
    I've posted everything I know and will update as any additional info leaks my way.
  22. xXFloydianXx

    xXFloydianXx No more turning away, from the weak and the weary

    Here's one more poster to inch us closer to the 100th page. Unfortunately I couldn't find a higher-res version. But I love the design of this one too. You can find more at the PF Archives website. I really hope this one and others are included in the set.

  23. dirie

    dirie Forum Resident

    What a wonderful poster that is! It would be nice if some of those posters were reprinted in the best possible quality. They would look fine on the walls of every music room (and other rooms as well). :)
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  24. Haggischomper

    Haggischomper Well-Known Member

    Aurora, IL
    Exactly the type of thing I'm looking for to adorn my walls. Only PF I have up thus far is the Division Bell heads for a Cleveland concert. It's fine, but I do love these more unique efforts
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  25. Lands End Drums

    Lands End Drums Forum Resident

    With Abbey Road announced no more obstacles in the way. It’s time!!!

    100 yet?
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