Pink Floyd - The Wall best version without click

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Emospence, Mar 31, 2017.

  1. Steve Martin

    Steve Martin Wild & Crazy Guy

    Plano, TX
    I just verified my Columbia CK early US with pre-emphasis has them and my Harvest Japan black face (no pre-emphasis) does not.
  2. Dave

    Dave Esoteric Audio Research Specialist™

    Greater Vancouver
    ricks is wrong. They are on the 48DP and apparently the 2nd pressing 50DP but not the first. I just confirmed it again. The clicks are definitely on the early USA and Canada Columbia C2K CD's.
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  3. Dave

    Dave Esoteric Audio Research Specialist™

    Greater Vancouver
    I believe there is and yes EAC will remove it so you need to add it back if you are going that route.
  4. Andreas

    Andreas Forum Resident

    Frankfurt, Germany
    For my, the best version is Harvest CDS 7 46036 8, Made in Japan.
    There are related but not identical masterings on "Made in UK" and "Made in West Germany" releases which are equally good.
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  5. Andreas

    Andreas Forum Resident

    Frankfurt, Germany
    No, EAC will not remove pre-emphasis. Therefore, you have to use different software to remove the pre-emphasis if you rip with EAC.
  6. Dave

    Dave Esoteric Audio Research Specialist™

    Greater Vancouver
    Really? I'm using an older version, EAC1.3, where you can add it back because EAC does not recognize it so it doesn't automatically engage it.
  7. ricks

    ricks Custom Title:

    North America
    Hi Dave any chance of you posting a sample or 2. I'm someone who evaluates data and will gladly revise my statement it that simple evidence bears it out. I am sure the samples will also be of great value to anyone prior to purchasing the 50DP that and knowing how to identify the different 50DP pressing. If they can't then they better be prepared to pay decent money and still get the clicks :)

    Andres is correct. EAC will only add or remove the pre-emph flag [which is very useful] but it has no capability to alter the EQ - and that is by design.

    You can confirm that with Andre the creator of the application - he still occasionally answers posts.
    Exact Audio Copy - English | Digital-Inn
    EAC removes pre-emphasis? | Digital-Inn
    pre-emphasis | Digital-Inn
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  8. Dave

    Dave Esoteric Audio Research Specialist™

    Greater Vancouver
    Sure, I've never posted a sample before other than a youtube link so any assistance is appreciated.

    Thinking about this I'll bet the Black-faced Harvest is a clone of this one without the click.
  9. c-eling

    c-eling Forum Resident

    A descent free application for adding the proper EQ on pre discs is foobar 2000
    EAC will only detect the flag in the TOC, For SUBQ tag, the older pre-beta
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  10. ricks

    ricks Custom Title:

    North America
    Which is why hanging on to a copy of EAC.95pb3 is key! I also found it will detect with some drives and not others. In my main rack I still have an old box with PB3 and an old TDK CD Burner. I only fire it up for that one purpose. In storage I also have another of the same burner "brand new" as a backup. Before anyone think I'm an old tech hoarder - suffice to say I'm not :)
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  11. c-eling

    c-eling Forum Resident

    This is a quote I replied to a couple years ago-
    "My US Columbia "C2K 36183" DIDP (silver fce) has 4 clicks, not 3 as mentioned here. Could anyone confirm that too?

    > Comfortably Numb
    - 13:46,43295 (beginning)
    - 16:07,07025 (after 2:20)
    - 17:57,02 (after 4:10)

    > The Show Must Go On
    - 20:11,70 (beginning)

    CD1 Matrix: CK 36184 ; C2K 36183 ; DIDP 020204 ; 23
    CD2 Matrix: CK 36185 ; C2K 36183 ; DIDP 020205 ; 25

    I could easily manual de-clicking the first two (hence the exact time). I've not being able to exactly locate the later two ones, sorry."

    The pre-emph US I have I could only detect the beginning click on Comfortably Numb
    The Show Must Go On click is found on the old US lp pressings and exaggerated on the CK as well
  12. c-eling

    c-eling Forum Resident

    Found that out the hard way recently about different drives with the pre-beta. My old external which worked ended up having USB problems which rendered it useless. Newer drives would just hang or scan loop. I have a IDE/SATA to USB adapter coming tomorrow so hopefully I can get it working again
  13. ricks

    ricks Custom Title:

    North America
    Not sure I posted before but anyone using EAC with Windows 7 up who wants to have EAC come up as "Autoplay" option when CD inserted into drive - create a file named what-ever-you-want-to-call-it.reg with the contents listed below, then double click on the newly created file [admin rights required] and say yes to all prompts.

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
    @="Rip using EAC"
    @="\"C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Exact Audio Copy\\EAC.exe\" %L"
    "Action"="Rip CD using EAC"
    "DefaultIcon"="C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Exact Audio Copy\\EAC.exe,0"
    "Provider"="Exact Audio Copy"
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  14. agentalbert

    agentalbert Forum Resident

    San Antonio, TX
    Just tested two of my copies of The Wall.

    On the 48DP 5007-8 disc, I can hear the click right at the beginning of Comfortably Numb. EAC does report this disc having pre-emphasis.

    On my Japan Harvest CDS 7 460368 (not sure if this is a clone of any other US or Euro pressing) I do not hear any click. EAC doesn't report pre-emphasis on this disc. This one sounds really good.
  15. Andreas

    Andreas Forum Resident

    Frankfurt, Germany
    I see, you were talking about the pre-emphasis tag in the cue file which is sometimes not included with newer versions of EAC. I was talking about pre-emphasis on the audio itself.
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  16. Emospence

    Emospence Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    Just to make it clear, when talking about removing de emphasis, I'm referring to the audio itself, not just the flag. Half of my listening is done on a DAP on my commutes.

    So what I gather far is:

    Best version without click: 50DP, first pressing only

    Best version without click or pre emphasis: early harvests?
  17. ricks

    ricks Custom Title:

    North America

    Read through some of the many Wall threads here you will find that is no "consensus" - there almost never is one... My favorite for example is the Doug Sax [Steve Hoffman's favorite mastering engineer] mastering that was in the "Oh and By The Way" box which as I recall matched the standard Europe 90's stock remaster. If you are using a DAC and or computer don't even consider the original Columbia's with the pre-emph.
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  18. Emospence

    Emospence Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    There's no software capable of applying de-emphasis properly??
  19. Emospence

    Emospence Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    The one with these peak levels?

    Disc 1: 53.0 / 39.0 / 53.5 / 57.2 / 47.0 / 60.9 / 23.8 / 49.4 / 27.7 / 55.9 / 58.2 / 57.6 / 12.0
    Disc 2: 42.4 / 36.5 / 23.2 / 20.3 / 66.4 / 44.6 / 35.2 / 45.4 / 55.0 / 43.5 / 47.9 / 35.6 / 7.0
  20. Chooke

    Chooke Forum Resident

    Perth, Australia
    Not perfect but Foobar with the sox plug in does a very good job. There are quite a few threads discussing pre-emphasis and the different methods of de-emphasising a file.

    There is one thread in particular which goes into some detail, providing the precise attenuating numbers across the frequency range which is useful if you have something like a parametric equaliser. But that sort of precision is not something to get OCD about, and if you do then don't even think about precise RIAA EQs for LP playback.

    Btw, as far as listening goes, the best pre-emphasis DACs I've come across are the ones in some 1980s CD players with the old analog filters. It is almost as if they were made with emphasised discs in mind.
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  21. ricks

    ricks Custom Title:

    North America

    Hi @Dave,
    What is your 50DP Wall matrix? Also on your front artwork do the brick's take up the entire cover or do they stop leaving approx 1" column of white space?

    As for the sample(s) - you can get a free dropbox account which at 2GB will give you more than enough space for this type of stuff. Then simply paste the link(s) here. Of course there are many other methods but that was the simplest for me to write out...
  22. mdm08033

    mdm08033 Forum Resident

    This is what's on my Pink Floyd playlist. I also own the black face Canadian. Both sound great but I prefer turning up the Harvest. My only disclaimer is that the Sony Columbia based mastering the Canadian sounds dandy on its own. I only acquired the Harvest edition because it appeared in the local used bind for $15. Otherwise I would be happily listing to the Canadian set.

    Happy listening, Michael
  23. Downsampled

    Downsampled Formerly PlusMinus

    I can hear the click at the beginning of "Comfortably Numb" (it occurs pretty much right on the first beat) on my 50DP. The matrix of that disc is: 50DP-362 11A4 +++++

    Although I couldn't hear a click at 2:20, I did detect a mild click at 4:10 and at the beginning of "The Show Must Go On." I didn't hear anything on my West German or Japanese Harvest discs. (I have the 48DP but I didn't listen to it; I'm assuming it's the same as the 50DP.)
  24. progmog

    progmog Forum Resident

    United Kingdom
    I no longer own it, but I am pretty certain that the click on 'Comfortably Numb' was present on the 50DP Japanese first pressing.
  25. ricks

    ricks Custom Title:

    North America

    Here is the complete 50DP 1st press info from Vernon/PinkfloydArchives

    Title: The Wall (CBS / Sony Records 1st issue)
    Record Company: CBS / Sony Records
    Catalog Number: 50DP 361 / 62
    Bar Code: None.
    Matrix Information:

    3) Disc 1: Top:
    50DP-361 11 +++++
    -- Disc 2: Top: 50DP-362 11A4 +++++
    Pre-emphasis: Yes.
    Production Mastering: Sony mastering
    Release Date: June 21, 1985
    Release Information: Original Japanese release. Double CD. The "bricks" on the front cover do not cover the entire cover - the right side of the cover is blank white.
    Total Time:
    Disc 1: 39:19
    Disc 2: 42:00
    Track Peak Levels:
    Disc 1: 96.8 / 78.7 / 87.4 / 100 / 83.2 / 100 / 48.0 / 60.8 / 100 / 100 / 86.1 / 100 / 25.5
    Disc 2: 85.4 / 63.3 / 72.8 / 44.7 / 100 / 94.9 / 72.6 / 100 / 100 / 94.9 / 100 / 79.2 / 15.7
    Front Cover: White brick wall. The "bricks" do not cover the entire cover (it is blank white on the right side).
    Back Cover: White brick wall. Song titles. Credits.
    Cover Insert: Some copies had a white title insert that says: "Pink Floyd The Wall."
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