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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Emospence, Mar 31, 2017.

  1. ricks

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    North America
    Through great timing, I now have a near pristine copy [sans obi though] of the very 1st 50DP pressing. Had just been priced and placed in new arrivals, cost $19 :)

    "bricks" on the front cover do not occupy the entire cover

    Not possible to do this today but a day or two I will post samples of the first 20 seconds and from 4:00-4:20 of Numb. Hoping Dave will do the same.

    Other who have 50DP's please do so this way we may be able to get samples for all the 50DP's on Vernon's chart. We will let the data/evidence speak for itself as to whether any of the original Columbia based mastering do not contain the "click".
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  2. Rich C

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    Northbrook, IL
    Doo Wop on the street corner, right in front of The Wall!
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  3. Emospence

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    So lucky!

    What does listening to it yourself tell you?
  4. ricks

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    North America
    50DP very 1st pressing, disc2 50DP-362 11 +++++
    first 19 seconds and from 4:01-4:20 of Numb


  5. c-eling

    c-eling Forum Resident

    Since the US CK is the same, yes I can hear it in the same spot on sample 1, Sample 2, not quite sure if it's percussion or not.
    How about the 'blip' at the very beginning of The Show Must Go On?
    Was that a straight rip without the EQ?
  6. Psychedelic Good Trip

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    New York
    Vinyl for me for The Wall original and the new 2016 reissue.
  7. boots

    boots Ride On

    Now you will.:hide:
  8. Snashforce

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    Appalachia, USA
    Which versions don't have the clicks and also have Young Lust in the right place?
  9. ricks

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    North America
    ripped via EAC , used Audition to carve up the wav for posting. Other than creating the tiny snippets for "fair sample" usage there were no modifications made.

    The Show Must Go On have not checked it.

    That I've grown tired of most of the album :) I've posted the samples they speak for themselves. I will say that having the very 1st 50DP pressing is very nice for the collector in me - especially the missing Bricks cover.
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  10. SibilanceSegs

    SibilanceSegs Forum Resident

    In terms of vinyl, the new 2016 BG is so awesome that I have retired my old 1st issue Columbia pressing which was the definitive version for me. Actually I recommend all the new Floyd releases Bernie did a fantastic job on all of them. If you are an AAA buff, then look for early issues of this album. I can't speak for the "audiophile" releases of this album but the early Columbia issues have a punch to the drums like no other.
  11. Emospence

    Emospence Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    They're definitely there.

    I also assume these are with pre-emphasis and not processed to removed it, yes?
  12. ricks

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    North America
    No processing was done and the mastering of course has pre-emphasis which why on many systems it will not be good sounding.

    If anyone has any of the later non-first pressed 50DP's please post samples and you matrixes. We have the opportunity here to definitively prove as fact that all the 50DP and all original Columbia Wall masterings contain the clicks during Numb. The purpose is to save good folks money and just get the stock Columbia Wall. Conversely if Dave has a later 50DP Wall pressing that does not contain the clicks it gives folks the opportunity to seek out a version with out the flaws.

    Dave still waiting on your samples :) There are many here who be glad to explain how to post them on the internet and include the links in a post.
  13. Downsampled

    Downsampled Formerly PlusMinus

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  14. Snashforce

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    Appalachia, USA
    Anyone happen to know the answer? The 50DP has the tracks correct, but has the clicks. The made in Japan Harvest blackface UK 1st pressing, does not have the clicks, but has the wonky track listing, pretty sure the W. Germany version is the same...The MFSL satisfies this requirement, but I'd love to find a non-MFSL version that has no clicks and the correct track listing.
  15. Emospence

    Emospence Well-Known Member Thread Starter

  16. Downsampled

    Downsampled Formerly PlusMinus

    The whole cover.
  17. They Call Me M

    They Call Me M Wall History Nerd

    Fort Worth, TX
    I'm not sure what you mean about Young Lust. Except in the very earliest of band production demos, it is where it's supposed to be in the running order.
  18. tlake6659

    tlake6659 Forum Resident

    Some discs have indexing problems. Not a problem if you play the album straight though, but an issue if you want to skip to an individual track.
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  19. Snashforce

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    Appalachia, USA
    Yes, exactly...when I import the cd into itunes and play individual tracks (or play the cd); I don't want Empty Spaces and Young Lust combined into a single track 8. When I click track 9, I want Young Lust to play, not One of My Turns. For me, the best version without clicks would also be one that has correct indexing.
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  20. Front 242 Addict

    Front 242 Addict "I'll drink the moonlight from your hands"

    Tel Aviv ,Israel
    What do you think caused the Evil click in the beginning of Comfortably Numb ?
    as if someone had pressed a button that made that digital sound .
  21. ToTo Man

    ToTo Man the band not the dog

    Scotland, UK.
    Does the 1st Harvest UK pressing from 1984 (CDS 7 46036 8) and 2nd Harvest West German pressing from 1985 (CDP 7 46036 8) share identical masterings?

    I've just procured the 1985 West German Harvest and find it superior to any of the other masterings I have, including the 1990 CBS, 1991 MFSL, 1994 EMI Remaster, 2006 Japanese Remaster and 2011 Discovery Remaster. It has the best dynamics and clearest sound IMO, so I'm wondering if it's also worth tracking down the 1984 UK pressing?
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  22. tmtomh

    tmtomh Forum Resident

    Man, this is a tough one - several masterings are great. I've just finished comparing what I believe are the six major masterings, and here is how I rank them in order of preference:
    1. Original 1980s Harvest UK/DE/EU mastering
    2. Original 1980s CBS US/Japan mastering (de-emphasized)
    3. 2011 remaster
    4. 1990s EU remaster
    5. MFSL
    6. 1990s US remaster
    1. 1980s Harvest: A lovely listen from top to bottom and beginning to end. Delicate and open, while at the same time super smooth. You can crank this up endlessly and you won't hear any harshness or breakup at all. The depth and precision of the soundstage, particularly in the bass and lower midrange, seems unparalleled. It's also the most dynamic mastering from what I can tell - that final brick-through-the-window sound effect at the beginning of Another Brick in the Wall Part III makes me jump every time.

    Drawbacks: Compared to the 1980s US (see below) it's lacking a little bit of bass and consequently lacking some rhythmic drive when the band really gets going - for example the middle section of Hey You. This can be mostly addressed simply by turning it up - but sometimes one can't or doesn't want to do that. And then there's the problem of the goofy track indexing.

    2. 1980s CBS US:
    This one might just have the best frequency balance of them all: More bass than the Harvest - more lower bass kick than the Harvest, and perhaps very slightly more treble extension, without any harshness. There's a snap and presence in the upper-midrange, perhaps most noticeable on the snare drum, that's just a little better than the Harvest.

    Drawbacks: The click in the R channel at the beginning of Comfortably Numb (the other clicks on the track don't bother me). Also, even worse, there's a very audible and disturbing glitch 10 seconds into Hey You, which is not present on the Harvest (or the 2011 remaster). Also, the soundstage depth doesn't seem quite as good as the Harvest, and upon close, repeated listening it's a little less transparent than the Harvest.

    3. 2011 Remaster: Very clear, great bass and rhythmic drive - a lot of bass and lower-midrange power in this version, without much boominess or flabbiness. Lovely undertones that make the acoustic guitar (on Mother for example) sound natural and lush in a way the above two masterings cannot match. So too is the snare drum (on Comfortably Numb for example) just a little thin on the older masterings, whereas it's more natural-sounding here.

    Drawbacks: While it's still very dynamic, the bass is a bit overcooked IMHO, and it's not as crankable. To be clear, it's not harsh - but the bass and upper-bass energy quickly gets overwhelming as you turn it up. So it lacks that final bit of delicacy and transparency of the Harvest. It's almost as if you applied a tasteful Loudness Curve to the Harvest.

    4. 1990s EU Remaster: Very nice sounding, with good treble extension and plenty of bass.

    Drawbacks: Whatever it does well, one or more of the above masterings does better. Bass seems more overdone than the 2011 remaster. I love Sax's work as a rule, and I certainly like this one, but to me it sounds a lot like 1990s Mastersounds: Initially impactful, but a bit too bassy and slightly grainy or unrefined after a few minutes of listening. It also seems a little treble-boosted, with some added sibilance on Waters' vocals. Also, the Brick in the Wall Part III final brick sound effect is not nearly as dynamic/impactful as on the better masterings.

    5. MFSL: I know lots of folks love this and I can see why. If you long for some of the roundness and smoothness of the Harvest combined with the bass oomph of the 1990s EU remaster, this is your ticket. There's nothing else like it.

    Drawbacks: For me, the EQ is just wrong: way too much bass, and rather flabby at that, and a bit veiled-sounding in the treble as a result, lacking the treble delicacy and openness of the 1980s CBS and Harvest masterings.

    6. 1990s US Remaster: I must say, I'd assumed this would be identical or nearly identical to the EU remaster, but I was wrong: It sounds notably different. It sounds like the same basic mastering approach as the EU remaster, but with more treble.

    Drawbacks: I really don't like this mastering. It's not louder than the EU remaster, but it's less dynamic - the EU is filled with massive peaks that are much more attenuated on this one. Also, the EU remaster already has too much treble, and this one has even more - it's crispy and unpleasant, with even more sibilance. This is the one mastering I compared that I'd call a bad mastering.
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  23. c-eling

    c-eling Forum Resident

    Thanks Matt :cheers:
    I haven't heard the Harvest #1. I've been happy with #2 so I never went further. :)
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  24. tmtomh

    tmtomh Forum Resident

    By #2 you mean the US CBS, yes? Yes, it's great, and I'd be happy to live with just that one if I had to. Given the glitches on it, though, and the fact that the Harvest mastering is available for not too much money (albeit not quite as dirt-cheap as the US CBS), I'd recommend picking up a copy.
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  25. kevin5brown

    kevin5brown Forum Resident

    Ahem, errr, yeah, OK ...

    Don't suppose you've done comparisons for any others?


    I'd be curious.

    FYI: my top two are your top two too, but I didn't care after that ... except that I'm not a big fan of the MFSL for this one either. ;)
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