Pink Floyd's album The Dark Side Of The Moon has been voted the greatest rock album on Louder

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  1. Steve M.

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    "Pink Floyd's album The Dark Side Of The Moon has been voted the greatest rock album ever. The album was released in 1973, and had since gone on to sell over 45 million copies.

    The vote took place on the Louder website over the last few weeks, with thousands of votes being placed for more than 500 different albums. Unlike most polls, which offer voters a finite list of titles to choose from, the poll allowed people to choose any album at all.

    While major names like Judas Priest, Pantera, Genesis, King Crimson, Genesis, Boston and Slipknot fell just short of the Top 50, some artists ended up with multiple albums in the final count, including Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Black Sabbath and Floyd, whose albums The Wall and Wish You Were Here both made the Top 20.

    The Top 10 is as follows:

    • 10. Led Zeppelin: Physical Graffiti
    • 9. Iron Maiden - The Number Of The Beast
    • 8. AC/DC: Powerage
    • 7. The Beatles: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
    • 6. Queen: A Night At The Opera
    • 5. Led Zeppelin: IV
    • 4. Metallica: Master Of Puppets
    • 3. AC/DC: Back In Black
    • 2. Guns N' Roses - Appetite For Destruction
    • 1: Pink Floyd - The Dark Side Of The Moon"

      Pink Floyd's The Dark Side Of The Moon voted best rock album ever
  2. Devin S

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    And I thought that dinosaurs were extinct. Silly me!
  3. Derek Slazenger

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    Understandable. I think I agree. It is a remarkable piece of work!
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  4. Bingo Bongo

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  5. Veni Vidi Vici

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    Chicago, IL
    It's like punk never happened. Which in the US, isn't far from the truth. What amuses me is how sales figures are derided as a measure of artistic merit, yet free clicks for poll wins validate Great Art.
  6. I for one am glad that’s settled.
  7. Claus

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  8. bherbert

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    South Africa
    Why is Sgt Pepper always in the top 10? It’s not even the best Beatles album IMO. Not by a long shot. I can understand the media hyping it but the fact that readers voted for it surprises me.
  9. Veni Vidi Vici

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    Chicago, IL
    Stop the presses! Bunch of people who read website dedicated to decades-old classic rock vote for classic rock albums in website's poll!
  10. Sax-son

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    Three Rivers, CA
    I wouldn't rate any record by their sales number. DSOTM is definitely up there, but I hesitate to name any record as number one. There are too many candidates for that title.
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  11. Chemguy

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    It surprises you? Are you kidding?

    You may not prefer it, but to be surprised that others do is a bit strange. Maybe a tad pompous, too.
  12. The Lone Cadaver

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    I wonder what the average age of the Louder website voters might be.
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  13. pinkrudy

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    I'm happy for my floyd bros :)
  14. David Bostock

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    Portland, Oregon
  15. formu_la

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    I agree, but not with the rest of the list.
  16. PopularChuck

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    Bay Area

    I find DSOTM only slightly less boring than Aja.
  17. Kassonica

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    A fair call tbh
  18. PopularChuck

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    Bay Area
    I'd bet upper GenX to lower Boomer.
  19. Diego Lucas

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    Well, it´s not even the best PF album...
  20. Diego Lucas

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    Nice to see A Night At The Opera on the top 10, movie hype helping a lot!
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  21. Dr. Funk

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    AC/DC on there twice surprises me a bit.......not a fan of Metallica at all. I would have thought The Rolling Stones or Fleetwood Mac would have made the top ten.
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    NYSPORTSFAN Forum Resident

    new york, newyork
    The list is based on thousands of votes correct? In my opinion The Dark Side of The Moon is deserving to be one of the greatest rock albums. I am not surprised about Led Zeppelin popularity and pleasantly surprised The Beatles did very well as there a lot of modern albums on this list. However, seeing Hysteria over Revolver is kind of ironic.

    However, the list is telling there is one Rolling Stones album, no Velvet Underground albums and no Bob Dylan albums.
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  23. andrewskyDE

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    That's awesome!! Totally love this album!
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  24. James_S888

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    Where be the Rolling Stones?
    Let it Bleed?
    Sticky Fingers.

    That list - no credibility.
  25. BluesOvertookMe

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    Houston, TX, USA
    Should be #1? Agreed.

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