SH Spotlight Play the Kinks "Waterloo Sunset" in stereo, check and fix or improve your stereo playback with it!

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Steve Hoffman, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. c-eling

    c-eling I never dreamed another way.

    Probably S/T, great album, tons of stuff going on with that album, quite a trip :cheers:
  2. toddrhodes

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    South Bend, IN
    In my audio room, it's small - 9.5 x 12, if I go no or "slight" toe, everything is in front of me. If I toe to my ears with my laser level (just for consistency's sake), the backing vocals sort of "hover" out to the sides of the room. Now if I extreme-toe and cross the tweeters over in front of my head, it's almost more evident that way. Is there some correlation between small rooms and over toe? I have seen several posters speak of using extreme toe-in over in the Hardware forum and from memory, I seem to recall most are in smaller rooms. My speakers are DIYs so it's hard to give a real account of what they are, but they have ScanSpeak ring tweeters and time-aligned front baffles, for whatever that's worth. 2nd order crossovers, too.

    Edit - I'm referring to Waterloo Sunset, above.
  3. Adam9

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    Toronto, Canada
    Kinkdom as well.
  4. action pact

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    My room is 8 x 12, and I get the best results with my KEF LS50s with the drivers aimed at a point about 8 inches from the sides of my head.
  5. toddrhodes

    toddrhodes Forum Resident

    South Bend, IN
    Good to know! I really want to try a set of LS50's in here. I just may, but the way I have my DIY's mounted on my subs, doing so with the LS50's could be tricky as I believe the KEFs are much smaller than my DIYs. Still, they seem darn near perfect for the space I have.
  6. Uncle Meat

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    Could you be more specific about which specific CD(s) you are talking about, post a pic or a link on amazon, something like that.... I have the Super 70s one (I think..the double CD ??)...
  7. Jack_Straw

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  8. ad180

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  9. Strummergas

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    Yeah, any of the material recorded between the first album and Face To Face, I believe.
  10. Adam9

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    Kinks-Size has some stereo stuff that (originally on the UK 1st album).
  11. Uncle Meat

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    Well what do you know, I have the 2nd one. I will have to dig out !!!
  12. Jack_Straw

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    Good question. The only LP version I have is on the DTS quad of Something/Anything. I'll try to give that one a listen and report back. I can tell you that Steve's version on Rock of the 70s sounds slightly better than the Super '70s one, and a lot better than the one on the Rhino 2-disc Anthology.
  13. KinkySmallFace1991

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    The out-of-phase stereo mix of "Waterloo Sunset" is readily available on the following releases:
    Something Else Deluxe
    The Ultimate Collection
    The Essential Kinks
    The Anthology 1964-1971

    I'm assuming it's going to turn up on the new Sunny Afternoon compilation, too.

    The majority of Something Else has out-of-phase vocals. EXCLUDING THE NEW REMIXES ON ANTHOLOGY, do any of the songs have vintage 1967 in-phase stereo mixes?

    My thinking why "Waterloo Sunset" is out-of-phase on Anthology: the master tape containing this mix is lost. Perhaps not wanting to needledrop anything for the compilation, Sandoval decided to use the stereo mix. Either that or he's onto us and read this thread!!!

    As far as the topic goes: This was one of the threads that made me want to join this forum. I tried the experiment when I got the Something Else Deluxe back in November (I'd only had access to the mono all these years). This effect happens with many Something Else tracls, most notably, "Death Of A Clown". For whatever reason, Rasa's backing vocals seem to have this out-of-phase effect.
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  14. robgil

    robgil Member

    Can anyone confirm if this is the right mix? I kind of hear it but I'm unsure.
    For me its not as dramatic as I thought it was going to be.

  15. For comparison's sake, here's how my German reissue from 1981 sounds like:

  16. Speakers or wives? :sigh:
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  17. robgil

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    That's better, its not subtle is it? I'll have a play with positioning later , thanks for the upload.
  18. Carl Swanson

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    The things you're actually entitled to control.
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  19. Thanks for clearing that up.
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  20. Robert C

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    London, UK
    Just tried this with my new LS50s, the backing vocals were right up in the corners behind me. Cool effect :)
  21. Steve Hoffman

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    Nice cutting.
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  22. struttincool

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    Got this LP a few months ago. Waterloo Sunset really startled me. LOL
    My head whipped around a few times following the music.
    Thought something was wrong with equipment at first. Finally stumbled across
    this thread today and all is cleared up.
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  23. william r small

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    This is the vinyl LP release which contains the otherwise unavailable true stereo mix of "Dead End Street."
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  24. minizaka

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    Northport NY USA
    I don't have this problem any longer.
  25. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Mastering Engineer Your Host Thread Starter

    Tried this yesterday and it worked like a charm. Between this and "The Bing Test" I had a friend's speakers set up correctly in under 10 minutes..
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