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Please give me advise on paypal/ebay problem

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by Chris Desjardin, Dec 15, 2003.

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  1. Sckott

    Sckott Hand Tighten Only.

    South Plymouth, Ma
    Send in a complaint to eBay and Paypal. This chump doesn't deserve positive feedback.

    I just bought a UK copy of McCartney, and it had a real nasty warp in it. Bad enough not to track. I emailed the chap, and he sent the money back through Paypal. It wasn't a lot of money anyway.

    There are a lot of people who shouldn't be able to sell vinyl. You have to be careful, but some of it is luck too, sometimes bad. :(

    Sorry to hear, Chris. It would have been more entertaining to see $25 set on fire, right? Persue this through the correct channels. Don't let this lie....
  2. PMC7027

    PMC7027 Forum Hall Of Fame

    I really was saying that you do not have to link a checking account to PayPal. In my opinion, it would be "worth it" to have my PayPal account suspended in order to get the "chargeback" funds.
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