PLX-1000 vs Denon VL12 vs SL 1200 MK7

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by curiousgeorge, Aug 27, 2019.

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    Youre really going ham arnt you. It will be interesting to hear your evaluation.
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    So I just setup my Schiit Sol with a MP-200 cartridge. I had the MP-200 on my SL1200MK7 and was very impressed with it. Definitely a step up from the MP-150 with better clarity, detail and wider sound stage. It took me about 35 minutes to setup the Sol watching the setup video from Schiit on YouTube. Not too hard to setup, but there is an enormous amount of adjustability in this turntable. My initial sonic impressions are good. I need to spend some more time with it before I make a call on this. I will note, that this turntable isn't for everyone. If you want some turnkey turntable, this is not the turntable for you. It definitely is very "hobbyist" in the way it looks and feels, as it doesn't have the polish a more mass market turntable would have, which can be a good or bad thing depending on the person.

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    First off, George, you’re awesome, thanks for sharing this extended comparo with all of us. :thumbsup:

    Secondly, yup, Naga mp-200 is frickin’ sweet, most everyone who tries one really digs it. ‘Best reasonably-priced cart you’ve never heard of’.

    Q, though: You’ve probably heard about the Sol headshell ‘lack of space with some carts’ issue. Was it hard at all to install the mp-200 on it? Was there enough room for the pins/leads, or did you have to ‘scrunch’ them in there?

    Looking forward to your thoughts on Sol vs Mk7 vs PLX-1000 sound quality. :agree:
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    Are you able to have 2 set ups running at once?
    It would be cool if you could go between tables quickly or have someone put on a record on a random table, see ifvyou prefer one over another.
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    My advice would be to determine the best sound per value DD (which seems to be the PLX 1000 unless you want the Technics brand - in which case the GR is slightly better (but not necessarily in sound)). I own a PLX 1000 and a much more expensive Michell and you need to spend a lot more to get something that sounds a lot better overall. PLX 1000 v Schitt would make an interesting comparison in that price range. I think with the Schitt it could be vastly improved if a Project Speedbox provides correct voltage. Probably some other bespoke alternatives out there to provide speed control and 33/45 switching.
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    I’ve been through this whole rodeo with every combo of table, cartridge and phono stage you can think of sub $2000 total. The PLX-1000, MP-200 and Mani is what I stuck with. And well under 2k.
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    As well built as the Pioneer is, it has the same tonearm pivot assembly as my Audio Technica LP 1240. I have adjusted the AT 1240 tonearm bearing and it seems of very low quality. It is a very common assembly used on other hanpin tables.

    I am not surprised the Pioneer 1000 I got, had such loose tonearm bearings/chatter. It was adjusted from the factory worse than my AT. It was the worst I seen on any table I have owned. Even nice worn vintage tables.

    I have personal experience with the Pioneer 1000 and I would not put it on the level as the MK7. I am sure the quality of parts and precision of the MK7 tonearm/pivot is miles better than the Pioneer.
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    How did you test for the tonearm chatter?
  9. bru87tr

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    My daughters would walk through the living room and heard it over headphones. :)

    But I did test it when I first got it by lightly shaking the tonearm. Although it was easily found by just moving it to play a record. The AT new wasnt as loose as the PLX 1000 I got, but it got worse over the lasr 3 years. I adjusted it yesterday and no more chatter, can't make it skip anymore no mattet how hard I try. Before, my daughter would walk by, could hear chatter and it would skip if she walked heavy footed.

    I tried to make it skip after adjusting, nothing. Jumping near Turntable, banging my foot against the floor real hard made it skip before, not anymore. Couldnt make it skip once.

    Not slaming the Pioneer for sound quality, but seeing as the pivot assembly looks to be the same, I would be suspect of long term wear and tear. I loved the Pioneer 1000 when I got it, but the tonearm bearing were so out of wack, I was shocked it could have ever left the factory like that. A little I get, but it was way too far out of spec.

    I just purchased a Technics SL-1210GR and waiting for delivery. I am done with vintage and cheap new turntables.
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