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POLL: Bob Dylan's Desire - your favourite track?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Dave Gilmour's Cat, Nov 24, 2016.

  1. Dave Gilmour's Cat

    Dave Gilmour's Cat Forum Resident Thread Starter

  2. The Lew

    The Lew Senior Member

    West Wales
  3. jamesmaya

    jamesmaya Senior Member

    Mudwest, SoCal
    Hurricane, by far.
  4. Thievius

    Thievius Thingy

    Syracuse, NY
    Definitely Hurricane.
  5. GuildX700

    GuildX700 Forum Resident

    Hard one, but I'll say Isis just because I'm in the mood for it.
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  6. LandHorses

    LandHorses Forum Resident

    New Joisey
    One More Cup Of Coffee.......I love the whole record.....even "Joey."
  7. Potential Energy

    Potential Energy Forum Resident

    I was thinkin' about Isis, how she thought I was so reckless...
  8. Matt Ellers

    Matt Ellers Forum Resident

    Completely stumped by this. Of all the albums I have known and loved, this is best swallowed whole.
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  9. qwerty

    qwerty A resident of the SH_Forums.

    Another album of equal favourites on an under-rated album.
    I selected as a favourite "One More Cup of Coffee", but could have been "Isis".
    Most enjoyable on the album would be "Mozambique" and "Black Diamond Bay" - great toe-tappers.
    It's unfortunate that "Abandoned Love" wasn't recorded for the record.

    And here is what the album looks like:

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  10. stef1205

    stef1205 Forum Resident

    Hard to choose.
    I went with Sara, because it's an awesome closer.
    No weak track on that record.
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  11. the sands

    the sands Forum Resident

    Oslo, Norway
    "Isis". Great album. One of my favorites.
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  12. MLutthans

    MLutthans That's my spaghetti, Chewbacca! Staff

    My favorite SONG here is "Isis," but I'm not wild about the performance on the LP. (The live version that starts with the "This is for Leonard...." comments just nails it, I think.) My favorite track, as it appears here, is probably "Oh, Sister." Too bad Rita May didn't make the cut, as that song's a total hoot, IMO.
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  13. Jackson

    Jackson Forum Resident

    MA, USA
    Voted for "Sara", a great album that's aged well.
  14. andy75

    andy75 Forum Resident

    Both "Rita May" and "Abandoned Love" should have been on there, but hey, it's a Dylan album! My favourite track is "One More Cup of Coffee followed by "Isis".
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  15. gibby299

    gibby299 Forum Resident

    was there no vinyl reissue of this in past few years?
  16. When In Rome

    When In Rome It's far from being all over...

    Great atmospheric sounding album! I love all of them, that's for sure. Hurricane for it's sheer tour de force storytelling and both Joey and Isis for their dramatic almost cinematic feel, there's many strong contenders for me on this album but the one I always comeback to and find myself absent-mindedly humming is 'Black Diamond Bay'. Love the song writing and imagery on this one in particular, especially the way it all turns around at the end from being neck-deep in the turmoil and panic to ol' Bob just watching '.. another hard luck story' on the news on his TV. I love it! In fact, once again thanks to these threads, I'm off to listen to it!
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  17. maushauss

    maushauss Forum Resident

    Ohio, USA
    Black Diamond Bay
  18. Mr. D

    Mr. D Forum Resident

    Yeah. From the album, I had to go with Hurricane but that live version of Isis you mention takes the cake.
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  19. bunglejerry

    bunglejerry Forum Resident

    Toronto, ON
    "Sara" is his most naked song, and the image of him singing it to her through the control room glass, eyes locked on hers, is one of the most striking in his career.

    I voted for "Coffee" though. Because violin. And Emmylou.
  20. Zeki

    Zeki Forum Resident

    Isis, though One More Cup of Coffee and Sara are right on its heels.
  21. ScramMan2

    ScramMan2 Forum Resident

    Portland OR
    Hurricane for sure.
  22. Mr. Grieves

    Mr. Grieves Forum Resident

    Isis because it's just a great freaking track. Love em all though
  23. twowwheels

    twowwheels Forum Resident

    Isis is so good, and live versions of it are fantastic. Sara is also a favorite--Stayin' up for days in the Chelsea Hotel writing sad eyed lady of the lowlands for you.....

    But the entire album is great.
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  24. Very consistent album, apart from "Mozambique" or "Black Diamond Bay" I could pick anything really. Today it's "Sara", a beautiful closer.
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  25. jpmosu

    jpmosu a.k.a. Mr. Jones

    Ohio, USA
    Couldn't agree more...
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