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POLL: Bob Dylan's Oh Mercy - your favourite track?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Dave Gilmour's Cat, Nov 20, 2016.

  1. Dave Gilmour's Cat

    Dave Gilmour's Cat Forum Resident Thread Starter

  2. LandHorses

    LandHorses Forum Resident

    New Joisey
    This is in my top 10 favorite Dylan albums. Every track is great, but I went with "Man In The Long Black Coat.
  3. stepeanut

    stepeanut Holmes Boy

    "Most of the Time".
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  4. Vaughan

    Vaughan Forum Resident

    Essex, UK
    One of those times where everything just comes together. The overall sound is wonderful, the songs are concise, the cover art is magic.

    Man in a Long Black Coat wins out, but when listening to this it just sounds complete, and set just right. You couldn't take anything out without distorting the whole.
  5. egebamyasi

    egebamyasi Forum Resident

    Worcester, MA
    Most of the time it's Most Of The Time.
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  6. levi

    levi Can't Stand Up For Falling Down In Memoriam

    North Carolina
    I went with Everything Is Broken ... just rocks along like a swamp snake.

    (I'm not really sure that meant, but I liked the sound of it).

    Also ... the older I get, the more Oh, Mercy resonates with me. It might be my favorite Dylan album at this point in my life.
  7. Alert

    Alert Forum Resident

    Great River, NY
    "Everything Is Broken"
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  8. adm62

    adm62 Senior Member

    Toronto, Canada
    Ring Them Bells
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  9. When In Rome

    When In Rome It's far from being all over...

    "Most of the time." I love this song, fantastic writing on this track and superb arrangement that's almost ethereal. I'd love to write more but my words can't do it justice and you know what, I'm off to listen it, right now!
  10. Archtop

    Archtop Who stole the tarts?

    Most of the Time. Great lyric and production, but it's Tony Hall's bass work that puts it over the top.
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  11. Claudio Dirani

    Claudio Dirani Forum's hostage

    São Paulo, Brazil
    Tough one!
    Voted Shooting Star, but could be MOTT, RTB, TMITLBC, EIB...
  12. chervokas

    chervokas Forum Resident

    "Ring Them Bells," easy choice for me... Really like the album, as a whole, but "Ring Them Bell" occupies a special place for me (though my favorite song from the era, is "Dignity," unfinished at the time of course so there really wasn't a great version to include on the album, but it's is among my favorite Dylan songs of all time. I also love "Series of Dreams" more than most of the other material on the finished album).
  13. qwerty

    qwerty A resident of the SH_Forums.

    "Everything Is Broken" - I just love the guitars with the reverb/echo rolliking along.

    I recall when a friend was buying a hifi I brought it as one of my test songs. In one hifi shop the whole store (staff and customers) came into the listening area to hear the song, with "what's that fantastic song your playing" being asked.

    And here's what the album looks like:

  14. IronWaffle

    IronWaffle It’s all over now, baby blue

    Hard to choose. I went with "What Good Am I" (my favorite cover here) but "Man in the Long Black Coat" (another song with many strong covers) and "Most of the Time" give it a real run for its money. Much as I love the verses to "Shooting Star," the bridge knocks it down an notch in my personal esteem.

    If "Dignity" (particularly the stripped version of the Greatest Hits, Vol. 3 take),"Series of Dreams" and/or "Born in Time" hadn't been axed then those would be equal contenders. This really was arguably a re-awakening for his songcraft -- or at least for the realization of his songs.

    I think "Dignity" was his finest moment in this period as well. Was the Best of, Vol. 2/Touched by an Angel version completed at the time? I was under the impression that complete run through was but that it sat in the vault until Brendan O'Brien overdubbed the additional "alt. country" instrumentation some five years later.

    Your post has me queuing up "Ring Them Bells" for re-evaluation. I know it's well-regarded but it's never quite hit me.
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2016
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  15. Mr. D

    Mr. D Forum Resident

    Born In Time, Series of Dreams, Dignity

    Oh yeah, forgot, he decided not to put those on Oh Mercy o_O
  16. Daniel Plainview

    Daniel Plainview God's Lonely Man

    Most of the Time
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  17. willy

    willy hooga hagga hooga

    'Most of the Time'...... :righton:
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  18. Nipper

    Nipper His Master's Voice

    "Man In The Long Black Coat".

    This and John Wesley Harding are my favorite Dylan albums. Other top-notch songs here include "Everything Is Broken", "Most Of The Time", "Ring Them Bells", "What Was It You Wanted" and "Shooting Star".
  19. PhilBorder

    PhilBorder Forum Resident

    Sheboygan, WI
    Dignity and Series of Dreams. Which of course he left in the can.
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  20. chervokas

    chervokas Forum Resident

    It's unclear to me what of it was complete and what of it was added later, so many different takes, whole and partial floating around on the boots and Tell Tale Signs, etc. I'm not sure I've heard any of those with the exact lyrics of the final released version, but I may just not be remembering correctly. In any event, I'm not much a fan of any of those arrangements either. To me they sound tentative, rhythmically clunky, guys feeling their way through something that hasn't found its form yet, or Dylan solo stabbing his way through something he hasn't figured out what rhythm he wants for it yet. I don't think there was anything there to just polish up and stick on Oh Mercy and have it work (and I'm not really a fan at all of that swampy Lanois homogenizer he used to put all these artists through so they come out all sounding the same. He's like Jeff Lynne to me. Maybe he's good at helping inspired artists with their writing, but I could do with a lot less of the rest of it). To me "Dignity" became a great record in the end, but I haven't heard any actual outtake from Oh Mercy that taken alone struck me as great or even finished sounding. The O'Brien version has rhythmic drive and forward moment that gives the proceedings a coherence and excitement lacking in all those other tentative performances.
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  21. babyblue

    babyblue Pactches Pal!

    Pacific NW
    I voted for "Most of the Time," but I really could have chosen almost the whole album. Only "Disease of Conceit" is slightly weaker than the rest. "Born in Time," "Dignity" and "Series of Dreams" are all great and should have made the cut.
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  22. SonicBob

    SonicBob Forum Resident

    West Virginia
    Ring Them Bells strikes a special chord with me, I don't know if its the electric piano, his vocal or the words, but its definitely one of my favorites. Most of the Time, Man in the Long Black Coat and Shooting Star are also great songs from that record.
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  23. fluffskul

    fluffskul Would rather be at a concert

    albany, ny
    THIS was tough... but went "Man in the Long Black Coat." Probably more so for some of the chilling performances I heard him do it on "Never Ending Tour" than the album version though.
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  24. AJK74

    AJK74 Forum Resident

    Very tough, indeed. For me, it's an even split between Political World and Ring them Bells (but I went for the latter in the poll...)
  25. "Everything Is Broken" got my vote... but it was a very hard choice...
    ...such a terrific album... lots of other great tracks- "Most Of The Time", "Shooting Star", "Ring Them Bells", "Man In The Long Black Coat" & "What Good Am I"
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