Poll: Dark Side of the Moon 30th Anniversary vs 2016 BG Vinyl

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Dorian75, Nov 7, 2016.

  1. Myke

    Myke Analog Upstairs, Digital Downstairs

    I have 30, think it sounds great, but I'm a huge fan of Mr. Bernie Grundman. Whatever it is, that he does...translates into THUNDER on the bass, and drums, yet maintains the highs, to where it feels like...seems like...a brand new daaaaaay.
    So just last night, at 20% off at Acoustic Sounds, I ordered a copy of his mastering.
    Don't expect to be let down, seriously doubt I will be.

    My vintage set up for vinyl is in my profile.
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  2. Myke

    Myke Analog Upstairs, Digital Downstairs

    IMHO, on my setup, I'm giving the edge to the Grundman. Very nice. :winkgrin:

    ATSMUSIC Forum Resident

    MD, USA
    I just listened to the 30th lp version and I gotta say it was pretty awful. People really like this version the best out of all of them? And no I didn't vote yet, I only heard this one. I compared it to my CD version and the CD was much better. I have the BT CD. Will try this 2016 release next most likely.
  4. Farthingscat

    Farthingscat Forum Resident

    That's surprising defo sure it's the 30th and not the 40th edition?

    ATSMUSIC Forum Resident

    MD, USA
    absolutely sure
  6. DrZhivago

    DrZhivago Hedonist

    Brisbane Australia
    There was plenty of discussion on this in Pink Floyd vinyl reissues thread.

    This was my quick assesment

  7. Dave Mac

    Dave Mac Retired Sophisticated Gentleman Of Leisure

    I just this minute finished a shootout of these 2 pressings. Both are really good on their own terms but I have to give the nod to the 30th.

    I listened to the "Bernie" version first and then immediately put on the 30th Anniversary and I like the 30th in terms of overall clarity and "crispness." I don't know where Spaulding got his surface noise but mine is dead quiet. It's also thoroughly cleaned on a vacuum RCM. Yes, it seems to be cut a little hotter and there's a little sibilance but nothing too annoying. The 2016 "Bernie" cut seems . . . polite. Goosing the treble helps a little. I'll keep both but I still prefer the 30th.
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  8. toddrhodes

    toddrhodes Forum Resident

    South Bend, IN
    Polite is a great way to put it, and that mirrors my experience with both the 40th and the 2016 reissues. That's not a bad thing but this album is, to me, meant to be more visceral than it's presented in those formats. Doesn't make them bad, just not my "cup 'o tea" as it were. I prefer the 30th and my A2/B3 even moreso because both have a whole other gear they shift into when the music requires it.

    That said, I'd be absolutely stoked if the 2016 were the only copy I had.
  9. nodbor

    nodbor Well-Known Member

    I like them both. I'm luck that both are quiet, and came to me in new, mint condition. also have a USA first year pressing that is still in near mint condition. Helps that I also have the CDs to play over and over to save the life of the lps.
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  10. jasonsouza77

    jasonsouza77 Vinyl Enthusiast

    do u mean the 2016 EU press? yes I'm also curious to find out if there is a diff. about to pull the trigger and so far the US 2016 is 1st choice:)
  11. WhoDaresWins

    WhoDaresWins Forum Resident

    Mine is UK
  12. jazon

    jazon A fight between the blue you once knew

    I only have the 2016 and a 70's canadian pressing. I prefer the old one but the 2016 sounds good too.
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  13. WhoDaresWins

    WhoDaresWins Forum Resident

    2003 uk
  14. Mrtn77

    Mrtn77 Forum Resident

    European Union
    Grundman Mastering employs seven mastering engineers, including Bernie Grundman himself.
  15. Kevin j

    Kevin j The 5th 99

    Seattle Area
    I just picked up the 30th at half price books. no posters or stickers so they knocked off 5 bucks. It sounds really good, but the vocals sound weird to me.
  16. nodbor

    nodbor Well-Known Member

    [QIUOTE="jasonsouza77, post: 17528995, member: 79584"]do u mean the 2016 EU press? yes I'm also curious to find out if there is a diff. about to pull the trigger and so far the US 2016 is 1st choice:)[/QUOTE]

    Go with the UK! Suppose to be truer AAA on all the releases from the UK vs the US 2016s.
  17. For a non-AAA product the 2016 BG pressing is outstanding. I haven't compared it to the 2003/30th for a long time, but I don't recall the differences to be monumental. I'd be more than pleased if all I had was the 2016 BG cut. FYI - my UK a3/b3 copy is my pressing of choice.
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  18. JP Christian

    JP Christian Forum Resident

    There's a lot of misinformation being spread here - there is no such thing as a UK pressing - there are EU or US pressings.

    The EU pressings, regardless of whether they are 2011, 2013 or 2016 are not AAA - the only AAA pressing is the 2003 (30th).

    The 2003 (30th) is the winner in my book, but it depends on how well your cartridge can handle it

    The 2016 is more polite than the 2003 - still excellent, but is more universally compatible as far as different carts are concerned
  19. +1. :)
  20. WhoDaresWins

    WhoDaresWins Forum Resident

    I'm not a huge PF fan but I really like the albums from DSOTM to The Wall. I first bought the 2016 US DSOTM and was impressed until finding a copy of the 2003 DSOTM vinyl reissue. I found the 2003 vinyl reissue a much better listen and highly recommend between the two pressings. My understanding is that the 2003 UK is also an AAA release.
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  21. marblesmike

    marblesmike Forum Resident

    Yeah I think the basic assumption around these parts is that with higher-end equipment the 30th Anniversary (AAA) is the best sounding but can create playback issues on some equipment profiles. So more mainstream consumption would figure the new BG cut to be the best because it doesn't have those similar playback issues.
  22. 23 DJ Mix

    23 DJ Mix Well-Known Member

    Newark, DE
    I’m way late on this, but I’ve had the 30th for years (but I’ve only played it about 5 times, still in great shape).
    I got curious today and bought myself the BG 2016 as a birthday present.
    After A/B tests, the 2016 sounds better to me, but my rig is not high-end. The 30th sounds very “live” to me, (bordering on sibilant) which is great if I am in a certain mood. The 2016 feels like a more “day-to-day” representation.
    So, it looks like my results match the general consensus here.
    Glad I have both. Even as a second copy, the BG feels like money well spent.
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  23. toddrhodes

    toddrhodes Forum Resident

    South Bend, IN
    I'd say you're spot on. The 2016 is a very good copy. The 30th, also very good, but for different reasons. I prefer the latter, but that's ok. I prefer my UK 2nd to the 30th by a large margin because it somehow manages both day-to-day and very lively without ever getting too hot. I also paid dearly for it, so there is that, lol.
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  24. Solace

    Solace Forum Resident

    Brussels, Belgium
    That’s a third Japanese pressing 1974, correct?
  25. dkmonroe

    dkmonroe A completely self-taught idiot

    I have the 30th (EU Pressing) and the 2016 BG pressing and it's frustrating - the 30th sounds better to me all the way up until "Brain Damage", then the sibilance is too annoying. The BG wins overall because it doesn't have the sibilance problems of the 30th on my system.

    However, the 30th has some truly startling moments - the clock cacophony at the beginning of "Time" makes me jump every time.
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