POLL: Favorite Scrooge / adaptation of A Christmas Carol

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by mmars982, Dec 22, 2017.

  1. thegage

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    Other: The Lionel Barrymore radio version. I've listened to it every Christmas since I can remember. It is well done and has the added benefit of being shorter than most!

    In terms of movies, I think George C. Scott does the best Scrooge, but it's too bad that the rest of the movie is only mediocre at best.

    John K.
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  2. clayton

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    Another vote for Alastair Sims 1951 version. It's the only one i play every year.
  3. mmars982

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    I sat down and read the original novella straight through, uninterrupted, for the first time today. Very moving. I tried my best to keep actors I've seen out of my mind & just read it.

    Now I'm going to rewatch my favorite versions and see how they compare.
  4. letmerollit

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    :righton: I agree 100%, they are great, but...
    Which Lionel Barrymore radio version?

    There are 7...

    ...but you probably mean one of the two 1939 versions which are an hour or so long,
    the other 5 are less than a half hour in duration.
  5. Ignatius

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    I've always been partial to this 1971 version which OF COURSE you can never see on TV:
  6. bladerunner555

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    My brother absolutely hates A Christmas Carol.
    He won't even watch the Doctor Who version.
    Considering he's been a huge DW fan since the late 70's,that's saying something.

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