POLL: Favourite Closing Songs- Qualifying - The Beatles

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Hollow Horse, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. planetexpress

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    They're all great tunes but I picked 3 I thought of as solid enders:

    Get Back (Perhaps not as good an ending as "The End" but still a worthy ender. "I hope we've passed the audition!")
    All You Need Is Love (the nod to "She Loves You" at the end makes for a good shoutout to their earlier days)
    A Day in the Life (more of a self contained song; the album *should* have ended with Sgt. Pepper (Reprise) but everyone remembers the final cord. A callback to the opening cord of A Hard Day's Night?)
    Tomorrow Never Knows is a great tune but I've always thought it would've made a better opener. :shrug:
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  2. Jerquee

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    Regardless of your opinion, it is and always was the closing track. Right there out in the open for almost fifty years.

  3. AFOS

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    Interesting idea and you could be right. It's much more complex than most think. The verses are quite tricky musically speaking.
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  4. Rfreeman

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    If you are going to do Her Majesty, you should also do Inner Groove

    And remember James Bond Theme when you do opening tracks
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    I chose the same three; all perfect for their respective album.
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  7. Hollow Horse

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    I don't think so. A Hard Day's Night is the only song to have made the final of Favourite Opening Songs but no-one expects them to surpass Baba O'Riley. Or Gimme Shelter. Or Like A Rolling Stone for that matter.
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  8. Jimmy B.

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  9. Hollow Horse

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    That's what I want...


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