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POLL: How do you rate Paul McCartney's "McCartney" album?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by mrjinks, Oct 21, 2014.

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  1. mrjinks

    mrjinks Optimistically Challenged Thread Starter

    Boise, ID.
    Time to evaluate another McCartney album. Round 13 (over halfway!) in an ongoing series, spread out a couple weeks between albums (to show a modicum of mercy to those sick of Beatle-related threads).
    The ground rules: this poll, like the others, is designed for people familiar with the album in question and with at least some familiarity with some of his other post-Beatle catalog (for comparison purposes). If the poll doesn't interest you, please kindly move on to a thread that does. I intentionally don't name "comparison albums" on the best-to-worst scale, as some may think a particular album of his is awesome, while others have a completely different take on the same album. Just consider how YOU would rate it in comparison with his other post-Beatles work.

    If you've missed a previous poll, feel free to vote below. Here's a current recap of how the others have rated so far:
    The "New" album poll. 347 votes, with a weighted average of 3.67 (edging slightly towards "solid effort").
    The "Back To The Egg" album poll. 247 votes, with a weighted average of 3.60.
    The "Wild Life" album poll. 309 votes, with a weighted average of 2.89 (just below "not bad").
    The "Driving Rain" album poll. 265 votes, with a weighted average of 2.75.
    The "Flowers in the Dirt" album poll. 247 votes, with a weighted average of 3.70.
    The "Flaming Pie" album poll. 293 votes, with a very favorable weighted average of 4.12.
    The "McCartney II" album poll. 207 votes, with a weighted average of 3.13.
    The "Red Rose Speedway" album poll. 159 votes, with a weighted average of 3.38.
    The "Memory Almost Full" album poll. 176 votes, with a weighted average of 3.35.
    The "Pipes of Peace" album poll. 148 votes, with the lowest rating to date of 2.43.
    The "Band on the Run" album poll. 357 votes, with a weighted average of 4.62 (!!).
    The "Give My Regards to Broad Street" poll. 127 votes, with a weighted average of 2.55.
    Thanks to all those who continue to take place in the voting!
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  2. Scope J

    Scope J Senior Member

    Pretty solid
  3. reb

    reb Money Beats Soul

    Long Island
    One of the few I listen to. Probably his best.
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  4. Marvin

    Marvin Forum Resident

    I voted "not bad" but I'd still recommend it.
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  5. amcaudio

    amcaudio Forum Resident

    In his post Beatle years, I believe that MaybeI'm Amazed is his most wonderful composition. Perhaps the most important reason to own this album.
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  6. DLeet

    DLeet Forum Resident

    Chernigov, Ukraine
    This album is such a nice example of the "naked king" syndrom. People love it - why? It's beyond me. This release is the largest disgrace in his entire career, in my opinion. Releasing this after Abbey Road.... it's just a shame. Such a paradox. A man, who is so great in writing wonderful compositions, who is so into great production and cutting edge ideas suddenly releases this. This album will always be a bitter riddle to me.
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  7. SirNoseDVoid

    SirNoseDVoid Forum Resident

    'Maybe I'm Amazed' is a great song and I kind of like 'Junk' as well.. the rest doesn't really do it for me, so I voted 'Lower tier'.
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  8. kozy814

    kozy814 Forum Resident

    Critical for Macca fans. For those who want real good McCartney, I always suggest I this one, Ram and Band On the Run.
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  9. forthlin

    forthlin Forum Resident

    It's essential because it's Paul's first official solo album. The instrumental tracks are not essential, but most of the vocal tracks are very good. Maybe I'm Amazed certainly stands as a classic song and vocal from Paul.
  10. Buick6

    Buick6 Forum Resident

    I rate this one of his best.

    Maybe I'm Amazed, Every Night and Junk are great songs. However my favourite track on the album is Momma Miss America, just a huge fan of that instrumental.

    That would be something and Man we was lonely are also enjoyable and I like the quirky homespun nature of the remaining instrumental tracks and songs with the exception of Kreen-Akore which I do usually skip
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  11. mBen989

    mBen989 Forum Resident

    Scranton, PA
    So we've come to his first. I voted "solid effort".

    Taking a cue from Uncut's Ultimate Music Guide, here's how I would rate the songs on this album:

    The Lovely Linda - **
    That Would Be Something - ****
    Valentine Day - **
    Every Night - *****
    Hot as Sun - ***
    Glasses/Suicide - **
    Junk - ***
    Man We Was Lonely - ***
    Oo You - **
    Momma Miss America - ***
    Teddy Boy - ***
    Sinalong Junk - ****
    Maybe I'm Amazed - *****
    Kreen - Akore - *
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  12. jeatleboe

    jeatleboe Forum Resident

    Pretty Solid
  13. Nick Dunning

    Nick Dunning Forum Resident

    Always loved it. Great homespun album, some great tunes ('Oo You' rocks). Only the last track is really disposable.
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  14. Arnold Grove

    Arnold Grove Senior Member

  15. mBen989

    mBen989 Forum Resident

    Scranton, PA
  16. Arnold Grove

    Arnold Grove Senior Member

    The Kreen-Akrore peoples would disagree with you though. They thought it was a great way to end the album....

    ;) Arnie
  17. Buick6

    Buick6 Forum Resident

    Well my wife like's Kreen Akrore she said it was the closest she could ever hope to get to receiving an obscene phone-call from Paul McCartney :)
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  18. Fred68

    Fred68 Loves Music

    I never get tired of listening to this album.
  19. RayS

    RayS A Little Bit Older and a Little Bit Slower

    Out of My Element
    I voted "Clearly one of his best works". This is an album where the whole is far greater than the sum of the parts. The "throwaway" tracks have very little meaning out of context, but taken as a whole they add to a cohesiveness of sound and "vibe" that runs throughout the album.
  20. majorlance

    majorlance Forum Resident

    Collingswood, NJ
    "Light and loose" as the man himself said upon its release. Always a fun album to throw on.

    This and Band on the Run are the only solo Macca albums I own.
  21. dino77

    dino77 Forum Resident

    Fun but only 3 tracks are essential.
  22. Oatsdad

    Oatsdad Oat, Biscuits and Abbie: Best Dogs Ever

    Alexandria VA
    "Not bad - some good/great tracks, but plenty of the usual throwaways"

    Honestly don't get the praise this album receives - yeah, "MIA" is a classic, and it has some other good tracks, but a lot of it is tossed-off mediocrity... :shrug:
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  23. Jayce

    Jayce Forum Resident

    For me,a mixed bag - Minor-approaching-pull-for-skeet-shooting. My views:

    "Lovely Linda" - worthless
    "That Would Be Something" - blah.
    "Valentine Day" - Next...
    Not off to good start.

    "Every Night" - Very nice. But sooo repetitive. Nicely played and sung, but believe me, Mama, it could've been fantastic. Write some lyrics, for Chrissakes.
    "Hot as Sun/Glasses" - Cute (in a good way). Good enough to use as a Popeye cartoon intro.
    "Junk" - Nice.
    Gets a little better.

    "Man We Was Lonely" - forgettable.
    Oo You - Seems unfinished. Tries too hard to be ballsy.
    "Momma Miss America" - okay, but, again, repetitive - in both parts. Made better than it is when married to images and plot of Jerry Maguire. Doesn't really stand on its own. Terrible drumming.
    Lousy section.

    "Teddy Boy" - Nice.
    Singalong Junk - Beautiful
    "Maybe I'm Amazed" - Best solo song he has done.
    "Kreen-Akore" - Interesting, but needs an editor.
    Saved the best and most interesting for last (except for "Kreen").

    Cut it in half, record some better upcoming songs and you could have a classic. I've always wondered why he released this as his declaration of independence. Immediately makes me think, "That guy shoulda stayed in the band."
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  24. Sheik Yerbouti

    Sheik Yerbouti Forum Resident

    I second that. It's a marvelous song and especially the mellotron is out of this world. When I used to play in a band back in the 90s we covered the song a couple of times just for fun during our rehearsals with acoustic guitar, accordion and double bass. I have rarely heard a tune sounding more "fran├žais" than this version.

    To be honest: I never cared much for most of the other tracks on the album.
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  25. bumbletort

    bumbletort Senior Member

    Baltimore, Md, USA
    I love much of it. All of it is fascinating. It's Paul's notebook in a sense for the next Beatle album that never happened. Represents a large part of what he would have brought to the stew--as always, new things would have been composed as the 'album process' began, but a goodly part of this would have been enhanced and transformed by the Beatle Machine. Nothing else from his solo years comes as close as this material does at suggesting where the band might have gone next. I hear the best songs on this, some of the John singles, some of George's tracks from ATMP, Ringo's big hit...and I think they were heading for a great album.
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