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Poll: still buying cds?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Noel Patterson, Jul 22, 2020.

  1. motorstereo

    motorstereo Forum Resident

    Heck yeah I still buy cd's and just this morning I paid 1 dollar for 6 cd's,,,,,,,,, Roger Waters, SRV, Bonnamassa etc.; all good stuff.
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  2. bellyshere

    bellyshere Forum Resident

    Yes, but mainly old charity shop stuff.
  3. TarnishedEars

    TarnishedEars Forum Resident

    Seattle, WA
    I just purchased another couple CDs this week. But my buying has slowed considerably since I'm finding that many of the albums which I really want to buy on CD anymore are either long out of production and are super rare, or in some cases the releases have completely bypassed all physical media in favor streaming. :sigh:
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  4. Oelewapper

    Oelewapper Plays vinyl instead of installing it on the floor.

    I rarely buy CDs, but if there’s no hi-res version and the vinyl mastering/pressing quality is equal or less, then yes.
  5. Don't think I would stop buying CDs so soon. At the moment I even buy them more than LPs...
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  6. wendigone

    wendigone Forum Resident

    There's still some nice stuff being issued on CD. Omnivore Recordings just reissued two Duprees albums from the early '60s, with new remastering.
    I compared the new CD to an Ace compilation that came out in 1995 that pretty much set the standard, and the new one does indeed have superior sound.
    You never know what's coming down the pike.
  7. broshfab4

    broshfab4 Forum Resident

    Long Island, NY
    Of course! Why wouldn't I be and why wouldn't the forum be doing the same??? I don't get it -- it's not like I'm going to be streaming like EVER. Bah.
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  8. Slick Willie

    Slick Willie Decisively Indecisive

    sweet VA.
  9. Armjim

    Armjim Music is indeed a gift from Heaven

    San Antonio, TX
    Absolutely. I try and always buy them new so the artists and composers get the royalties, but will buy used when I can't find something new. It is getting harder and harder finding a source beyond Amazon. Decided yesterday I wanted to pickup Mariah Carey's The Rarities, went to our local Target (newly remodeled) and other than some vinyl reissues, they are phasing out music.
  10. Larry Mc

    Larry Mc Forum Dude

  11. tommy-thewho

    tommy-thewho Forum Resident

    detroit, mi
    90% used and 10% new.

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  12. SimonSaysCake

    SimonSaysCake Forum Resident

    I still do here and there but it's getting pretty frustrating let me tell you. There are past recordings that I'm still looking for so those I will pick up once I find the copy I want - pretty easy. But looking forward to new releases it gets murky pretty fast. I guess my answer is, I would buy the CD if the artist actually made and sold one. Sometimes, like in the case of Gillian Welch's new album, the CD is a very limited release and I missed out. There's a copy on Ebay out there but it's over $30 now and it's not clear if it's a factory pressed disc or just a CD-r with a nice label (I refuse to pay anything over $5 for a burned disc - I don't care who the artist is). There are definitely some artist I collect that have simply stopped pressing CD's. Oh I get it, why bother when the minimum you can press may be 500 and you only expect to sell 100 (or fewer)? I could just pay for the downloads on EG BandCamp but I just can't bring myself to spend close to physical media prices for something that's just a bunch of files I might lose/get deleted. I could go ahead and buy the LP and use the download code and that way I have a physical product which I prefer but I'm a CD guy and not really set up for spinning records or doing needle drops. [big sigh] :(

  13. jricc

    jricc Forum Resident

    Jersey Shore
    Yes, very much
  14. heyMo

    heyMo Forum Resident

    LKN west, NC
    No purchases in quite a while. Probably been 18 months or so since I've listened to a CD. I guess I just like the involvement required in listening to vinyl. Probably explains why we do not have a gas grill. It's charcoal (lump, no briquets) only.
  15. Blue Cactus

    Blue Cactus Forum Resident

    CD's and SACD's absolutely.
  16. pokemaniacjunk

    pokemaniacjunk Forum Resident

    south paris maine
    yes, I even plan on getting a couple more soon
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  17. Linton S. Dawson

    Linton S. Dawson Lovely sort of deviant

    Are there even better alternatives if all possible factors are considered?
  18. HaileyMcComet

    HaileyMcComet Forum Resident

    I buy a handful of CDs every time I go to Tokyo. Pretty much any record store will do, but I tend to go to Tower in Shibuya.
  19. egoBen

    egoBen Forum Resident

    I buy them at concerts directly from the artist, especially if I own the rest of their catalog on CD. If they have vinyl for sale I sometimes buy that instead. I rarely buy CD's in a store, but I like to look at them (window-shopping) and get inspiration what to stream. :) I buy many records, I just can't buy everything I want to hear. Plus my CD collection is in the basement storage since I moved and don't know where to put them in the apartment.
  20. Luftveraenderung

    Luftveraenderung Well-Known Member

    The Netherlands
    I regularly buy CD’s, mostly because they are cheaper and easier to handle. I love the format and I am a huge nerd for jewel cases somehow. I only buy new vinyl of my favourite artists or used when a record was originally released on vinyl back in the day. But most of my favourite bands are 90’s or 00’s and than I stick with the CD.

    I started collecting music around 2002/2003. Around that time the price of a vinyl release was around the same price as a cd, like 20 euros. Nowadays, new releases on CD are cheaper between 15 and 18 euros, whereas a vinyl release is 23 euros or more. If I have to make a gamble, because I don’t know the record or when I’ not sure, I’d rather buy the CD.

    Most of the time when I buy vinyl, I end up buying the cd as well, because I want to listen to it in the car.
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  21. Oelewapper

    Oelewapper Plays vinyl instead of installing it on the floor.

    CDs are becoming cheap, many people want to get rid of them... sounds familiar? :p
    I think it’ll go the same way as with records during late 80s/early 90s.
    Eventually people will realize they were stupid for getting rid of their CDs, buy them back and the prices will rise again.
  22. Fruff76

    Fruff76 L100 Classic - Fan Club President

    It's possible this could be true for music released during the CD era. I'm usually hesitant, or just don't buy, the new vinyl reissues of albums from the 90's when CD's were what they were mainly released as.
  23. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O!

    picked up a CD but I put it down...
  24. CDV

    CDV Forum Resident

    The difference is that compared to LPs and cassettes, CDs have the best audio quality, the best durability (unless you sandpaper them or mistake them for a hot pan stand), they are reasonably small yet the artwork is reasonably large. The worst thing about CDs are jewel cases :)
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  25. Cyclone Ranger

    Cyclone Ranger New old stock

    Best Coast USA
    What’s a CD?. :winkgrin:
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