Poll: Which version of Sandoval's updated Monkees book are you purchasing?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Brian Mc, Mar 18, 2021.

  1. FJFP

    FJFP Host for the 'Mixology' Mix Differences Podcast

    Cool, was able to order! $85 shipping to the UK - such is the way. Very excited to get my Deluxe.
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  2. BobT

    BobT Resident Monkeeman

    The newest video about the book.
  3. Good2BAnywhere

    Good2BAnywhere Forum Resident

    Off topic question to an off topic post - where did you get the yellow “now spinning” record cover display?
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  4. apple-richard

    apple-richard Overnight Sensation

    They came out about 5 years ago made for RSD by Crosley of all people. My local had about 6 left over and I bought them at cost and sent them all to my buddies in the Weekend Record & Cocktail thread in Long and Winding threads. Cost me more to mail the damn things out then to buy them. A block of wood is not light. :laugh:
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  5. dangiedr

    dangiedr Forum Resident

    The layout shared briefly in the most recent video above, is eye-popping and fantastic!! Careful perusal of the pages he shared from 1965 alone, show the additional research & archivist work Andrew is bringing to this book. We now have both the date AND previously unpublished photos depicting the first time the guys performed music together... Just amazing attention to detail!
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  6. BobT

    BobT Resident Monkeeman

    I have been reading all of the Facebook responses to the pre-order posts. It is amazing how many people thought that when they placed a reservation, it was a pre-order. So now that the pre-order is up, so many people thought they didn't have to do anything. I sure hope no one who reserved a copy, and want to purchase doesn't miss their opportunity due to the confusion over reservation vs pre-order...

    You may now turn your reservation into a preorder at our shop: Preorder Your Book – beatland books This is the only way to guarantee you will get one of the 2,000 books being produced. Note: If you do not act on your reservation by June 30, 2021 it will be considered abandoned. If you wish to change your order or quantity at this time, you may do it in your pre-order. If you signed up for our waitlist, you may also preorder now and we will take you off of the waitlist.

    Because so many people changed their reservations and made excessive multiple reservations, we are not sending out individual invoices. Pick what you want from the shop and we will consider your reservation fulfilled. If you do not preorder a book by June 30th we will know you do not wish to keep your reservation and we will release more books for preorder.
  7. Rfreeman

    Rfreeman Forum Resident

    Lawrenceville, NJ
    Interesting to see the basic edition is described as "not limited" - so more may be printed (or for that matter eventually an e-version that would be much easier to read than a 740 page large format book).
  8. apple-richard

    apple-richard Overnight Sensation

    I had just assumed I would get an invoice when the sale went up. Thanks to you guys I got it figured out and ordered a copy of the super deluxe. My total cost came to $319. Not cheap to mail a 16 pound package. I went with FedEx as I don't want my box/book tossed around by the US Postal system. Cost too much to let them mangle it.
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  9. Are they cross-referencing reservations with pre-orders? Asking as what’s to stop someone who didn’t make a reservation from placing a pre-order?
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  10. BobT

    BobT Resident Monkeeman

    Andrew said that they are cross-referencing. He is also letting the wait list people pre-order as well. Leads me to believe that he amended his number of books to be manufacturered to include the wait listed orders.. I have a hunch that from July 1st until sometime in August, he will offer some more for sale at a slightly higher price. Then in a year or so, his unsold stock (probably around 100 copies) will end up on eBay for a significantly higher price than we are paying now. Again,just a hunch...
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  11. RobRoyF

    RobRoyF Forum Resident

    The book covers look great and are definitely huge. This will be the definitive Monkees' book!

    Thanks @BobT (and others) for taking the time to explain all this Andrew book stuff, it is a little confusing on the surface. We fans have a lot to look forward to!

    And like Andrew, I really like cats too.
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  12. FJFP

    FJFP Host for the 'Mixology' Mix Differences Podcast

    I would be fine with this honestly.
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  13. BobT

    BobT Resident Monkeeman

    Received an email from Beatland books alerting me to order. I am guessing everyone that reserved or is on the wait list is getting this email.
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  14. bmanley63

    bmanley63 Forum Resident

    Wheaton, il, USA
    Holy cow! Just saw Andrew’s updated video regarding the book. I just can’t believe how lucky Monkee fans are.

    I saw a post recently from someone mentioning how it was challenging to find even a reference to the Monkees in rock history books during the mid 70’s. I definitely remember that period. You’d be elated to see a picture of the band along with a two paragraph description.

    I would never have believed then we’d see a book like the one coming out in a couple months.

    I feel like a kid on Christmas morning.
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  15. vinylrec

    vinylrec Senior Member

    Delaware, Ohio
    I just put my order in for the Deluxe Edition. I can hardly wait :pineapple:
  16. RobRoyF

    RobRoyF Forum Resident

    Same - I received this email finally. This time it was not in my spam folder.
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  17. Beatlened

    Beatlened Forum Resident

    Dublin, Ireland
    I ordered and paid for a book. I reserved under my email address and my order has no connection to it . They asked for a phone number instead
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  18. BobT

    BobT Resident Monkeeman

    [​IMG] Andrew is signing the books today.It is posted on his Instagram page. The pic says blank of 1200. So, there are only 800 softcover books.[​IMG]
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  19. Grand_Ennui

    Grand_Ennui Forum Resident


    So, we who bought the lower priced book will have the more collectible (in terms of rarity) version of the book? Cool. :) :laugh: :hide:
  20. BobT

    BobT Resident Monkeeman

    If you have seen the signing picture, Andrew is using a red sharpie. So , I had to ask...
    • Robert T
      Andrew Sandoval Are they all being signed in red? Just curious...Matching the cover of the book?

    • Andrew Sandoval
      Robert T no - and they will be numbered at the factory by the factory - so I cannot tell you which numbers are with what pens (if that is your next question).
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  21. rlp

    rlp Forum Resident

    North Carolina

    Just placed an order for this to display my SDE book. Don't like the wheels, but the price was right.
  22. bmanley63

    bmanley63 Forum Resident

    Wheaton, il, USA
    Where did you get that?
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  23. rlp

    rlp Forum Resident

    North Carolina
    Found it on Etsy.
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  24. domesticmachine

    domesticmachine Resident forum

    Portland, OR
    I haven’t read the first edition but my interest in this book has been piqued by the reissue. I red that there wasn’t a lot of coverage of the television series work in the first edition. Do we expect more in this one? What do we expect makes up the new content?
  25. FredV

    FredV Forum Resident

    Accordingly, Andrew did a complete rewrite of the book to include much more information on the history of The Monkees. At over 700 pages, it's a fair bet that it will include much more information on the television show, the music, the tours and much more.

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