Post photos of your systems/rooms here! (Part 15)

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Halloween Jack, Mar 28, 2015.

  1. myles

    myles Forum Resident

    Near Marlow, UK
    @sacsongs , it really is good. Diminutive in stature but an absolute Pit Bull when squaring up against the big dogs.
  2. Donniej

    Donniej Senior Member

    Hey, how's the pressing of that special Sam's Town?
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  3. Davey

    Davey very clever with maracas

    SF Bay Area, USA
    Looks like a fun setup, how do you like the Conrad-Johnson 17LS preamp? I take it yours is the stock 17LS? I picked up a 17LS2 last year and love it, it's the same as yours but with a bunch of capacitors upgraded to teflon, some resistors upgraded too, made the top spot on my best of the year list ... Best hardware acquisition of 2017 ... I've pretty much gone all Conrad-Johnson in my electronics now, except on the digital side. Mostly tubes (I have both tube and transistor CJ phono preamps), and no electrolytic capacitors anywhere except the tube heater power supplies, really nice and natural sounding setup. I have two CJ Premier 11A amps now, one standard and the other wired for triode operation with the teflon capacitor upgrade, just starting to compare, probably only keep one in the end. The triode change (from 6550 or KT120 to EL34) of course reduces the power output from around 70W to 35W, so have to decide if that's really enough for any future speaker changes. It's not a complicated change, just changing a couple resistors and moving a couple wires, it was done by CJ in this case, but they supply detailed instructions so it wouldn't be a big deal to revert it myself, if needed.
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  4. timztunz

    timztunz Audioista

    Texas and Brasil
    To my ears fantastic. But I’m a total Killers fanboy anyway.
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  5. sushimaster

    sushimaster Forum Resident

    Yes mine is the 17LS, series 1. I really like the 17LS. It changed my perception of preamps. Before stumbling upon it, I was beginning to think maybe I didn't need a preamp.
    That a preamp in the chain would color or degrade the original signal. But looking back now, I realize to get really good sound, you need a really good preamp. Which means you gotta shell out the cash.
    It even has me considering looking higher up the food chain at the Conrad Johnson ACT2 Series 2.

    I also have a Conrad Johnson PV10B, and the 17LS blows it out of the water. It's not even close.

    The CJ 17LS is super responsive to tube rolling. The flavor changes dramatically from one brand to another. I been set on a quad of JAN Sylvania 6DJ8 for 4 years now (still going strong). No noise, and very stable and consistent.

    Surprisingly though, I like the sound from my Van Alstine Ultimate 70 (pictured on the bottom right) better than my Conrad Johnson MV-60 power amp when paired with the 17LS. Go figure.
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  6. Bananas&blow

    Bananas&blow Where the wind don't blow so strange.

    If you don't get jealous looking at this thread congratulations. Because you that means you have the best one in the thread. And even that guy sees something he wishes he had.
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  7. p147

    p147 Forum Resident

    Eastbourne. UK.
    Lovely set-up, I used to own a pair of the Dynaudio C1s and they punch well above there weight, the bass they produce is quite astounding for a small speaker.
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  8. andolink

    andolink Forum Resident

    Scottsdale, AZ
    Yep, I'm frequently am amazed at hearing what sounds like my sub getting into the act only to look over at it and see that its signal indicator light is still dark.
  9. norliss

    norliss Forum Resident

    Cardiff, Wales
    I can assure you that is NOT the case! Take a look at my system profile!
  10. PhilBiker

    PhilBiker member number 666

    Northern VA, USA
    Scored a new 5 speaker array at a local thrift over the weekend. NHT SC1 and 4 SB-1s. The new desk view looks like this:


    Greatly enjoying these new old speakers.
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  11. PhilBiker

    PhilBiker member number 666

    Northern VA, USA
    LOL - my pool table has 6" in-ceiling speakers - not exactly hi-fi but they do sound nice when playing. The pool table is open to the rest of the room where I have a 7/1 home theater and a bar. Here's a look from the corner shelf near the table. For scale I'm at the opposite corner of the room.
  12. Bananas&blow

    Bananas&blow Where the wind don't blow so strange.

    Epic! I would never leave the house. When's the next party?
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  13. PhilBiker

    PhilBiker member number 666

    Northern VA, USA
    The treadmill folds up and there's a dart board there. The screen is 110", projector is 3D capable. Great place to watch the game. 7.1 sound is pretty epic - with the in-ceiling speakers over the turntable connected to the pre-amp out from the L/R fronts. Wet bar has a fridge and dishwasher. No kegerator though.
  14. SirMarc

    SirMarc Forum Resident

    Damn, any time I've ever been to a thrift store, all I see is been to hell crap! Good for you bud
  15. Spitfire

    Spitfire Senior Member

    Pacific Northwest
    NHT are good speakers. Enjoy
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  16. PTgraphics

    PTgraphics Forum Resident

    I have one of these. I love the controls on the front. Only thing is remembering to turn it off when your done listening, since it runs on a battery.
  17. Eduardo Denaro

    Eduardo Denaro Forum Resident

    I like the Hamm's neon! I live just a couple blocks from the original brewery in St. Paul. That thing would probably fetch big bucks around here!
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  18. PhilBiker

    PhilBiker member number 666

    Northern VA, USA
    It's an authentic vintage piece. I paid big bucks for it in 1994. I should have turned it on for that picture. For whatever reason Hamm's vintage beer stuff is very expensive.
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  19. cgw

    cgw Forum Resident

    Upstate NY
    The room I'm sitting in used to have a pool table, fossball table and dart board. Great for parties - though no where near as nice as your room.
    Now it is my home office. Pool and fossball have been relegated to the (unfinished) basement. Dartboard is still here though it is blocked by shelves of equipment catalogs. Why do I still have physical equipment catalogs?
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  20. Claus

    Claus Restaurant Critic

    Since I have upgraded my hifi gear, I will replace my Master Reference

    I just ordered my last rack.... that is a review: Equipment Review - Harmonic Resolution Systems SXR Audio Stand, S1 Isolation Base, Damping Plate, Nimbus System (10/2009)

    Harmonix Resolution System has newly designed shelves, which I will use. The bad thing, I must wait 8 weeks before my dealer will install the rack in my listening room.

    That‘s definitely the second best rack I‘ve ever seen. HRS has also a bigger one, but almost double price.
  21. mreeter

    mreeter Forum Resident

    Midwest, USA
    Snooker and Hamm's, takes me back...Love it!
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  22. SandAndGlass

    SandAndGlass Twilight Forum Resident

    Those are great thrift store finds. SCORE!

    I think this is the first time that I have seen a surround sound array, as specially one that employs a MTM center channel , used in a near-field arrangement.
  23. Manimal

    Manimal Forum Resident

    Southern US
    Man I want one of those. Nice
  24. ego1jr

    ego1jr Forum Resident

    Color me jealous.
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  25. Dennis Metz

    Dennis Metz Born In A Motor City!

    Fonthill, Ontario

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