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    Anyone know where I can get an idea of how much a concert poster may be worth? I think it's about time I moved it on, but can't find anything about it online, other than a photo of it on Julian Cope's Head Heritage site (down near the bottom of the page). It's a Blue Oyster Cult, supported by Birth Control, poster, from 1975.
    Julian Cope presents Head Heritage | Unsung | Album of the Month | Blue Oyster Cult - In Your Dreams Or In My Hole

    I'm not expecting it to be worth much, and if it isn't would probably be happy to pass it on to a BC fan, rather than keep it and see it disintegrate over the years..
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    I would like to know also, as I have some posters of concerts etc that would be good to know about.
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    You could always try here at a price you are comfortable with then work your way down until it does sell. Or just put it on ebay with an auction. Things like this are only worth what people are willing to pay.
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    Check eBay sold auctions for "Blue Oyster Cult Concert Poster" as it might have a record of some other BOC concert posters. It'll give you an idea of what other BOC posters are going for.

    You could also try contacting the guys who run this fan site Hot Rails I bet they would know!
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  5. Jerfan13

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    I have a bunch of posters I’ve tried to sell over the years and basically just Google the poster and see what price point pops up. If I don’t see my poster, I make up my own valuation based on what’s out there. This site has helped as well...

    Classic Posters

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