Predicting the Movie Hits and Bombs of 2018

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Vidiot, Dec 17, 2017.

  1. sunspot42

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    They're doing another version of The Time Machine? Wasn't there one like 15 years ago? Are they really this out-of-ideas?
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    Now, lets wait just a second. I was only replying to your statement about films and the statement that he made to you fifteen years ago, when he was definitely at the helm of the "prequel's".

    My comments were not to start a discussion about films that were not made in 2018, but as an answer to comments that were made to by Lucas himself about people criticising his works. As you state, that his comments were not about his first trilogy which started back in 1977, but rather the "prequel's".

    My post was simply to point out what some of these criticism's might be that were being leveled against Lucas.

    The majority of people that I know do not care for the prequel's that way they embrace their love for the original trilogy.

    As to the last five years, it seems that the original cast members were eager to participate in the final trilogy without Lucas.

    Personally, I thought that VII was a lot less stupid and therefore welcome than the prequel's.

    I didn't think the prequels were all bad, there were parts of them that I liked a lot and I thought were well done. I do imagine even his critic's felt the same way, as you quote Lucas (word-for-word), "for some of these fans, all they want to do is just tear down everything I do."

    The key word here is "fans". I would consider myself, like other's to be a "mild" SW fan. My point is that his "fans" would be more appreciative of his efforts, if he cut back on some of the stupid and annoying stuff.

    Here is the commentary version of "The Phantom Edit". which I think better explains the fans position.

    (I did post the video here but I went back and deleted it, for lack of being relevant to this thread.)

    I will pass my judgement on VIII after I receive and watch the DVD.

    I will of course refrain from posting any comments to the 2018 thread. As there is nothing more to predict, the 2017 thread will remain as it is.

    Please understand, that it was never my intention to thread crap and will keep any comments that I may have, focused on the current year's movies and in the current year's thread.

    My apologies.
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    I haven't seen this and don't plan to. I never understood the whole Nutcracker thing. It always seemed like a Christmas tradition that people took their young girls to see performed live just because it was tradition, not because it was any kind of engaging story. So I don't know if this movie is good or bad, but if bad then it isn't the first bad Disney Christmas movie. A Christmas Carol with (animated/motion captured) Jim Carey was pretty bad and didn't perform like they had hoped. I am a big fan of A Christmas Carol/Scrooge movies and have nearly all of those available on DVD, including TV specials, animated as well as the more well known ones. I have refused to buy the Jim Carey one. I saw it in the theater in 3D and I thought that Disney's telling of the story added nothing and was no where near most of the previous performances.
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  4. Time Is On My Side

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    I am excited to see Creed II in a couple weeks. I think it is going to be a rehash of Rocky 3 but I still want to see it. Fantastic Beasts 2 looks good too.
  5. shokhead

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  6. Yes but it’s not the same old guys. Newer younger men and woman who run studios now green light the same old ****
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  7. With this new one They’ll go back in time and erase the other versions. :tiphat:
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  8. Vidiot

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    That's going to be a very interesting film, since (reportedly) half of it is going to show DeNiro, Pacino, Pesci, and so on as they are today, in their 70s, and then they'll have flashbacks to the 1970s showing CGI-created humans of how their characters looked back then. That's a monstrously difficult project, but at least the real actors are alive and can do all the voices and the actual "acting" involved. Think of it as Benjamin Button times a thousand. :eek:
  9. shokhead

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    Long Beach,SoCa
    I think it also could be a very interesting and entertaining film. Let's hope!
  10. Jim B.

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    You don't like the 1960 version? I love that one. At the time it was one of those sci-fi films that looked really good and believable. I have a soft spot for that one.

    Can't say I remember the more recent version, although I did see it.

    But this is Hollywood, they will remake any famous property every once in a while.

    If it's done right it could be great though, we'll see.
  11. Ron Stone

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    I took a preschooler to THE GRINCH at a 14-screen multiplex. It was basically playing every half-hour.

    In comparison, LITTLEFOOT, another animated movie under consideration, was playing once on a single screen the entire day.

    Were I a technician who worked on LITTLEFOOT, I would have been crushed! Okay, GRINCH is a high-profile property but a single showing of my movie -- on a Saturday?
  12. Jack White

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    I've read that (faulty IMO) rationale behind the timing of its premiere was to pace the Disney Christmas releases as to not create competition with one another. I'm assuming Disney also looked at the all of the release dates from every competing studio and decided this would be the best date. I would have scheduled it four or five weeks later - certainly at or after Thanksgiving weekend. I'm surprised at the business it did do. To me this is a movie where the box office would be limited to some moms might take their daughters to for a Saturday or Sunday afternoon matinee.

    The Nutcracker - November 2nd.
    Wreck It Ralph 2 - November 21st.
    Mary Poppins - December 25th.
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  13. Oatsdad

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    "Smallfoot" has been out for 7 weeks! It debuted at the end of September.

    Why in the world would they run it on a bunch of screens when its time in theaters is virtually over?

    I think the technicians are more upset you can't get the movie's title right! :D
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  14. Ron Stone

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    Deep Maryland
    Oh, okay. Needless to say, I hadn't been paying attention to animated features until the day before my responsibility.

    GRINCH was a polite expansion of the original TV cartoon, nothing really different. But they had this big subplot about the little girl wishing for a boyfriend for her single mom and they just kinda dropped the whole thing toward the end. Unless I missed something.
  15. I love the 1960 version. My comment was a stab at time travel humor :tiphat:
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  16. Jrr

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    Hard to imagine Mary Poppins doing much. I have never been able to get into the original at all, though it’s well done. Not sure it needed to be done again. We’ll see. If scheduling was the reason to put out Nutcracker out early, maybe putting out Mary Poppins later would have been more prudent; the same for Wreck It Ralph, which is an almost guaranteed smash no matter when released.
  17. Vidiot

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    At the time of its original release, Mary Poppins was not only the most successful film in Disney history (critically and financially), it was one of the most successful films ever -- at least up to 1964. It made over $100 million, which didn't happen very often 50 years ago. Adjusted for inflation, it's the #27th biggest movie hit ever in America, and that's huge. It had a whopping 13 Oscar nominations and won five, which is unprecedented for Disney.

    Mary Poppins (1964) - Box Office Mojo

    They've been trying to get a sequel off the ground for decades, but were hampered by author P.L. Travers' extreme dislike of the 1964 film compared to her Mary Poppins novel series (as dramatized in the film Saving Mr. Banks). I think she had a point: the character in the movie is a lot nicer and more attractive than the one in the books (plus there's no singing in the books), but I think each can stand on their own as terrific stories.

    I had been told 20 years ago by a Disney exec that Travers actually stipulated in her will that none of her books could be adapted for future films, so my guess is that Disney worked out a compromise deal with the estate that they just created a completely new story unrelated to her books (except for the Banks characters' names and a few others). Judging by the trailer, I think the film will do very well. We haven't had a good fantasy/musical in a few years, so maybe it could be a huge hit.
  18. Mirrorblade.1

    Mirrorblade.1 Forum Resident

    Nobody really asked for Mary Poppins reboot so most likely it will fail
    Todays audience will consider it le crap.
  19. mBen989

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    I can just imagine an updated Bedknobs and Broomsticks going into the pipeline.
  20. Vidiot

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    God, no.
  21. Spaghettiows

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    Not Disney, but I am surprised that nobody has ever seriously proposed a remake of The Sound of Music.
  22. eddiel

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  23. I bet it’s a hit. Look at their recent Cinderella. Big hit.
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  24. Oatsdad

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    I agree. Disney sequel to beloved family film that hits screens right before Christmas = hit, IMO.

    I'll be shocked if it churns less than $200 million US...
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  25. So I saw The Nutcracker and The Four Realms over the weekend under mild protest. Decent enough eye candy I suppose but very much a youth-oriented production in tone and "messaging", that's for sure. And pretty dark too, literally so - I thought this wasn't supposed to be a thing in the age of digital projectors. Can managers still cheap out on lumens?

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