Predicting the Movie Hits and Bombs of 2019

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Vidiot, Dec 17, 2018.

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    Sure, okay... :sigh:
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    But no matter how intense their performance is, there's still the unavoidable fact that they have to remain in one place to play the piano, so moving around the stage is an element of visual interest that they don't have access to.

    However, I think it matters less in a movie, where the camera can be right in their face and capture every detail of their expression, movement, etc., than it does from the back of an arena. (An arena with no video screens, if such a thing still exists.)
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    If you check the Elton John Videos above, they have large screen TV monitors.

    I watch YouTube video's of Elton John playing the piano, because, as you say, the camera can get up close.

    While it can do the same thing in a movie. Unless that movie was a documentary, I don't think the audience would want to watch someone who is not really Elton John, but who is playing Elton John in the movie, sitting and playing the piano for a long period of time.

    I would think that a movie about Elton John's life would tilt toward's being interesting, while a movie about Queen. though having a main character, would have other band members that would provide interaction. A queen movie would tilt more toward exciting.
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    New poster for 2019 wildcard entry.

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    I am seeing that this is not one of the spotlight movies for 2019.

    Apparently though that may be the case, I believe that it will be a big movie at the box office this year.

    I would bet that it will be at least in the top ten movies at the box office for 2019 and I bet that it will have been an expensive movie to make. None the less, I believe that it will make money.

    I would probably rate it higher, but there a lot of powerhouse movies that will be out during 2019.
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    Traditionally, on Christmas Eve the tree is lit overnight for Santa so he can enjoy his Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate in the soft glow of the Tree.
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    An overrated element. Who's a more compelling visual presence, Gaga at a piano or Ringo as he meanders around the stage?

    Hint: it's not Ringo...
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    Does Ringo meander? :)

    This better than Ringo!

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  9. Oatsdad

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    I saw Ringo's first solo tour in 1989 and he had no clue how to be a frontman. He just wandered the stage without any clear idea of how to be a "presence".

    I didn't see him again until... 2014? I assumed he would've improved as a frontman after 25 years of concerts, but nope - he still looked like someone's uncle who grabbed the mic at a wedding...
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    I guess that is why he sat behind the drum set when he was with the Beatles!

    That's what he apparently knows what to do.
  11. Oatsdad

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    To be fair to Ringo, part of the reason he seems awkward as a frontman is because he never figured out what to do with his hands.

    Paul works as a frontman because he always has an instrument to occupy his hands, but Ringo just kinda waves them around awkwardly.

    If Paul was stuck on stage with just a microphone, he'd probably look awkward, too!
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  12. SandAndGlass

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    OK, I can fully understand that.

    I have never seen Ringo other than on his drum set.

    What does a drummer like Ringo, do when he is a front man?

    There is a little Canadian girl that I have happened to follow for many years. She would sit around her electronic instrument's and create music. Then she became popular. She was touring with Lana Del Ray and was in West Palm Beach a few years back. Now that she was up on stage, she would wave here arms around and jump around. It didn't really work for me. I had seen video's of her before and ...

    [realizes that this is becoming major thread crapping...]

    The End...
  13. R. Cat Conrad

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    I predict The Kid Brother (1927, first time on Blu-ray in March, 2019) from Criterion will be a hit (I'm not sure whether this prediction is a safe bet or just a Safety Last bet)...

    The Kid Brother

    It's worth noting that Carl Davis's orchestral score composed for this romantic comedy is among his very best! That includes the incredible the 5 1/2 hour presentation of Abel Gance's Napoleon conducting his score with a 46 piece orchestra in Oakland, CA (Carl Davis's score for Napoleon is on the remastered Blu-ray release).

    Of course, I'm a sucker for silent films with live orchestral accompaniment anyway, but the root-for-the-underdog humor that develops from an insecure Harold Lloyd's attempts to court the charming, beautiful Jobyna Ralston works every time. Okay, so maybe my prediction for a hit is 92 years late, at least it isn't a reboot. :winkgrin:

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    Terminator bombs. Hard core. None of the sequels from the last 20 years delivered and now there is nothing but bad blood. They should wait 20 years until both Arnold and Cameron are dead and try again.

    It might place number one for the first week but I doubt that it’ll recover its budget.
  15. Deesky

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    If anyone can breathe new life (and success) into the Terminator franchise, it's Cameron.
  16. I'm surprised this potential bomb hasn't been mentioned yet:

    Sonic the Hedgehog (2019) - IMDb

    As someone who long since became jaded with the direction this franchise has taken under its remaining creators, I don't feel there has been a new decent Sonic game in nearly twenty years (Mania doesn't really count, since it began life as a fan effort), and a high risk project like this would have been damaging to what's left of the character's popularity at his peak - never mind decades after the fact! Just let him go, already...
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  17. Why do I get the feeling that recent John Lewis advert was a preview of things to come?
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  18. I can think of exceptions to this rule... For one, just look this performance, where you get piano playing and more direct audience interaction all within the same song:

  19. Drew

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    I'm surprised that "Alita: Battle Angel" is being released in February. I thought that's January and February is the time of the year that bad movies go to die. All it takes is a Nor'easter to go up the east coast and that movie will stiff.

    I didn't know there was another MIB movie coming. I think the original is one of the most overrated movies I've ever seen. The sequel was painfully bad. I didn't go to see the third.
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  20. Oatsdad

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    That mindset has changed radically over the last few years, though it was never really true about February - Hollywood has released pretty "big" movies in February for years.

    Just this year, "Black Panther" came out in February and it was a huge hit.

    January did used to be a dumping ground, but the surprise success of "Paul Blart: Mall Cop" did a lot to alter that. It showed that audiences would flock to movies that interested them no matter what time of year.

    A few years back, "American Sniper" went wide in January and made a ton of cash.

    Hollywood is now willing to release potential hits any time of year - the old mindset no longer holds as strongly...
  21. SandAndGlass

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    People will still go to movies all year long.

    To me, it makes perfect sense not to release a movie at the same time that other studio's are releasing their blockbuster's, less competition at the box office.

    At the end of the year, you can expect the usual holiday releases, that may not be of interest to many. The usual "family" oriented films and such.

    Studio's that are going for the Oscar's also like to target end of the year releases, so they will be fresh in every bodies mind.
  22. Ghostworld

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    What does it matter what he plays? The piano is less cinematic? Tell that to “great balls of fire.” “Shine” and “Amadeus!” I think a good director can work around a little piano playing. It’s not like these by biopics are two-hour concerts. You’re lucky if you hear more than a minute of any Complete song.
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  23. Ghostworld

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    This trailer looked very interesting because the CGI looks very good. And now I see it’s a Robert Rodriguez films so I’m sure it’s going to deliver. I was going to say isn’t this another 30-year-old anime but I think the special effects in this are going to pull it squarely into the 21st-century. For some reason seeing Ben Grim or the Hulk Stomp around as CGI creations looks phony but for some reason with robots CGI is appropriate.
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  24. SandAndGlass

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    Sure they will!

    James Cameron and Jon Landau would not be behind this project if they didn't think that it would make money!

    They really would not have any reason to.

    I think that this movie is going to be big.

    I also think that the Detective Pikachu will do well.

    I think we will be seeing a lot of movies that combine live action with CGI animation!
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  25. Ghostworld

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    So Jennifer Connelly is actually behind the main CGI character? Well there’s a big advantage to CGI, actresses don’t have to worry about their age anymore! That could change the entire face of acting! Lol
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