Predicting the Movie Hits & Bombs of 2020

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Vidiot, Dec 4, 2019.

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  1. Vidiot

    Vidiot Now in 4K HDR! Thread Starter

    Hollywood, USA
    And it's that time again, when we gaze into the crystal ball and try desperately to make an educated guess as to which theatrical motion pictures will do well, and which will flop in the new year.

    Here's a preliminary list from the website Looper and other sources:

    Underwater - January 10, 2020
    [SF action/adventure 7 miles below the surface, which sounds like The Abyss to me]

    Doolittle - January 10, 2020
    [Robert Downey, Jr. produces and stars in a remake of the 1967 Rex Harrison film about a doctor who talks to animals, and hopefully avoids any similarity to the 1998 Eddie Murphy remake]

    Bad Boys for Life - January 17, 2020
    [sequel to the Will Smith/Martin Lawrence buddy film about vice cops working in Miami]

    The Gentlemen - January 24, 2020
    [Matthew McConaughey action/comedy about British drug lords vs. Oklahoma billionaires]

    Run - January 24, 2020
    [horror/fantasy about a sheltered daughter with a secret]

    Birds of Prey - February 7, 2020
    [Margot Robbie stars in a darker DC Comics superhero action drama]

    Sonic the Hedgehog - February 14, 2020
    [live-action/animated film based on the video game]

    Fantasy Island - February 14, 2020
    [reboot of the 1970s TV series]

    Bloodshot - February 21, 2020
    [Vin Diesel action drama about a revenge-seeking soldier given superpowers]

    Mulan - March 27, 2020
    [live-action remake of the 1998 Disney animated film]

    The New Mutants - April 3, 2020 [held over from 2019]
    [Marvel X-men-related superhero drama]

    Peter Rabbit 2 - April 3, 2020
    [sequel to the 2018 animated film]

    No Time to Die - April 8, 2020
    [the latest and possibly last James Bond film to star Daniel Craig]

    Trolls World Tour - April 17, 2020
    [Dreamworks/Amblin animated film directed by Bob Zemeckis]

    Black Widow - May 1, 2020
    [continued adventures of the Marvel Comics hero/spy]

    Scoob - May 15, 2020
    [3D animated reboot of the Scooby Doo TV series]

    Fast & Furious 9 - May 22, 2020
    [sequel to the long-running action series]

    Sponge on the Run - May 22, 2020
    [sequel to the SpongeBob films & TV series]

    Atermis Fowl - May 29, 2020
    [Disney kid-based magic/fantasy]

    Wonder Woman 1984 - June 5, 2020
    [sequel to the DC Comics superheroine film]

    Top Gun: Maverick - June 26, 2020
    [sequel to the 1980s Tom Cruise action/adventure]

    Minions: The Rise of Gru - July 3, 2020
    [sequel to the 2015 animated cartoon]

    Ghostbusters: Afterlife - July 10, 2020
    [reboot/sequel of the 1980s action/comedy/SF films]

    Titanfall - July 10, 2020
    [Guillermo del Toro action/fantasy drama]

    Bob's Burgers: The Movie - July 17, 2020
    [just what it says]

    Jungle Cruise - July 24, 2020
    [action/adventure based on the Disney theme park ride, which Martin Scorsese will not like]

    Coming 2 America - August 7, 2020
    [sequel to the 1988 Eddie Murphy comedy]

    Bill & Ted Face the Music - August 21, 2020
    [sequel to the 1980s films & cartoon show about time-traveling teenagers]

    The Many Saints of Newark - August 25, 2020
    [prequel to the HBO TV series The Sopranos]

    Venom 2 - October 2, 2020
    [sequel to the 2018 Sony/Marvel comic superhero/villain film]

    Halloween Kills - October 16, 2020
    [sequel to the long, long, long-running horror series, starring Jamie Lee Curtis]

    The Eternals - November 6, 2020
    [based on the Marvel comics superhero/fantasy series]

    Godzilla vs. Kong - November 20, 2020
    [sequel to the sequel to the sequel of the King Kong and Godzilla movies going back to the 1930s through the 2000s]

    Dune - December 18, 2020
    [remake of the 1980s film based on the beloved 1960s/1970s Frank Herbert SF novels]

    West Side Story - December 18, 2020
    [Steven Spielberg's remake of the classic 1961 film musical, based on the 1957 Broadway musical]

    Tom & Jerry - December 23, 2020
    [live action/animated version of the 1940s/1950s animated characters]

    The Croods 2 - December 23, 2020
    [sequel to the 2013 Dreamworks animated film]

    The Tomorrow War - December 25, 2020
    [SF action film starring Chris Pratt]

    News of the World - December 25, 2020
    [drama starring Tom Hanks]

    The Last Duel - December 25, 2020
    [SF film directed by Ridley Scott and starring Matt Damon & Ben Affleck]

    More details here:
    Predicting the biggest box office bombs of 2020
  2. yamfox

    yamfox Forum Resident

    Just gotta say, Doolittle being a $175 million movie dumped in the middle of January, itself being the remake of a notorious bomb - I can't say I'll be betting in a favor of it.
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  3. Oatsdad

    Oatsdad Oat, Biscuits, Abbie & Mitzi: Best Dogs Ever

    Alexandria VA
    All the January movies look like bombs to me!

    "Birds" is the 1st movie on that list that I think'll be a hit...
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  4. Parachute Woman

    Parachute Woman Forum Resident

    Pixar also has not one but two new films out next year:

    Onward - March 6, 2020
    Fantasy adventure with voices by Tom Holland and Chris Pratt

    Soul - June 19, 2020
    Story about a middle school music teacher with voices by Jamie Foxx and Tina Fey

    And Disney Animated Studios has one:

    Raya and the Last Dragon - November 25, 2020
    Fantasy with voice from Awkwafina

    I predict all three will be well-received and commercially successful. I also predict success for Wonder Woman 1984, Mulan and Black Widow. Good year for female heroes.
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  5. Vidiot

    Vidiot Now in 4K HDR! Thread Starter

    Hollywood, USA
    My god, if there's ever been a movie bomb ever made, this is definitely one of them. I love Robert Downey, but jesus...
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  6. Vidiot

    Vidiot Now in 4K HDR! Thread Starter

    Hollywood, USA
    Yes, I agree that the Pixar films will do well, and I'd be very surprised if the new Wonder Woman and Black Widow don't do well. I'm skeptical about Mulan, but it's not my kind of film and I'm clearly not the target audience. I'll see all the others, though.
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  7. yamfox

    yamfox Forum Resident

    I’m also now learning that the budget was $175 million BEFORE extensive reshoots due to poor test screenings, during which the movie was overhauled by Jonathan Liebesman, whose most critically successful movie (at a whopping 67% RT with 6 reviews) wasn’t even distributed theatrically and has since handled such brilliant material as Wrath of the Titans and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)... oh boy
    'Ninja Turtles' Director Jonathan Liebesman Tackling 'Doctor Dolittle' Reshoots (Exclusive)
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  8. Deuce66

    Deuce66 Senior Member

    The industry forecasts for 2020 are pretty dire, looking at that list only confirms it.
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  9. Luke The Drifter

    Luke The Drifter Forum Resident

    United States
    We are huge Scooby Doo fans (who isn't), and love the thought of a 3d animated film. But the trailer concerns me. It seems more like the modern fare, rather than the classic series. Also, they did not have Matthew Lillard voice Shaggy, who replaced Casey Kasem, and sounds great. The trailer did not sound like Shaggy to me. Also, Frank Welker is doing Scooby, and has been for years since the original actor retired, but is NOT doing the voice of Fred. He has been the voice of Fred since the original series.

    The trailer did not wow me...
  10. Raylinds

    Raylinds Resident Lake Surfer

    Some real stinkers in that list but some interesting sequels. Coming 2 America and Bill and Ted could be interesting, but probably won't be. I loved the originals, though.
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  11. SandAndGlass

    SandAndGlass Twilight Forum Resident

    I saw the original Mulan in the theater. I wouldn't have, but I was babysitting my friends two small children while there parents saw another movie.

    I wouldn't have thought that it would be the kind of movie that young children would like, but I was wrong. The kids went nuts over it. With that in mind, I predict the new live action version will also be a success.

    But then, I thought that Dumbo would be also. :hide:
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  12. mpayan

    mpayan A Tad Rolled Off

    What a turd list. Might want to change the thread title to “Predicting The Nukes Of 2020”
  13. Vidiot

    Vidiot Now in 4K HDR! Thread Starter

    Hollywood, USA
    :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

    I did notice there seemed to be a preponderance of Bad Cinema on that list.
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  14. mpayan

    mpayan A Tad Rolled Off say the least :sigh:

    I was kind of burned out on Toms Hanks, but kind of in the mood for another good Hanks movie now. Maybe this ‘20 film will be good.

    Other than that I simply look at the list and think:

    “How old do these guys have to be before they are grandpa age reprising a role when they were young men?” Maybe theyll de-age Bill and Ted to a flashback of a 6’1” 10 yr old Reeves. Most excellent...not.

    Sequel madness, hollywood. Sequel madness.
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  15. Holerbot6000

    Holerbot6000 Forum Resident

    Just the sheer lack of originality is appalling. Hollywood doesn't seem to want to acknowledge the generational shift that is occurring. I'm almost sixty, I didn't really care for Scooby Doo or Fantasy Island as a kid and I'm sure as hell not going to drag my ass to a movie theater to see crap like that, and kids who don't even know who the Beatles are won't be able to relate to any of this. Who exactly are they making these movies for?

    Looking at this list reminds me of Repo Man where everyone ate out of cans labeled 'Food'.
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  16. Vidiot

    Vidiot Now in 4K HDR! Thread Starter

    Hollywood, USA
    Focus Groups and lots of research. It's safer committing X dollars to making a reboot, a sequel, a prequel, or a remake of a movie that already did well than it is to commit that much money to an entirely new and different idea.

    But I am puzzled over making a new version of Dr. Doolittle, which I think has bombed twice already. The 1967 Rex Harrison original cost a whopping $17 million (astonishing for that era) and made only a paltry $9 million; the 1998 Eddie Murphy version cost $70M and made $294M, so it made money but got terrible reviews. Is America for a new generation with the former Iron Man actor for 2020 in a version $175 million.
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  17. The Hermit

    The Hermit Wavin' that magick glowstick since 1976

    Bond and Dune... that's it for me; the former is (likely) the last 007 film for me whilst I'll be surprised if the latter does well enough to get the concluding part made.

    Dear Lord, what a wretched slate of upcoming releases... I mean, really!
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  18. Deuce66

    Deuce66 Senior Member

    More information is available at IMDB (list of 2020 U.S. releases) - one notable title missing above is TENET - Christopher Nolan (Jul 17).

    IMDb: Upcoming Releases for United States - IMDb
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  19. alexpop

    alexpop Power pop + other bad habits....

    Films I’ll see in the cinema....

    The Gentlemen
    - January 24, 2020

    Birds of Prey - February 7, 2020

    Something tells me this will flop.

    The New Mutants - April 3, 2020

    No Time to Die - April 8, 2020

    Don’t like the cast. No doubt see it

    Black Widow - May 1, 2020

    Think this will be good : successful.

    Fast & Furious 9 - May 22, 2020

    Wonder Woman 1984 - June 5, 2020

    A big blockbuster hit at the box office.

    Titanfall - July 10, 2020

    The Eternals - November 6, 2020

    The Tomorrow War - December 25, 2020

    The Last Duel - December 25, 2020

    No movies August /September/October for me to check out. Sure 2019 was better.
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2019
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  20. Luke The Drifter

    Luke The Drifter Forum Resident

    United States
    Dumbo made too many misteps, so the word of mouth was bad on it and sank it.
  21. alexpop

    alexpop Power pop + other bad habits....

    “New Mutants held over”
    Timing wasn’t right, film reshoots?
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  22. Spaghettiows

    Spaghettiows Forum Resident

    Silver Creek, NY
    I'm actually interested in the Bill & Ted movie. I thought that Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey was quote enjoyable. I liked it better than the first one, in fact.

    Regardless of my own interest, I am not convinced it will make money.

    And who asked for Fantasy Island? Who is going to play Tattoo? I predict that one will bomb.
  23. PhilBorder

    PhilBorder Senior Member

    Sheboygan, WI
    But we haven't yet disarmed all the 2019 bombs. Some still waiting to cause damage...
  24. PhilBorder

    PhilBorder Senior Member

    Sheboygan, WI
    Is Godzilla vs Kong doing reshoots? 'Cause if it's another year of editing they've got a problem. so much for the marketing 'momentum' that "King of Monsters" was intended to inspire.

    I credit Warners for taking a risk with new writers-directors for this "Universe". Regretfully these guys have struck out imo. None of these films seemed to have an instinctive grasp of what KK and G-Zilla are about. The Monarch premise was promising in the 2014 film, but quickly took a turn into stupid-land.
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  25. mBen989

    mBen989 Senior Member

    Scranton, PA
    What are the odds of New Mutants being dumped to Disney+?
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