Predicting the Movie Hits & Bombs of 2020

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Vidiot, Dec 4, 2019.

  1. overdrivethree

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    I just saw the new Ghostbusters trailer. Basically “Ghostbusters: Stranger Things” edition, or perhaps more accurately “Ghostbusters: Super 8” edition.

    I’m a child of the 1980s who grew up with the original two movies and didn’t have a problem with the 2016 reboot like everyone else did. But nothing can recapture the magic from the original cast, no matter if Jason Reitman is trying to pick up where his dad left off. Let it go already.
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  2. Deuce66

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    First trailer

  3. Slackhurst Broadcasting

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    And they chickened out of gender-swapping the dwarf....
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  4. SandAndGlass

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    Looks like a Hardy Boys type of teenage afterschool movie. Kind of like the teen King Arthur movie of 2019, The Kid Who Would Be King or Dora the Explorer.

    While both of which were good movies, neither of which made money, with The Kid Who Would Be King, only bringing in about half of its production cost.

    The 2016 Ghostbusters: Answer the Call was a major box office bomb, which ended up loosing 125M for the studio, after production and marketing costs of 350M.

    I get the impression that the franchise has long since failed.

    This latest reboot may be successful, if it has a 30M dollar budget (or close to it). I can't see it bringing in 90M or more at the box office.

    Reitman has stated the film will likely ignore the events of 2016's Ghostbusters: Answer the Call.

    Didn't we just here this kind of rhetoric with a certain "new" Terminator movie?
  5. yamfox

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    Budget is really the big factor here - the issue with the franchise is mainly that it has little appeal or brand recognition outside of English-speaking countries (largely because of how heavily it relies on comedy, which is difficult to translate), plus it can't be released in China due to censorship board rules about the portrayal of ghosts, and yet Sony gave it a tentpole-size budget for the reboot and expected anything but disaster.
    If done affordably I think you could easily do something with the franchise that would turn a reasonable profit regardless of the quality, but it's really hard to have faith in it being any good when there's really only been one good movie in 35 years, and when so much of even that fluke success was rooted in the comedic chemistry the lead actors had at that time, seeing as it was a barebones script with rushed special effects that were barely able to be completed before release. It still worked, but it was a bit of a miraculous occurrence.
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  6. Birds of Prey is a sleeper for becoming a big bomb - the movie is already getting torn apart on fan sites since it basically throws away everything we know about these characters out the window. Warner has already given away the fact this won't be going after the traditional superhero/comic book movie demo with its pre-hype marketing.

    It's a risky bet that I don't think is going to pay off. This is not Suicide Squad redux, which had the hype of a Batman cameo and a trailer that heavily hyped Margot Robbie playing Harley in a skimpy outfit. Robbie has turned the movie into something like a feminized version of Deadpool. If it's not super funny, it could land like a dead duck.
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  7. SandAndGlass

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    I'll say it again, the same thing that I have said over and over again. The movie industry is predisposed to present movies with weak scripts and mediocre plots and spend enormous budgets working in excessive special effects and hoping to pull things off.

    The studios continue to do this, even though so many big budget movies continue to loose big at the box office.

    You simply do not have to spend excessive amounts of money to produce a good, entertaining movie. Bill Murray worked in Meatballs and Stripes and both of these were movies that were produced on very modest budgets.

    Good comedy is universal. Charlie Chaplin was the most recognised and appreciated actor all over the world, in his time.

    The main reason that comedy does not often work in today's movies are that they have been sanitized so that they are politically correct across the board. An approach which simply does not work.

    South Park works because they simply don't care who might or is offended.

    By now, most of the older franchises have been beaten into the ground and the continued reboots are not successful at all. The successful franchises continue as always to be successful, James Bond, The Marvel Universe and Star Wars, most of the others, not so much.

    Hollywood keeps trying to shove their new visions down the throats of the audience and the audience is not buying into it.

    I do realise that some movies do rely heavily on new technologies. I would point to Alita as an example, whether you do or do not like the movie, it is a certainty that is will have cost a lot of money to produce. It brought in just under 405M worldwide, but it is still over 100M short of being classified as a success, due to its production cost being 170M.

    There are just too many movies competing and there are not enough box office dollars to go around.

    So many movies this year, would have been a success, IF, they were produced for half of what they spent to produce them.

    I don't see any other way.
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  8. Vidiot

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    Hollywood, USA
    Wow, I'm really looking forward to this Ryan Reynolds spoof coming in Summer 2020:

    It most definitely ain't "Cinema" (by the Scorsese definition), but it looks like a very entertaining, goofy alternate-reality kind of story.
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  9. Vidiot

    Vidiot Now in 4K HDR! Thread Starter

    Hollywood, USA
    The trailers look good to me, but I know zip about the characters or comic books. I think it's a gamble, and the budget was around $80M, which is not an extraordinary risk... like, say, Solo was at $250M-$300M.
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  10. radickeyfan

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    The fan sites stated the same thing about "Joker" , we all know how that someone who has read and purchased every single Birds Of Prey comic book , every single Harley Quinn comic book , Has bought and read every DC comic book of the last 30 yrs.....The movie looks fine........................................If 1/2 of the people that have dressed up as Harley (over the last 5 years) show up for the film.....The gross will be fine...........

    This is easily doing 200+Mil in the US , and will be at 500+ mil worldwide with no problem...
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  11. Vidiot

    Vidiot Now in 4K HDR! Thread Starter

    Hollywood, USA
    They're definitely going into a weird, crazy, ultra-violent Joker direction for the film, and that will appeal to that audience. I liked Joker, but at the same time it's not a film I want to see again.
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  12. Vidiot

    Vidiot Now in 4K HDR! Thread Starter

    Hollywood, USA
    And on the list of Most Anticipated Films of 2020 (with some overlap with the previous list):

    Bad Boys for Life (Jan. 17)
    third installment of the Will Smith/Martin Lawrence action/cop franchise, but without director Michael Bay

    Dolittle (Jan. 17)
    remake of the 1967 talking animals film starring Robert Downey Jr.

    Birds of Prey (Feb. 7)
    R-rated supervillain comic book action/adventure

    Sonic the Hedgehog (Feb. 14)
    live action/animated version of the classic video game (with a new redesigned character from the previous widely-hated trailers)

    The King's Man (Feb. 14)
    prequel to the Kingsmen franchise

    Onward (March 6)
    animated Disney/Pixar films about two teenaged elf brothers in a fantasy world

    Godzilla vs. Kong (March 13)
    sequel to Warner Bros.' monster franchises

    A Quiet Place 2 (March 20)
    sequel to the successful 2018 horror film

    Mulan (March 27)
    live-action version of the 1998 animated Disney film

    No Time to Die
    (April 8)
    spy action/adventure with Daniel Craig's reported last appearance as James Bond

    Black Widow (May 1)
    Marvel superhero film with Scarlett Johansson

    Personal History of David Copperfield (May 8)
    updated version of the classic Dickens novel starring Dev Patel

    Barbie (May 8)
    live-action film of the famous 1960s children's toy, starring Margot Robbie

    Legally Blonde 3 (May 8)
    sequel to the Reese Witherspoon comedy films

    Scoob (May 15th)
    CGI animated reboot of the classic 1970s Hanna-Barbera cartoon show

    Fast & Furious 9 (May 22)
    action/adventure with cars

    Artemis Fowl (May 29)
    Disney live-action fantasy film based on the successful novel series

    Wonder Woman 1984 (June 5)
    sequel to the 2017 DC comics superhero film

    Candyman (June 12)
    new Jordan Peele horror film

    Soul (June 18)
    animated Pixar film about a music teacher separated from his soul

    Top Gun: Maverick (June 26)
    sequel to the 1986 Tom Cruise hit

    Free Guy (July 3)
    Ryan Reynolds in a fantasy film about a man stuck in a video game world

    Minions 2 (July 3)
    sequel to the 2015 animated Illumination film

    Ghostbusters 2020 (July 10)
    sequel to Ghostbusters 2 from 1989, with appearances by several of the original cast members

    Tenet (July 17)
    new Christopher Nolan action/thriller starring John Washington and Robert Pattison

    Jungle Cruise (July 24)
    Dwayne Johnson action film based on the Disney theme park ride

    Morbius (July 31)
    Marvel superhero film about a scientist infected with vampire blood who attempts a cure

    New Mutants (August 2)
    updated sequel to the long-running Fox/Marvel superhero series

    Coming to America 2 (August 7)
    sequel to the smash 1988 hit comedy starring Eddie Murphy

    Bill & Ted Face the Music (August 21)
    sequel to the late-1980s Bill & Ted comedy/sci-fi films

    Many Saints of Newark (September 4)
    prequel to the HBO mob series The Sopranos

    Dune (September 18)
    updated version of the classic 1960s-70s Frank Herbert science-fiction novels

    Venom 2 (October 2)
    sequel to the 2018 alien/supervillain film.

    Halloween Kills (October 16)
    Jamie Lee Curtis in this horror sequel that will never die

    Eternals (November 6)
    new Marvel superhero film featuring Angelina Jolie

    West Side Story (December 18)
    Steven Spielberg's remake of the classic 1962 musical

    The Croods 2 (December 23)
    sequel to the 2013 Dreamworks prehistoric animated action/comedy

    I would be stunned if the Bond film does less than $500M, so it's bound to be a hit. Barbie sounds like an absolute disaster, as does Dolittle. I look forward to Black Widow, Many Saints, and Wonder Woman, but I'm skeptical on the glut of action/remakes/sequels. I'd be surprised if Godzilla vs. Kong does well, given the performance of the last Godzilla film. Dune, Top Gun, West Side Story, and the others look so-so to me.

    More at this link:
    New movies coming in 2020: The most anticipated films on the way
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  13. radickeyfan

    radickeyfan Forum Resident

    Most pointless title change, why screw up something that has always worked before..
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  14. Vidiot

    Vidiot Now in 4K HDR! Thread Starter

    Hollywood, USA
    Maybe "Zoinks" would've been a better title.
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  15. Grand_Ennui

    Grand_Ennui Forum Resident

    I think "Wonder Woman 1984" will do good box office... Ditto for the new "Halloween" film and I think the new "Minions" film should do well too...

    Flops: "Sonic the Hedgehog", "Barbie", and "Legally Blonde 3".
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  16. DPM

    DPM Forum Resident

    Regarding A Quiet Place 2, is that a sequel or a prequel?
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  17. Squealy

    Squealy Forum Hall Of Fame

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  18. unclefred

    unclefred Coastie with the Moastie

    Oregon Coast
    Nothing on that lists appeals to me. I'm doubtful, but if Dune turns out to be good I would be interested. Ghost busters appears, by the trailer, to appeal to pre/early pubescent kids. That might work.
  19. Oatsdad

    Oatsdad Oat, Biscuits and Abbie: Best Dogs Ever

    Alexandria VA
    I could shoot a "Halloween" sequel in which I eat a burrito and then take my dog for a walk and it'll still make money.

    Bankable franchise + low horror budget = cha-ching!
  20. brownie61

    brownie61 Forum Resident

    Why isn’t In The Heights on the most anticipated list?

    The first feature film based on a musical by the most famous musical theater composer of the last 30 years? People pay close to $1000 a ticket to see Hamilton on Broadway, and In The Heights isn’t a highly anticipated film?
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  21. Mirrorblade.1

    Mirrorblade.1 Forum Resident

    Bombs bad boys for life, dr dolittle, Birds of prey, Sonic the hedgehog,
    Barbie Legally blonde 3, Jungle cruise Scoob, Westside story
    Free guy pointless remake almost like gamer with Gerald butler
  22. SandAndGlass

    SandAndGlass Twilight Forum Resident

    Maybe King and Godzilla together will seal the deal?

    Dune is a funny thing. When the original came out, they spent a lot of money on it and it didn't do so well at the box office (to put it mildly). So what does Hollywood do? Well, they make a sequel to a movie that didn't even earn its production cost back on the first go around.

    I didn't see it in the theater, but I did think that it was an interesting movie and it did have a good cast. Maybe now, it is known well enough to make a dent with this reboot? But then, I bet they will spend so much on production cost that this boat will sink before it leaves the dock.

    Top gun made money and Tom Cruse is a bankable actor. He is also a very accomplished pilot and the first movie was a big hit. I think the 2nd will fly.

    West Side Story, not so much hope here.

    Mulan, I give it even odds.

    No Time to Die,
    BOND, Of Course!

    Black Widow, Absolutely!

    Legally Blonde 3, There are kidding, aren't they?

    Jungle Cruise, Yes, Dwayne Johnson will bring in the crowds. Besides it's it named after a Disney Ride (as opposed to a "land").

    Barbie, Oh Please! NO!

    Free Guy, "About a man stuck in a video game world", haven't we done this somewhere before?

    Morbius, I don't see a Marvel superhero film loosing money. Plus, vampire films have done in this millenia.
  23. jeroemba

    jeroemba Forum Resident

    At least it looks good: it's beautifully shot, the actors are good, it's not a dirty cgi fest. I see potential here when i was repulsed by the reboot trailer.
  24. Vidiot

    Vidiot Now in 4K HDR! Thread Starter

    Hollywood, USA
    It's cool, but it's another one of those goofy movie cliches where a car that's been sitting outside for 30 years somehow still runs. WTF? You can't leave a car outside for 3 months and have it still start up and run well.

    Yeah, I didn't wince as much as I did with the last Ghostbusters reboot. I didn't have a problem with them having an all-woman cast, but I disliked the fact that there weren't enough jokes and the story was stupid.
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  25. SandAndGlass

    SandAndGlass Twilight Forum Resident

    In the movies, you always see someone wondering an old vehicle, be it a car or an airplane, in an old garage or barn. They always manage to get it started within a few minutes and it always runs fine.
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