Predicting the Movie Hits & Bombs of 2022

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Vidiot, Jan 7, 2022.

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    Oh - got it! :righton:

    I had thought that maybe if you added all ancillary sales of "Top Gun" - cable, TV, home video, etc. - it might've gotten to $2.85 billion, but... even then it seems unlikely.

    Anyway, thanks for the clarification!
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    I have more faith in Top Gun , then I do Avatar. Especially with case upon case of Avatar BRs and DVDs clogging the aisles at my local $1 store
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    I predict we will see Avatar sequels right along with fusion reactors that produce electricity.
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    This is pretty remarkable: the sort of "throwaway" kids cartoon film The Bad Guys managed to kick Fantastic Beasts to the curb over the weekend:

    Box Office: 'The Bad Guys' Beats 'Fantastic Beasts 3' - Variety

    I think Bad Guys cost about $65M-$70M and was expected to make maybe $10M-$15M, but instead it leaped to $24M, while Fantastic Beasts slumped to $14M in its third week. This is not good news for the Harry Potter franchise.
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    2nd weekend --small typo (as I am sure you know this was week 2)
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    Third week worldwide, so there's that.
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    Bad opening weekend for The Northman
  9. I can't tell from that clip whether this sequel has the same gay subtext as the original (not sure if that is the aesthetic you like). It looks pretty good to me, but I also liked the original.
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    Tom Cruise looked way better in the original, if that helps. :)
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    I think most of us looked way better 36 years ago.....:D
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    All will be revealed on Wed - Apr 27 - fusion will take longer :cool:.
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    Tom Cruise sucks.
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    That's so strange… Tom only ever had nice things to say about you.
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    Not "bad" IMO as much as "what they should've expected".

    Eggers ain't a mainstream multiplex director. Unless he goes against his established style, he's not gonna make hit movies...
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    Let's leave his private life out of this.
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    Sony Pictures presented their upcoming slate at CinemaCon yesterday - here's a summary.

    2:08 - Bullet Train
    8:50 - Where the Crawdads Sing
    13:25 - The Woman King
    20:50 - El Muerto - Marvel
    29:33 - Across the Spider-Verse
    42:22 - Sizzle Reel (Madame Web, Kraven the Hunter, Devotion, 65, George Foreman Biopic)
    49:10 - Answering Fan Questions

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    Bullet Train trailer.

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    The Hollywood Reporter

    ‘Avatar 2’ First Look Expected at CinemaCon 2022 – The Hollywood Reporter

    Avatar 2’ Expected to Preview at CinemaCon

    The exhibition community is readying for the sequel to James Cameron's 2009 blockbuster (which made more than $2.8 billion at the box office). Cinema tech firm Christie confirms it's working with Cameron's Lightstorm to advance theatrical capabilities.

    While Disney is keeping tight-lipped, CinemaCon attendees are expected to get a first glimpse at James Cameron’s wildly anticipated Avatar sequels — the first of which is scheduled to open Dec. 16 — during its slate presentation Wednesday at the theater owners confab.

    Meanwhile, on Tuesday, projector maker Christie and Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment announced their 16-year partnership includes collaborating on advancing theatrical display capabilities for 3D and high frame rates for Avatar 2.

    Avatar‘s immense impact on movies — from production to exhibition — can’t be understated. Cameron’s 2009 Avatar is the highest-grossing movie of all time with $2.84 billion, and exhibitors no doubt hope for more of that magic in the pandemic era. Avatar also played a large part in cinema innovation, from playing a key role in ushering in the digital 3D movie era to introducing new production techniques in areas such as performance capture and virtual production.

    As it has in recent years, CinemaCon sponsor Dolby has outfitted the Colosseum — CinemaCon’s main venue at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas — with Dolby Atmos immersive sound and Dolby Vision, meaning they are installing the company’s premium 4K, high dynamic range, high frame rate and 3D capable laser-based projection system. Dolby has also prepped thousands of 3D glasses for CinemaCon.

    The Colosseum also houses both Christie and Barco laser projectors for this week’s event. With such capabilities, it would seem Cameron, producer Jon Landau and Disney/20th Century intend to dazzle delegates.

    It is understood that, when released, Avatar 2 will be offered in a variety of formats to support the range of movie theater configurations in the U.S. and around the world, including 3D and 4K, and incorporating a high frame rate of 48 fps.

    The partnership between Lightstorm and Christie began in 2006 and has included providing Lightstorm with Christie’s newest projection systems as well as support. “Over the years, we’ve worked closely with the team at Lightstorm,” says Brian Claypool, executive vp of cinema at Christie. “With our range of Xenon and RGB laser projectors with Real|Laser technology, Lightstorm has been able to review footage at various stages of production, to ensure the final product looks as intended on the big screen.”

    Part of Lightstorm’s production process includes a Christie 4K, high-frame-rate-capable projector installed into a “pod,” used to review footage as it’s filmed on set. Additionally, Lightstorm has Christie projectors installed in multiple postproduction environments, allowing Cameron to work on creating the final images to be used in Avatar 2.

    “Christie has been a good partner. We’re using their projection systems at all our production sites, in the U.S. and New Zealand,” says Cameron in a released statement. “Wherever I am, I can view progress on my films in high quality stereo 3D, just as the audience will see the movies in theaters when they come out. This is essential to our working process.”

    Cinema tech developers at CinemaCon are focused on the theatrical exhibition of Avatar sequels. Among them is Cinionic, the cinema company that offers Barco projectors. “He’s pushing the boundaries again on technology, we are really looking forward to that,” Cinionic CEO Wim Buyens said of Cameron.

    Buyens tells The Hollywood Reporter that Barco projectors are installed in 100,000 cinema auditoriums worldwide, with 30,000 of those being the higher brightness laser-based systems. He adds that 25,000 screens are additionally equipped with the Barco Alchemy media servers that enable high frame rate projection. “On 3D, we are doubling down and getting a lot of questions from customers, because 3D has been a little in the background, but [the industry is] trying to get back to a great 3D presentation. We are working together with partners like RealD and others to make that happen.”
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    This goes beyond being impressive!
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    "Abbey" sequel to be available on streaming after 17 days
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    While in retail,when the VHS of Top Gun came out at a sell-through price,we kept our quantity next to the store safe till sale day.
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    Warner Brothers presentation at CinemaCon yesterday.

    1:34 - Boring Opening WB Speech
    7:45 - The Batman 2
    9:35 - Elvis
    19:25 - Dune 2
    20:18 - Wonka
    24:49 - Don't Worry Darling
    34:45 - Salem's Lot
    43:15 - The Flash
    48:57 - Shazam! Fury of the Gods
    57:22 - Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom
    1:03:35 - The Rock's Speech
    1:10:37 - DC League of Super-Pets
    1:14:55 - Black Adam

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    DC and Marvel should collaborate, pair up their their lamest 'heroes' (Aquaman and Sub Mariner) and their oceanic egos and play for laughs. Because they're already more than halfway there. ("Namor, please stop talking about yourself in the 3rd person". "Aquaman, please stop talking.")
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    What to do with The Flash?

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