Prefab Sprout CD Box Set?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by alexpop, Feb 26, 2016.

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    "The Devil Has All The Best Tunes - This was the Sprouts' second single, which remains curiously obscure. I found it on the original vinyl release (SK7), but a fan named Mick once sent me a version of it he had found on some obscure CD, named 'The Indie Scene 1983.' Good luck tracking it down!"
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    What I would really love, since I have all their albums, is a box set of some of the LOADS and LOADS of unrealeased songs AND whole albums that Paddy has recorded over the years. Going by the Prefab fan site, there is enough material to cover several albums - probably a lot of treasure in the vaults.
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    Aah, my most played single of 1983 - I still love it now but at the time I thought it could spawn a whole new genre. Sadly (for me) Paddy McAloon seemed to be not particularly fond of the Swoon era.
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    That was it. Must dig it out.
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  6. I wouldn't say that he isn't fond of it per se but, instead, (at least according to the interview) he's both rsther restless when it comes to trying things out that he thinks his audience wants as well.
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    You get my vote!
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    This is quite a healthy thread I'm sure there would be a demand for a box set.
    I assume Paddy has all the master tapes to his music ?
    If he has no inclination to put out a box out himself maybe he wouldn't mind someone else doing it for him. I wonder if he's been asked ?
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    Tbe devil has the best tunes, alright.
    But, it looks like he intendes to keep them for himself. :)
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    I would love a set of non album tracks. i need to drag out my uk 12" and see what I already have.
  11. It's a masterpiece.

    In fairness, it's a bit of a 'Marmite' album. It seems PS fans either love it or hate it. I suppose it depends on your receptability to up-to-20 minute fairly minimalist instrumental pieces.

    Title track…

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    thx. But I don't get YouTube my server. I know I'll buy it if I see it. I use the old school buying modicum ie; buy blind.
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    I love Steve McQueen/Two Wheels Good, with "Desire As" being my favourite song from it.
    How can you not like a song that starts with the lyrics:
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    It's not a box set, but the 38 Carat Collection is a great overview of the band's work.
  15. alexpop

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    Managed to get "Andromeda Heights "and "Let Change The World With MUSIC" Excellent, both of them.
  16. alexpop

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    Since I started this thread I have most of the albums now. Just wondering why From Langely Park To Memphis is not that popular, too commercial perhaps ?
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    This is such a good performance from two geniuses who work well together. Meeting Jimmy inspired Paddy to write The Songs of Danny Galway on Crimson/Red.

    Crimson/Red is up there with Steve McQueen and Jordan as one of their greatest albums. When it first sneaked out as a dodgy download, I played it at least once a day until it was officially released some months later, and the melodies were so ever-present they infiltrated my dreams. It's my favourite album of the last five years at least, an absolutely essential purchase.
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    I have that CD so I do have a flac rip of "Devil". I also have "Lions In My Own Garden" on a Rough trade compilation CD called "A Constant Source of Interruption", don't think that CD is quite as obscure as "The Indie Scene 1983" though.
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    I used to own a 12" Kitchenware EP containing what I think may have been the first two singles. 'Lions in my own garden (exit someone)', 'Radio love', 'The devil has all the best tunes' and 'Walk on'. A mate of mine sold it to me in about 1985. Thinking back, I think he must have managed to get hold of the first two singles separately (either on 7" or 12") and decided that his EP was superfluous to his collection. An absolutely brilliant EP and one of my all-time favourite pieces of vinyl!
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    I didn't know the album counts as not popular but at the time it may have been a point where Prefab Sprout shed a few fans and gained a lot more new ones, in the UK anyway. Bear in mind they first came to attention as an indie band and were still fêted in those circles.

    But here they are looking rather bright and shiny and MTV-friendly and with the hot dog and jumping frog they managed a small leap towards much more mainstream attention. And Paddy's new look was what then seemed rather yuppie-ish.

    Personally I'd forgive the stylist and the synths as soon as I hear Nightingales, because no-one else ever could do this stuff like Paddy.
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    Another vote for "Langley Park", it was love at first sight, and I don't really like broadway musicals. At the time of release, I was only aware of "When Love Breaks Down" and that wasn't quite enough to make me buy SMQ. I didn't expect all that much from FLPTM but I instantly liked all of its tracks minus "The Golden Calf". Although I think "Crimson/Red" is slightly better, FLPTM is still my favourite PS album and I feel the peaks are much higher than on the more cohesive and critically lauded SMQ. "Nightingales" is probably Paddy's finest five minutes, but "I Remember That" and "Venus Of The Soup Kitchen" (my favourite) aren't far behind. I can see why people are put off by the technicolor production, but for the most part I think it works really well and enhances the songs. Then again, I think SMQ sounds just as slick and almost too much like Dolby.

    Also, "I Trawl The Megahertz" stands its own ground as a non-song album. A masterpiece indeed.
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    Thanks for the Sproutology link, somehow (*incompetence*) I'd missed that before. Just read an excellent interview there from the time of Jordan, and looking forward to browsing more at my leisure.

    I'm glad to see all this Sprout love here. I'll send a link to this thread to Wendy Smith on Twitter, she always seems interested in things about the band.
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    Yes ! Nightingales" goosebumps listening experience.
  25. alexpop

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    Still trawling the CD shelves for his solo album.

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