Prices on The Beatles Singles Collection Box

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by AutomatedElectronics, Nov 28, 2019.

  1. AutomatedElectronics

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    In looking for a decent price for this latest Beatles' singles boxes , most sellers have too high a price for it. I received an email today from uDiscover Music, which is ofcourse UMG , Universal, who is behind the box in the first place. Their price, through 12/2, is $160.99, plus, because it is over $50., shipping is free. Here is a link to their sale: The Beatles Singles Collection – uDiscover Music

    Has anybody found a cheaper price in the U.S.?
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  2. Tartifless

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    I think that this is a very good price, the cheapest when released was with 160€.
    Taking into account the conversion rate, Udiscover offer is even cheaper
  3. lightbulb

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    However, after uDiscover charges sales tax, if 10%, then tack on $16.10, which brings the total to $176.09...
  4. ronbow

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    St. Louis MO
    There was a 20% coupon code as well, to bring it down to $128 pre-tax.
  5. AutomatedElectronics

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    Where do you get the coupon?
  6. aperfecttool

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    RDU, NC, USA
    try UD20OFF (with an email which you haven't used previously on their site)
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  7. AutomatedElectronics

    AutomatedElectronics Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Thank you very much! The discount code worked. They charged me tax, so that brought it up to $139.07. That's a lot better than $160.99 + tax, or the $200.+ at other U.S. sites and stores. Now I will shortly have the latest 2019 Beatles "Singles Collection" to go with my 1978 World Records version, my 1982 version, the 4 disc 2011 RSD box and the 4 Target exclusive boxes which included T-shirts. Thank you again!!!
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  8. AutomatedElectronics

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    Now, I am still waiting for the boxed set to be delivered. Maybe because I mentioned it here or not, Universal had a rush of orders and ran out of their U.S. supply. We have to wait for another shipment from the E.U. and told that will be sometime in January. Universal still has the best deal around as often is the case when directly dealing with the company behind the releases. As an example, a few years ago when the CCR 7" vinyl boxed set came out, everyone was price-gouging. I found that Concord-Fantasy was selling it for the legitimate price, so I was able to buy 2 for less than others were selling a single one for.

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