Prince: 1999 Super Deluxe box 5CD/1DVD or 10LP/1DVD [11/29/19]

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by ad180, Aug 3, 2019.

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    A lot of Prince's original mixes for outtakes were quickly mixed to cassette. I totally get wanting that original mix, but I'm not going to complain about new mixes. Granted, I'm not a big fan of the reverb choice that Bolas made, but I think he got everything else pretty good. The "combining different versions" is just how things evolved over time as he worked on those tracks. That's what's left on the multitracks. Bolas even described flying in isolated parts from Prince's original mixes in order to use material that Prince erased from the multitrack tape.
  2. You spoiled it for yourself. It's all in your head. If you choose to take a one-off cassette mix (out of possibility many of the same track) and use that as your benchmark, for songs that were never meant to be released, then you've killed the thing before it could be official.

    Newsflash: Prince spliced and diced tapes his whole career. I see nothing sacred in a cassette mix, not intended for mass consumption. Just check 1998's Crystal Ball for how Prince presented his own mix and masters.

    Spot on post! The whole thing. Only its 2021 when Sony gets the rights, unless you're not counting this year since it's almost over.
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    Please do not ask for Prince to get the Bowie treatment. The mastering on the Bowie boxes is a joke with smoothed off top end and now bass weighted and most life sucked out of the recordings.
    The sound absolutely terrible compared to the original pressings.
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    Reasonable post. I disagree with combining different versions though - especially in the case of Holly Rock or Baby, You've a Trip when they're advertised as originals.

    If they're going to mix unreleased music from a specific period, then I think it's best practice they make it sound consistent with what was released at the time.
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    That is my line of thinking too, my assumption when I saw Moonbeam included- I am feeling very confident what we will be getting will be a much better version of ML whether it means a lower gen tape/first gen tape, or a new mix a la Originals.
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    Unfortunately in those large multiple album box sets, the tar is spread evenly over all the albums. And too many bs live albums in the Bowie box stuff.
    I am more than happy with what they are doing now.
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    “Baby You’re A Trip” is my favorite track on Originals. If Prince had released it back when he recorded it, he very well may have added Jill on backup vocals.
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    Thanks for the correction. For some reason I was stuck on Sony taking over next year (2020).

    That leaves Warner another year to release a box set.

    I would hope for a " Sign O' The Times." But, wouldn't get mad about them doing one of the soundtracks. 30th Anniversary for the Batman stk would work. Although 2019 is almost over.
  9. You may be thinking about the theoretical/hypothetical Jimi Hendrix box set that we should be getting in 2020. ;)
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    If Warner retains the rights for the soundtracks, I wonder if there will be latitude to continue releasing deluxe editions of those in collaboration with the estate after every else shifts to Sony? I’d hate for Parade to miss out on the special treatment.
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    Parade is the one I'm looking forward to most (well that and Sign Of The Times) now 1999 is confirmed. Or maybe it's Around The World In A Day...I want them ALL to get this treatment :D
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    Actually for completeness sake it would also have been nice to stick the promo videos on the DVD. I'm sure there's room.
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    Actually I do.
    But it's a french one, in french. We can write innocent names of body parts such as p.... or v...... without any automatic cencorship in place. (not that we use those words a lot, mind you ;) ).
    Maybe that's just because SH's forum is in the US.
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    OK, well, I sincerely apologize if my joke offended. I honestly thought it was innoccuous. I certainly was not going for being reported, despite what you think.

  15. Lance LaSalle

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    (Ignore the post above: there was a series of jokes and misunderstandings -- all cleared up now!)
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    (Entirely my fault. I fancy myself Lenny Bruce in moments of weakness -- or perceived glory, perhaps...) :shtiphat:

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    Are there any known multitracks before the 1983 First Avenue show?

    Speaking of, that full Aug 3,1983 show has got to be a major release at some point in the future.
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    The promo videos have been conspicuous by their absence. I am hoping that there might be a blu-ray in the works which gathers them all up. I realize such releases are practically a thing of the past, but Prince had so many fantastic videos and it would be great to have them all gathered together in a package a little more durable than YouTube (which may wind up pulling the videos once Prince's catalog reverts to Sony).
  19. CBackley

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    Were the shows recorded for the aborted “Second Coming” live release done by multitrack?
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    I can honestly see why the lyric is offensive to some people. I personally don't like the lyric myself. Keep in mind, this is still my favorite song from the vault that I've heard despite that.

    But at this point, it's been over 30 years. I want the track released as is for the same reasons I don't want Huckleberry Finn censored. We know that the lyric is cringe now, but we're looking at art as a historical document, not art as a presentation of our current culture and values.
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    I suppose it's like removing the "N"-word from Faulkner, Twain and a sundry other works of literature to satisfy contemporary audience sensibilities.
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    I don’t want to derail the thread, but my take on the lyrics is that they are obviously offensive. The original song(s) should be released as is but in conjunction with a book/booklet that provides appropriate context. Don’t “whitewash” but also don’t release it void of context for the 99.9% of fans who haven’t heard the tracks before.
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    Has anyone had success with returning defective vinyl to the Prince store? I pre-ordered this set from Amazon because they are usually good with returns. But I know they crack down on customers with lots of returns. I’m wary of getting on that list, but with TEN freakin’ LPs there’s a good chance at least one of them will be warped, scratched, off-center, peppered with non-fill, etc.
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