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Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by crookedbill, Apr 6, 2018.

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    Anybody else experience download problems with 7 Digital? I downloaded the whole Kraftwerk catalogue in January, but a couple tracks from the Techno Pop album didn't download. I contacted customer service and they told me the album was indeed not properly downloadable (the files were corrupted?) and they'd have to contact the label for a new digital copy. They gave me a refund, but also deleted the whole album (all file formats) from the shop. It hasn't been re-posted to the shop yet, since January.

    Last night I tried to download another album from another artist. Same problem. Same solution. Refund, with a notice that they'd have to contact the label for a new digital copy, and they couldn't confirm when the problem would be resolved. I reminded them that Techno Pop never made it back to the shop, and they said they couldn't explain that. My guess, the label (Parlophone?) didn't bother fixing the problem, and I'm guessing 7 Digital doesn't care much about it either. Three months, no resolution?

    What's happening with 7 Digital? Is this a common problem for them? I've only been shopping with them for about a year and two albums I purchased didn't download properly and got deleted from the shop. Not a great track record.

    I have to wonder if they're even vetting their files for problems before posting them for sale? Can we even trust their hi-res files are actually hi-res (and not just up-sampled from a low quality source from the label), when they entrust and delegate quality control entirely to the labels? I know they're probably dealing with a huge volume of new content every week, but you'd think they'd run and convert lossless master source files with dpoweramp/perfectunes or something to make sure everything was legit with no errors before selling.
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    Soo, really, nobody else? So far, 3% of my album purchases with 7 Digital have been unsuccessful and, as yet, unresolved. I'd have to imagine, statistically, other people here have had this problem.

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