Produce your own film,unlimited budget!!!

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    If unlimited $$$. What type of movie would you make, any genre. What director/ cast would you get, still alive.
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  3. Vidiot

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    Hollywood, USA
    I think having an "unlimited" budget is a misnomer, because everybody has limits. Even somebody like Spielberg or Jim Cameron has limits set on them by circumstances and time.

    Two biographical music-related movies I would love to make someday would be first, one on the life of Roy Orbison (who had an extremely tragic life and several career rises and falls), and secondly, one on the life of notorious mob-connected record exec Morris Levy of Roulette Records. I think both could be made into spectacular movies if they were done the right way. But I also think spending $100M+ on movies like that is crazy; $20M for a 2-hour film would be plenty.
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    I like the ideas for your two films, especially the Orbison movie...
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    Roy. Director/Cast?
  6. Scooterpiety

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    I would make a Groucho Marx or Marx Brothers biopic. I'm not sure which director I would choose.
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    Hollywood, USA
    My guess is we'd have to use three people: one lookalike who could be Roy in his 20s and 30s; a second older guy to play him in his 40s and early 50s in the 1980s; and a voice actor who could duplicate Roy's singing. And we'd have to pay his estate beaucoup bucks for the music rights.

    We'd need a director who had an affinity for the 1960s and 1970s and be able to capture that era accurately. I thought of John Landis for awhile, partly because I like his work and partly because he's had zero success in the last 10-15 years, and he's young enough (68) to still work and know that era. I'll get back to you after I win the $250M in the Powerball tomorrow and see if my plans have changed.
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    Hollywood, USA
    A writer/director I know spend over a year developing a film about "The Early Marx Brothers," showing them develop all their classic routines while on Broadway, and then the movie would end just as they begin shooting their first film. But he said somebody else snatched up the rights to a later period, and now no distributor will touch his idea. Stuff like this happens all the time.
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    That's too bad. There really needs to be a decent film about the Marx Brothers, they all were fascinating men and led very interesting lives.
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    I would make a sci fi action film Alien v Predator 3. Story: takes place on Predator planet. There will be a gladiator theme where humans have to defend themselves against Aliens if they survive their transported back to earth. All hell breaks loose as Aliens escape confinement and mayhem ensues on planet Predator. Human survivers help Predators combat Aliens. Director Ridley Scott, cast.,Gerald Butler, Michael B Jordan, Matida Anna Ingrid Lutz,
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    I would also make a comprehensive film about Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Warren G. Harding.
    A film about the sinking of the Lusitania.
    I was going to suggest a film about Dorothy Kilgallen, but apparently there is one in the works.
  12. The Hermit

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    Landis should have been doing 10-15 years in the clink for his criminal irresponsibility on the Twilight Zone movie; thanks to which, actor Vic Morrow and two little children were turned into chop suey by helicopter blades... the fact he ever worked again is a damning indictment of Hollywood, in my opinion!

    Anyway, rant over... sorry for the treadcrap, apologies Vidiot sir... we now return you to the original topic, already in progress...
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  13. The Hermit

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    I know it won't ever happen, because they've already had two bites of the cherry and both bites have flopped, but give me a hundred-million dollars and I'll give you this;


    And in glorious IMAX to boot.
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  14. I'd make a psychosexual horror film loosely based on the story of Bruce Jenner and the Kardashians. It'd be a sort of mash-up of The Beguiled, The Tenant, and The Skin I Live In. Director: David Cronenberg.
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  15. Vidiot

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    Hollywood, USA
    No, I actually know a lot about the 1982 Twilight Zone accident: I spoke to two crew members who were there, followed the long John Landis trial (in which he was found not guilty), and read the two books on the subject:
    Outrageous Conduct: Art, Ego, and the Twilight Zone Case and Special Effects: Disaster at Twilight Zone: The Tragedy and the Trial, and I think the mistakes were not solely Landis'. I think the special effects guy on set used too much explosives, the UPM hired kids below legal age and didn't get the right permissions, and the producer in charge of this segment, Frank Marshall, stayed out of the country for 3 years to avoid getting forced to testify.

    An associate of mine knew Landis' son, and he told me he spent time at the Landis home in Beverly Hills and that when Landis came home every day from the trial, he was shaking and sobbing, almost hysterical, and there were no cameras or anybody else to record it -- he was absolutely devastated by the accident. I think it was a series of bad decisions, and having been on a big film set before, believe me: a half dozen people have to make those decisions before people die.

    What's sad is that nowadays, they wouldn't have even had to shoot the thing at night: no copters, no nothing, just bring the kids in, do some quick shots, and then all the explosions, flying rigs, fire, everything could have been done with digital VFX and CGI. But they didn't have that as an option in 1982. I think Landis was partly guilty, but the bigger mistakes were made by people beyond him. The footage is awful to watch -- I've seen it a few times, and it's rough. Vic Morrow was not beheaded (as is commonly said): he was cut in half by the tail rotor. And before the take, he took Landis aside and said, "hey, I just want to thank you again for this part. This role is going to get me some major award nominations and really help my career." And that makes it doubly sad: we'll never know what might have been Morrow's fate had he lived.

    But I digress.
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  16. mj_patrick

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    Elkhart, IN, USA
    I'd shoot a low budget horror film in the same vein as Psycho, Night of the Living Dead, Halloween & Evil Dead with complete unknowns.

    A Creedence Clearwater Revivial documentary that would praise the songwriting and music but not pull any punches on their troubles within. For a band that was said to have outsold the Beatles (when both groups were still intact!), it's really bizarre they're lacking a proper documentary to tell the story.

    I'd lure Zucker, Abrahams & Zucker with tons of money and then effectively lock them in a room and not let them come out until they have a spiritual successor to Airplane!
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    Don’t forget to add your chosen director/cast, also storyline /premise if possible.
  18. Vidiot

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    Hollywood, USA
    The Twilight Zone effects guy who doubled the charge (and received immunity for testifying by the LA DA's office) did not work that much, I think the UPM (who hired the kids) was blackballed for about five years, and the producer in charge of the whole thing, Frank Marshall, went back to work for Spielberg 2 or 3 years later and escaped ever having to testify. Spielberg and Landis never spoke again, and Landis paid a small fine (I think about $5000), which was the maximum for hiring underage performers working after 8PM at night. The copter pilot was badly injured and took years to heal. It was a messy story.

    The eyewitness who talked to me said one kid died instantly and the other took half an hour to die. One of the kid's mothers went absolutely berserk and hysterical and had to be restrained from beating the crap out of Landis and the UPM. It was a very bad scene. This was just a mile or two from the Six Flags amusement park in Valencia, about 25 miles north of downtown LA.

    I would still hire Landis because I think he's made good films and he's proved he could handle musicals. On the other hand, Blues Brothers 2000 was unwatchable by humans, so it might not work out so well.
  19. alexpop

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    Rehire ?

    John McTiernan.
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  20. The Hermit

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    Oh jeez :cry:...
  21. Chris DeVoe

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    The film I most want to see made is about Juan Pujol, otherwise known as Garbo the Spy.

    He was a Spaniard who decided he had to do something to resist the rise of fascism and deliberately became a double agent. He tried to volunteer to the British and the Americans and both of them blew him off, so he invented persona as a fanaticly pro-fascist Spanish government official and approached the Germans - who hired him, gave him a two-week crash course in spycraft, a bottle of invisible ink and $6,000 US cash to go to England and recruit spies.

    Instead he started producing fake reports from the library in Barcelona mixing stuff from shipping time-tables, extraneous data and new from newsreels. He finally caught the attention of the British who moved him to England, where he spent the remainder of the war inventing a network of 27 completely fictional spies - all of them were getting paid by the Germans.

    His greatest success was convincing Hitler that D-Day was going to be three different invasions at 3 different locations, and that Normandy was the smallest and was going to be a diversion - which is how Rommel and his tanks were up at Palais.

    Montgomery estimated his value to the war effort as being at least two entire divisions.

    He wound up being awarded the Iron Cross second class by the Germans for his "bravery" being in London and reporting on the V1 rockets (when he was giving them false information on where they landed so they would be redirected to fall into the countryside) and an MBE by the King. At the end of the war the British government gave him half the money paid to his fake spies as a bonus, and he faked his own death and moved to South America.

    I want to see this directed by Guillermo del Toro, and if Johnny Depp played Pujol it could get a good budget. It shouldn't be a terribly expensive film to make, most of it would just be Pujol and his British handler creating their fake reports.

    I spent a lot of time working on the Wikipedia article for him hoping to catch the attention of a filmmaker.
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  22. Gems-A-Bems

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    The Duke City
    An unlimited budget would allow the construction of a time machine to go back twenty years and cast Catherine Keener as Janis Joplin in her biopic.
  23. Chris DeVoe

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    Plenty of great scenes - Minnie couldn't afford a piano, so young Chico would practice his fingering on a paper drawing of a piano keyboard taped to the table.
  24. alexpop

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    Can we please keep the thread subject matter on topic.

    Thank you.
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    Great White North
    Please indulge me, I've had this idea for 20 years and it's fun to put it down on paper so to speak (I am snowed in today so something to do) dream movie has always been about the Spanish Civil War and the men who came from other countries to fight there. My plot hinges on a wealthy young man from Montreal and his friend (the comic relief, who is cynical about everything) who, after seeing a Norman Bethune speech, volunteer to go to Spain to fight for the Republican side. He is overly naïve, well-meaning and determined to get to Spain (with him is his prized autographed picture of Bethune). As they prepare to leave, they have a run-in with a guy from the wrong side of the tracks who is wanted by the authorities for the death of a policeman during a riot (first scene reanacts the Regina Riot in 1935 where he is seen accidentally killing the officer). He realizes he can get out of the country with them and they reluctantly allow him to join their journey. Of course, there is a love story, the main character leaves his love of his life but vows to return. Yes, a plot device: letters home, but also she gives him a family heirloom, a pocket watch her father wore in WW1.

    In real life, the journey to get into Spain was quite an ordeal. So the movie follows them as they face different obstacles from bad weather, enemy fire and bureaucratic snafus. They finally get to the International brigade where anarchy reigns. Here the character is disillusioned by the political turmoil surrounding him. This is not what he expected. War is indeed hell and in the climactic scene he is accidentally behind enemy lines after he tries to find his lost watch. The commanding officer refuses to send help and his two friends with help from their new Spanish ally (a strong-willed woman from Basque) go out to find him. All they find is his Bethune picture and a PTSD victim saying they killed them all. They gloomily return and everyone is gone. The Fascists are winning the war and the Republican side is making a return to the cities where they still retain power. In Madrid they prepare for the trip home and they run into the original love interest who . She becomes distraught with the news but they all are shocked when a broken pocket watch with a bullet hole falls on the table. He is alive. The watch saved his life. All four (of course the Basque woman is coming too) walk into the sunset. Cue end credits. Half way through "Spanish Bombs" by The Clash plays. Film dedicated to Joe Strummer and all those who fight for freedom.

    Haha thanks to those who got this far. Never really knew how I wanted to end it but we all need a happy ending these days. There ia lot of potential for a tragic ending like All Quiet On The Western Front, Gallipoli. The only casting I would want is Kiefer Sutherland to play Bethune (his father played Bethune in a TV film in 1977). If somebody actually wants to produce this, let's do lunch.
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