Product Not Eligible for Further Discounts

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by ls35a, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. ls35a

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    That seems to be Music Directs approach to any interesting or popular album.

    Sure, they email you the '20% off this weekend on every album' but when you try to get that discount - they say no.

    I think they're about to get a lesson in the elasticity of demand. I know I'm not buying many albums there any more.

    So where's a good place to buy records? Soundstage Direct is nice but they take forever to ship.
  2. avanti1960

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    Chicago metro, USA
    acoustic sounds.
  3. MYKE

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  4. hvbias

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    Elusive Disc, ship quickly, pack well and great customer service.

    I dropped Music Direct after a nightmare with a cartridge, which the manufacturer had to resolve and was very sorry about the way Music Direct treated/handled it.
  5. sonofjim

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    The “Not eligible for further discount” thing is not unique to Music Direct by any means. You’ll find the same issue at Acoustic Sounds and Elusive Disc. I believe this policy is imposed by certain labels (MoFi, AP, Intervention). I haven’t encountered any problems with Music Direct so I still tend to order a fair amount with them due to their low threshold for free shipping ($49) and quick shipping.

    More and more I find myself ordering these non discountable records from Amazon who ship free regardless to prime members.

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