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Providence and Rhode Island record stores redux of the redux.

Discussion in 'Music, Movie and Hardware Store Guide' started by Dmitry, Mar 14, 2021.

  1. Dmitry

    Dmitry Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Rhode Island
    ...Since these two threads are locked -
    Providence RI record stores
    Providence reord stores (redux)

    Lots of water passed under the India Point bridge.
    Of the stores written up in these two threads, in the last 10 years -
    What Cheer - closed ca.2018. I'm not much of a rocker, but their jazz pricing was not based on objective reality. Were selling later Blue Note and other labels pressings as being original, out of ignorance. I once explained to the lady owner what a Plastylite ear was; she was indifferent. Also sold old Playboy magazines, chotchkies, women's clothing alongside records. Were burglarized of their stock often, it seemed. The lady at the counter was always watching out for shoplifters. It's ironic that they had their stuff stolen on the regular basis, it seemed. Were located on the same floor as the bong shop. I bet the spill-over traffic from that place was their 'best customers'.
    Stereo Discount Center moved to a cheaper rent location in East Providence. I don't think they sell records, though I might be wrong. Good place for vintage stereo gear.
    Luke's Record Exchange - closed in 2010. Sadly, I hadn't gone there, ever. Appears to have been a shop of record, in business for over 30 years. Maintains a FB page. Luke's Record Exchange
    In Your Ear in Warren - very much alive. Used records are priced rather high; appear to regularly update their stock with reissues and new vinyl. I wonder who their customers are, being that they are located off the beaten path. The store is moving to another location in Warren this year. I live but a mile away from there, but am not a regular. Friendly people.
    Sunset Records in Somerset, MA - open. The owner, Bob, is great guy, and a die-hard Beatles fan. You can find good, reasonably-priced records there. Bargains abound! Highly recommended.
    Round Again Records - open. Owner has a rep for being cranky and at times inebriated. Explainable, if you happen to see the weirdos hanging in his shop. Has a large selection of used records, and many new reissues. Great prices on the Blue Note Tone Poet series. Is accused of selling thousands of better items on eBay. I would too.
    Armageddon Shop on Broadway - open. Mostly a metal and punk rock emporium [I love topical shops. It takes guts].. They do sell other styles of music, and you can score a bargain.
    Analog Underground next door to them - open. A very well-curated store, ran by young guys. Nice place for original pressings. These people are not stupid, so don't expect any crazy bargains.
    Newbury Comics in Warwick...how the mighty have fallen! In the mid-2000s this was THE place in the 40 mile radius for jazz and classical cds. Their selection in those genres was very respectable, even by New York standards. You could literally build a first class cd music library from their stocks. Whoever was their music buyer, knew his stuff. Now their jazz cd section is literally two square feet, and classical is not much bigger. They have a fair number of current LPs, and the only ones I'd recommend are their colored vinyl Newbry-only limited editions, if you see one cheap there. It's been 5 or more years since I'd set foot in there until a month ago. Not a great sight for a music shopper. I don't know what's going on in their Providence Place location, but I'm not optimistic.
    Joe's Moldy Oldies - gone, along with its owner. Joseph L. Ferriere, Jr., 73, of Beacon Ave., Woonsocket has departed this planet. Longtime WOON Radio Personality Dies This was the place I'd like to have visited, had I known of it....records , UFO magazines, owner who channels Elvis, c'mon!!!
    Olympic Records - open. Virtually no jazz records there, when I went once. Bought a Nina Hagen 10", so that makes the store hip. Seemed geared towards younger folks. Will revisit.

    Of the ones not mentioned in the other two threads -
    Music Research Library in Olneyville. Some unusual offerings were at hand when I went there about 3 years ago. Sort of a hidden gem.
    Vault Vintage Vinyl in Swansea. Indescript location, sign is easy to miss. Went once a few years back, might go back some day. It's on the same road as the Sunset Records, and also very close to the In Your Ear. VAULT Vintage Vinyl
    Steve's Record Store in Tiverton. I bet you didn't know there was record store in Tiveeeton! I think it's only open weekends. Might be worth the drive. If you are not going to score anything there, at least you'll have a cheap hige portuguese steak or mozambique in Fall River.

    These are just my impressions, yours may, and probably should, vary.
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  2. petercl

    petercl Forum Resident

    Seekonk, MA, USA
    There's also Olympic on Wickenden street in Providence. The owner Kevin is a great guy and he gets a real nice selection of stuff. He specializes in 45's.

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