Psychedelic Furs - Made of Rain May 2020

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by negative1, Jan 31, 2020.

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    New song is very good. I wish the production wasn't so muddy. I would love to hear some more bass and definition in the mix. I still think it may be my favorite so far of the songs we have heard from the new album. It has a Book of Days vibe which I love! Just turn the bass up!
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    They've got the whole album up and available for streaming / download at - the public library system's digital site. Not sure why it's available in the public library's system before Amazon or iTunes, but I'm streaming it as we speak. I'm loving the songs. I do think that the production is overbearingly loud at times. But the songs are great.
  3. negative1

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    Best post ever. Listening to it now. Thanks for the heads up.

    review / spoilers coming up..

  4. palisantrancho

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    Of course my library isn't listed on that site. So that means I can't listen? So odd they would release it like this first.
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    New England
    I guess they are counting on long-time fans to buy physical product?
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    Houston, TX
    Yeah, and I'll be buying the physical album (vinyl and CD) as well, once it comes out. But it's just odd that it's only on the public library's system. Not Amazon. Not iTunes. Not Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, or any other streaming / download sites. Just the public library system. Very odd. I have to wonder if maybe it was a mistake of some kind. It's well before the official release date.
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  7. negative1

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    I think the Psychedelic Furs are big fans of books, and the public library system,
    that's why its there.

    Just kidding.

    It's a very good album, very much in their style, lots of trademark sounds and lyrics.
    But still very current.

    I'm still letting it sink in, I think fans will be very happy with it, I am.

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    Probably a mistake based on the original release date in May, and not high profile enough for anyone to have really noticed. Somehow the New York Public Library isn't listed so I have to wait until the actual release date to hear it anyway.
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  9. negative1

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    here is my take on the album..

    *NOTE : 3 of the songs have already been released early
    2 Don't believe
    3 You'll be mine
    8 No-one


    If you want to wait for the album release, do not read.

    the psychedelic furs have been missing, and for quite some
    time now. when was their last album anyways.
    1991 world outside. which was what, 29 years ago.
    yeah, thats right. almost 3 decades.

    they've been busy touring, doing other projects, and keeping
    busy. but now they've put out another album.
    some of these songs were played live before, but have
    been changed for this album.

    Made of Rain
    01 The Boy That Invented Rock & Roll 3:33

    The leadoff song, with a heavy beat, and intro. Brings us
    right into the music. A midtempo rocker, and guess what,
    you hear the trademark saxophone throughout the song.

    Great song, and powerful lyrics about bringing rock and roll
    back, maybe its referencing them coming back.

    The beat is a little off kilter, but it works. Its a pretty
    busy composition, but it works for me. Its pretty short,
    but sounds longer than it is.
    02 Don't Believe 3:45

    This was one of the first songs released. I like it, and its
    a return to form for them. It reminds me of earlier moods, and
    sounds like those from mirror moves, but rawer. Another
    heavy chorus, and strong vocals make it a standout track.

    Great drumwork, and striking horns throughout.
    There's a nice dramatic break before it ends, and launches
    into the final verse. Lots of nice chorusing at the end.
    03 You'll Be Mine 4:47

    Another previously released song. More guitar oriented. A more
    midtempo song. A more upbeat relationship themed song.
    This is a more polished song, and the music doesn't really
    sound like a regular psychedelic furs sound. An interesting
    change of pace for them.

    There's a great guitar solo in the break, and also a good
    sax solo to go along with it. I like they lyrics to it.
    They song is kind of repetitive, so it might not go
    over well with everyone though.
    04 Wrong Train 4:09

    Here we go back to songs about transportation (remember aeroplane),
    However, this is a more progressive upbeat, dancey tune also.
    A more grandiose start with blazing guitars, and drums kicking in.

    The lyrics are very current and refer to technology from now.
    Richard is very powerful in emoting the lyrics, and almost
    seems like yelling, but its all very clear and not distorted.

    This song, is a nice commentary on society and problems in it.
    Another powerful track. Lots of great guitar work, and drums
    05 This'll Never Be Like Love 5:06

    This is the first break from having a lot of uptempo tracks.
    This song is more like a ballad at first, and definitely a
    slower rate than the rest of the songs.

    It's very lush in the composition, but it still has a
    spacious echoey sound to it. One thing I like is that
    in every song, you can hear Richards vocals very clearly,
    and in this one, he doesn't even sound raspy.

    I'm not a fan of the slower songs, but this isn't really
    a love song, based on its lyrics. There's a mournful
    sax solo in it also.
    06 Ash Wednesday 5:31

    This seems like the first of two religous themed songs. Although
    the song isn't really based on any one. It's another midtempo
    song. Richard sings more softly and less strained on this one.

    It's a very moody, and laid back song. I like the his take
    on the meaning, and there's some interesting transitions
    during the song. Overall, a decent song. There's a nice
    long choral outro that ends the song.
    07 Come All Ye Faithful 4:21

    The second song referring to a religious theme. This isn't
    anything religous though. Its kind of a fun and funky take
    on the them, with lots of interplay from horns and drums on it.

    Its more of an upbeat song, with a lot of playful rhymes,
    and clever lyrics mixed in. Its more of a song about
    relationships, and looking at them, and analyzing what
    they are about. It's a catchy song.
    08 No-One 4:23

    The third song that was already released. This is a more of
    a traditional rock based song. Lots of heavy guitars and drums
    behind it.

    This has more of an older classic feel to it. I like the lyrics, and
    the theme of the song. This song is another standout to me.

    It is my favorite right now as I've listened to it several times
    and it always gets replayed.
    09 Tiny Hands 3:42

    A return back to the slow melodic type ballad.
    Just to take a break from the pace of the rest of the songs.

    This has more of nice synth, piano backing throughout.
    A very soothing song.
    10 Hide the Medicine 3:43

    A midtempo track. More of a commentary about drugs you would
    think, at least to me. Its got a lot of nice acoustic guitar
    work going on, during the lyrics.

    I don't know why, but it reminds me of being a sequel to
    'pretty in pink' in a way. I think its the way he sings
    the lyrics, and the chorus. But its not quite as catchy though.
    11 Turn Your Back on Me 4:09

    Winding down the album, this is another slow midtempo track.
    Kind of a plain song, Richard might be talking about the
    bands return to music in this. 'We keep coming back' is
    one of the main lyrical points in it.

    The music is like a slowed down version of 'heaven', but not
    quite. If you're in the mood for a slow rocker, this will do.
    12 Stars 3:55

    The finale to the album. It ends on an upbeat note.
    A very optimistic note to finish on. Its got a lot of
    symbolism in the lyrics, and theres a lot of nice
    flourishes from keyboards throughout.

    Hopefully, this won't be the last we hear of them for
    a long break like before. A very fitting song that
    builds up to a dramatic finish.

    "These are the days we will all remember", indeed.

    my verdict, is its a very good album, not a great one. but one that
    is worthy of being an addition to the rest of their catalogue.
    it has classic psychedelic furs themes, sounds, and trademark
    vocals. it does depart at times from that, but the core is still

    there's a lot of material on here, and maybe a few songs could
    have been cut to make it a tighter album in the end.

    they are still rough and raw, and current, and could use some
    more upbeat and memorable songs, but its worth it in the end.

    3.5 / 5 for me.

    good to see them back.

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  12. Freddy Steady

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    Manchester UK
    The Tax Dodgers have just emailed me to say they don’t know when they’ll be able to dispatch my copy of the cd...grrrr.
  13. dave9199

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    Durham, NC
    When is the physical release date of this album?
  14. palisantrancho

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    2024. But another single from the album will be released in February 2023.
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  15. DolphinsIntheJacuzzi

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    It's coming out July 31st on both vinyl and CD. It will also be available as a download on all major sites. Although if you want the download early, it's already on the public library's system Freegal, where you can stream it for free, and download up to 5 tracks per week, also free, or purchase it outright.
    LOL. It sure has seemed that way. They've been announcing a forthcoming new album for like, what, 20 years now? But it looks like this time it's actually happening.
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  16. palisantrancho

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    I love the band, but this has been the worst roll out of an album I have ever witnessed. First of all, they have been saying there has been a new album in the works for the last 20 years. Then they finally announce it and release a single, and now it's 7 months later! There have now been like 4 or 5 songs released? Who releases the first song 7 or 8 months in advance, especially after a thirty year wait? I was very excited, when the album was announced and couldn't wait to hear a new song. My enthusiasm has now left the building. I wish I refrained from listening to any of the new songs, so I would have a new album to listen to. In my opinion, they totally killed the momentum and excitement of having their first album in 30 years.

    I'm also annoyed with all the recent double vinyl albums that cost over $30.

    How do you like the album? My library isn't listed on the Freegal site.
  17. twicks

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    My man, it's called COVID. It messed up everything.
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  18. palisantrancho

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    Nope. Not buying that excuse. The first single was released months before Covid. And they have been promising a record every year for the last 20. This was messed up long before Covid.

    Seems plenty of other bands are releasing music just fine during Covid.
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  19. twicks

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    Bands releasing their first record in 20 years?

    They obviously thought they could delay things a bit and hopefully do some promotional shows. Clearly that didn't pan out. I don't think that deserves a Worst Rollout Award, but hey.
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  20. JeffMo

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    New England
    Look at Tears For Fears, also talking endlessly about new album and a classic anniversary boxset, yet releasing neither.

    Duran Duran has an album done and is holding off until spring 2021 to do proper promotion (tour).
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  21. DolphinsIntheJacuzzi

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    I like the album. I'm not crazy about the sound quality of the download. There is so much compression, the songs are squashed. I wouldn't be surprised if this was a DR5 or 6.

    But the songs are really good. It's got me wondering if I would be willing to buy it on vinyl or HDTracks, in hopes that I might get better SQ. If you like their other albums, you'll like this one. It's classic Furs.
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  22. Curveboy

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    New York City
    You obviously have a very skewed idea of what the Covid timeline is.

    That said, in the 80's bands often released a single several months before an albums release.
  23. palisantrancho

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    Ha ha. I’m glad everyone is still excited. I’m not. In my opinion, they messed up the release, and lost the momentum of a new album. The single came out in January. Six weeks before Covid became an issue in the US or the U.K. . Bands in the 80s put out singles that were also not part of the album. A much different time. People bought singles. They certainly didn’t announce a record and put out 4 songs 7 months in advance of the actual album. Many bands were easily releasing an album every year.

    Nowadays promotion is also much easier with social media. We don’t need to know about an album 6 months in advance. Just release the darn thing. It seems now bands are announcing they are thinking about going in the studio. Who cares? Announce the album, put out a single or two and the release of the album should be within a month or two at the most.

    The Furs are one of my favorite bands, but I have lost some respect for them. They have been on a greatest hits tour for 2 decades all the while saying a new album was coming out. It never did. Now they drag out this release for 7 months. Sorry, but this annoys me no matter who the band is.
  24. twicks

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    I hear you, but you must admit, we're in some extraordinary times. I'm just glad it's finally here to enjoy.
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  25. DolphinsIntheJacuzzi

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    Houston, TX
    I can understand your frustration. But it's a good album. If you can get past your misgivings, I think you'll like it. Better to light a candle than curse the darkness.
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