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Punch-Drunk Love DVD

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by GoldenBoy, Jun 28, 2003.

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  1. GoldenBoy

    GoldenBoy Purple People Eater Thread Starter

    Has anyone else picked up this DVD? It's a so-called 'Superbit', 2-DVD set with a lot of very good extras. The sound is excellent too, containing both DD EX and dts 5.1. I really liked this movie. I know that some people thought the script was only so-so, but I actually think it is pretty well written for what it is. I think it is quirky, funny, and disturbing all at once and somewhat existential. While watching it, I can't help but think of French films, which this is obviously, IMO, influenced by. It is no wonder to me that Paul Thomas Anderson won best director for this at Cannes 2002. Technically and visually, I think it is a stunning film. His use of colours is exceptional, and the red and blue theme that runs throughout really serves to place the film in a world of it's own. The DVD transfer is very good, IMO - vivid colours, nice darks and shadows and very few digital artifacts. Adam Sandler does a surprisingly good job in a more 'serious' role. If you are a fan of Anderson's work, I would recommend this DVD. Now I feel like running out and purchasing Magnolia (another good movie - it would have been perfect if not for that 'frog' ending, IMO.) on DVD, which I don't yet own, and completing the Boogie Nights, Magnolia, and Punch-Drunk Love 'triad'.
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