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Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by joehiggi, Mar 12, 2018.

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    I recently purchased a VG++ copy of a Bill Evans record in a very pricey auction on eBay. I would generally agree with the sellers grade (visually) but there is a hairline scratch through through the first track on side 1 of the record and produces a noticeable tick through the entire track.

    The tick surprisingly overpowers the music, despite the fact you can't really feel it with a fingernail and is barely visible.

    After the first track, the record probably plays EX to NM with an occasional pop or very light hairline that can be heard for a couple revolutions (much lighter than in track 1).

    My question is, should a VG++ graded record be expected to play perfectly? Also, if track 1 is plays a VG- but the rest of the record is EX to NM, how should the record be graded?

    Any thoughts are appreciated; I have not gone back to the seller yet.
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    If the seller accepts returns, I would return for a refund. I very rarely bid on anything lower than NM vinyl but do occasionally take a chance on lesser grades. Personally, I'm willing to accept some surface noise and random light pops/ticks from a VG++ LP but can't accept repeated tick through an entire track. I've been collecting for a long time and have been on eBay for close to twenty years....I know if I miss out on an auction or need to return an item I will see it again and have another opportunity to purchase. Good luck!
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    With that audible scratch, I'd rate the record VG+ or even VG. I know of no rating of VG-. For me, and Goldmine, grading goes from VG to G with nothing in-between.

    I'd return it.

    As for your question of how you grade the record when only one cut is bad, I think you have to give it two grades, just the way you have.
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    This is tricky but I'd say if the rest of the record is super nice then I would call it vg+
    Imo it cannot be vg++ w a repeating tick throughout a song.
    If it's worth keeping you can see if it was an oversight and he could do a rebate. such a shame when this happens.
    Bill Evans originals are the trickiest because the music is so quiet you hear it all.

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