Pure Prairie League - First 4 Albums on 2 CDs from BGO

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  1. The Killer

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    Just notice this on amazon, nothing on BGO's website as yet. Price is bit high here, if you buy from BGO their stuff is usually £9.99 with free UK shipping. Release date showing as April 19th.

    Four albums from 1972, '75 and '76 from US country rockers Pure Prairie League. All but 'Pure Prairie League' made the US Top 100 albums with the single 'Amie' giving them an elusive Top 40 hit. The band continued recording for RCA until 1979, and then switched to Casablanca Records. Over the years there has been many personnel changes, but Pure Prairie League still goes on with a couple of original long-term members. Digitally remastered and slipcased. Extensive new notes.

    Disc: 1
    1. Tears
    2. Take It Before You Go
    3. You’re Between Me
    4. Woman
    5. Doc’s Tune
    6. Country Song
    7. Harmony Song
    8. It’s All On Me
    9. Jazzman
    10. Angel No.9
    11. Leave My Heart Alone
    12. Early Morning Riser
    13. Falling In And Out Of Love
    14. Amie
    15. Boulder Skies
    16. Angel
    17. Call Me, Tell Me
    Disc: 2
    1. Two Lane Highway
    2. Kentucky Moonshine
    3. Runner
    4. Memories
    5. Kansas City Southern
    6. Harvest
    7. Sister’s Keeper
    8. Just Can’t Believe It
    9. Give Us A Rise
    10. I’ll Change Your Flat Tire, Merle
    11. Pickin’ To Beat The Devil
    12. Dance
    13. In The Morning
    14. All The Way
    15. Living Each Day
    16. Fade Away
    17. Tornado Warning
    18. Catfishin’
    19. Help Yourself
    20. San Antonio
    21. All The Lonesome Cowboys
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  2. Siegmund

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    Britain, Europe
    A name on my radar because of Mick Ronson's cover of Angel No.9. How the hell did he get to hear about them?
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  3. Nice set. All the PPL a person needs.
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  4. EdinaBob

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    Would love to get a re-mix, especially of the first 2. They had no bottom end!
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  5. egebamyasi

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    Worcester, MA
    He plays on Bustin' Out.
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  6. You said it and I’m heading over to preorder. :tiphat:
  7. Keith todaro

    Keith todaro Forum Resident

    Early Christmas!
  8. The Killer

    The Killer I'm Gonna Get Your Gumbo Thread Starter

    Here's their biggie for those that haven't heard them and also a shameless bump...

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  9. Holy Diver

    Holy Diver Forum Resident

    Bustin' Out and Two Lane Highway are two of my favorites. I'm also a fan of Firin' Up and Something in the Night with Vince Gill.
  10. siebrand

    siebrand Forum Resident

    so... I bought, a year ago, this sacd.
    What to say?
    nice music, wel mastered, two discs on one CD (SACD).
    Nice price, when I took it, now it's not very cheap, but you can live with it.
    Thank you for talking about this nice band.

    I love... Probably... you will, too...

  11. Instant Karma

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    New Jersey
    Bustin Out is in dire need of a good mastering. I would be interested in this set just for an improvement in that album alone. I also have "Pure Prairie League" but am not that familiar with the other two.
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  12. PPL Runner

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    southeast ohio
    Looks like BGO or the thread starter made a slight error. The fourth album shown in the above photo is actually the Dance album which was album number 5. The band's fourth album was If The Shoe Fits. Actually, I'm a little surprised that these are being reissued as Floating World reissued them just a couple of years ago. Perhaps the remastering will be better on these releases.
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  13. PPL Runner

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    southeast ohio
    Mick Ronson was brought in by the band's producer, Bob Ringe. In addition to the orchestrations he did, he also sang some harmony- the high part on "Amie" for example- and he may have played some bass. Along with covering "Angel #9", Ronson also covered George Powell's " Leave My Heart Alone" and it can be found on Youtube.
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  14. PPL Runner

    PPL Runner Forum Resident

    southeast ohio
    The fact is the producers and engineers for those albums just didn't have the experience recording a band like Pure Prairie League and didn't record the bottom end well at the time these albums were made.
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  15. This one is back in stock 16.99 Lbs including delivery to USA
    duttonvocalion.co.uk store: Pure Prairie League - Two Lane Highway & If the Shoe Fits [SACD Hybrid Multi-channel] | New releases - Popular | CDSML8527 |
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  16. PPL Runner

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    southeast ohio
    The other two albums were recorded by a slightly different version of the band. George Powell is the one member to appear on each of these releases. Craig Fuller, who did most of the writing and lead vocals on the first two albums had to leave the band over struggles with the military draft so he doesn't appear on the third and fourth albums. Pedal steel guitarist John Call is not on Bustin' Out but is on the other three. Drummer Billy Hinds and keyboardist Michael Connor don't appear on the first album but are on the other three. Although he doesn't appear on Bustin' Out, bassist Mike Reilly joined soon after it's completion and lead guitarist Larry Goshorn joined prior to Two Lane Highway.
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  17. Oops, I forgot about the good (not great) If The Shoe Fits. Sun Shone Brightly is a top 5 PPL song for me.
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  18. Instant Karma

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    New Jersey
    I'm a fan of Craig Fuller. Liked the album he did with Eric Kaz and also his work with American Flyer.
  19. Doug

    Doug Forum Resident

    Allentown PA USA
    Anxious to hear the sound quality on these discs.
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  20. sjaca

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    Toronto ON, Canada
    I'm listening to the first disc of the new BGO two disc set (containing 4 albums). Can provide my comments though I'm really only familiar with Bustin' Out on vinyl. While the cd is not as pleasing as the vinyl to my ears, given that it is fairly loud and a bit compressed, though not horribly although I am not able to measure the DR, it sounds pretty decent. There is definitely some bottom end here, in reference posts #4 & 14 above, with presentation favouring the lower midrange at the expense of a more open top end that I recall from the vinyl. All that being said, I'm enjoying it. Certainly not a revelation to me in comparison with what I've heard previously, but far from a failure.

    Hope this is of some use to the PPL experts out there.
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  21. Floatupstream

    Floatupstream Forum Resident

    So does this 4 for actually have Dance or If The Shoe Fits?
  22. SteelyNJ

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    New Jersey, USA
  23. sjaca

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    Toronto ON, Canada
  24. Todd W.

    Todd W. It's a Puggle

    Don't forget my other two favorites............Goin' Home and Long Cold Winter.
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  25. Todd W.

    Todd W. It's a Puggle

    Little Feat...........Let It Roll was a fine return for them with Mr. Fuller at the helm.

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