Purple Haze records sues Jimi Hendrix firm

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by texquad, Feb 6, 2004.

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    The UK based indie record label Purple Haze Records, that recently released a CD of a 1969 Jimi Hendrix concert in Stockholm, has taken action against the lawyers of the Hendrix company Experience Hendrix LLC and the company itself for malicious interference with a third party contract.

    Purple Haze Records is in the process of suing Eversheds, the UK based lawyers for Experience Hendrix LLC, and has reported three lawyers from Eversheds to the Attorney General of the UK.

    In addition, Purple Haze says they have reported Reed Wasson (attorney for Experience Hendrix) and the company Experience Hendrix to the Attorney General of the US and the FBI.

    Purple Haze Records claim they owe the rights to the Hendrix Stockholm concert and have released a CD of the show. "On 1st December 1966, James Marshall Hendrix, known as Jimi Hendrix, signed a contract with Yameta Co Ltd" Lawrence from Purple Haze Records tells Undercover News. "This contract was for all activities including performance, recording, writing, production and all media within the entertainment business. In 1975, after Hendrix died, the rights that belonged to Yameta Co Ltd were transferred to John A Hillman, who had set up Yameta and ran the company throughout. The license given to Purple Haze Records Ltd is directly from John A Hillman, formerly (c) (p) Yameta Co Ltd, the rightful owner of all Hendrix material".

    Purple Haze claim they went out of their way to clear the issue before the release of the album. "We have invited Reed Wasson (the Attorney for Experience Hendrix LLC) and Eversheds (UK Solicitors for Experience Hendrix LLC) to show proof of title for the Jimi Hendrix rights from 1st December 1966, when Jimi Hendrix signed a contract of employment with Yameta Co Ltd. Experience Hendrix LLC has refused to show any proof of title for the Jimi Hendrix rights. Reed Wasson has refused to show any proof of title for the Jimi Hendrix rights. Eversheds has refused to show any proof of title for the Jimi Hendrix rights. Purple Haze Records Ltd has invited the above parties 10 times to show proof of title. They have refused" Purple Haze claim.

    The Hendrix Stockholm Concert was released last month in the UK.

    By Paul Cashmere
  2. Alan T

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    Jimi Hendrix Experience Stockholm Concert ’69 is an uneven performance that has circulated for years that was originally recorded for television and radio broadcast. Hendrix sounds tired throughout the performance with the Experience format and has amplifier problems throughout the show. Jethro Tull was the opening act and their performance was also videotaped.

    I view “Purple Haze Records” with a distinct distain because of their release of the CD and LP of “Jimi Hendrix Axis Outtakes”. Dubbed from various bootlegs, including “Studio Daze” which includes overdubs supervised by Chas Chandler by the original musicians, it sinks to new lows for an “official” release. Similar releases from Experience Hendrix have been packaged and compiled with better artistic vision. From what I understood “Purple Haze Records” was leasing this stuff through the estate of Mike Jefferies (Yameta). I always thought that Alan Douglas had legally challenged and won control from Mike Jefferies of the Hendrix masters in the 1970’s.
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    Thanks for the info on the origins of "Purple Haze Records"--I see their ads in Mojo every month and wonder "How can these guys get away with this stuff?"

    RE: the Stockholm concert...are you referring to the January '69 show? Jimi does seem very tired/bored/disinterested in the video portion of the show (excerpted on the "Experience" DVD) but somewhere, I have the second show from later in the evening. IMO--a night and day difference...like two different Jimi's.
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    It's not over!

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    I have their "Experienced and More" and "Axis Outtakes"..... both bought in regular stores, but painfully bootleg-looking.
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