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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by beatleswho, Jan 30, 2017.

  1. beatleswho

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    First of all sorry to create another thread about Quadrophenia but i don't have enough privileges to revive some old threads.
    I want to buy a new edition of my favorite Who album from 1973 and maybe my favorite album from all times. I have a Back to Black edition which i want to upgrade.
    I read a lot about the subjet and i am between 3 copies.

    1. UK Track Records 1st Press. Nothing to add, A1,B1, TML on the deadwax.

    2. German Track Records (there are various german Track with the black label, how i identify a good copy? Exist a German Track with TML on the deadwax?)

    3. Classic Records from 2007, 140 or 200 grams. I read mixed opinions about this. Some people say that this is the best and definitive version of the original Quadrophenia mix. Others said that this pressing is bad, with pressing noises or that the first record is excelent sounding and the second is too bright and too noisy. I don't know, i would like to listen but is expensive. If you guys tell me that is the way too go i will pull the trigger.

    So anyway, what would you choose?

    There's a big difference between Uk Track Records 1st press and the Classic Records or the German Track?

    How do i identify a great German copy?

  2. Classicrock

    Classicrock Forum Resident

    South West, UK.
    UK Track first press is tops but finding acceptable condition is a problem. Covers just fell apart on day 1. Classic as good but brighter top end - superb really (200 gram). Cost of either will be an issue. Sure I had a German or Dutch copy at one time and it didn't match up.
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  3. mc7t

    mc7t Forum Resident

    Stoke on Trent,UK
    Tbh, I had a first press UK track a few years ago and I prefer the back to black version which you already have.

    There's a clarity to this edition that seemed to be missing from the track pressing.

    All in my own opinion of course.
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  4. Jvalvano

    Jvalvano Forum Resident

    The classic records version I have plays dead quiet and sounds great.
  5. beatleswho

    beatleswho Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Interesting answer! I like the sound of the Back to Black but i often read in the forum that is bad sounding, that is digital, that is a remix (is not the remix) and at the same time they all rave the Classic Records and the original Uk so my curiosity is big. This Back to Black have the same matrix numbers that the 2001 Universal vinyl with a 320 on the deadwax.
    I have a local store near me that sells a VG Uk Track and NM German Uk Track. I have to check them yet.
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  6. rstamberg

    rstamberg Senior Member

    Riverside, CT
    I like my original U.S. Track Records LPs and the Classic Records vinyl is excellent as well.
  7. ssmith3046

    ssmith3046 Forum Resident

    It's been my go to copy since it was released.
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  8. beatleswho

    beatleswho Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Classic 200 or 140 gram?
  9. Strummergas

    Strummergas Forum Resident

    Queens, NY
    I find the US original pressing has a lot of ass, so if you really want to get up close and personal to Entwistle's tour de force performance on this album, it's not a bad pressing to have.
  10. Ski Bum

    Ski Bum Happy Audiophile

    Long Island, NY
    I was having trouble finding an acceptable/affordable Track original, and bought the Classic Records version (200 g) when it came out. Loved it -- just listen to the waves at the beginning of the record with the lights dimmed. I stopped looking for a Track original (although I have one of Tommy).
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  11. ssmith3046

    ssmith3046 Forum Resident

    Mine's the 200.
  12. Love the US original pressing!
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  13. I've got these 2:
    This version on TrackRecords -
    The Who - Quadrophenia »
    And this re-issue from Universal/Polydor -
    The Who - Quadrophenia »

    The one on Track sounds nice & warm, but not much 'air' to it, ya dig? Kind of locked inside the speakers.
    The re-issue from Universal/Polydor sounds huge, has great fidelity, tons of 'air' and has thunderous bass & drums. It's got '320' in the deadwax & some of these Universal '320' pressings are dynamite. Nirvana's 'Nevermind' to mention but one.
    My 2 cents...
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  14. James H.

    James H. Forum Resident

    Runnemede, NJ
    I have the original US Track Record, the MCA from the 80's, and the Phases Box Set From '81. I would have to give the edge to the original US out of the three versions I have. Phases is ok, but does not have that power. The MCA sounds "muddy" to me.
  15. beatleswho

    beatleswho Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Interesting! Seems that the Universal from 2001 and the Back to Black are the same. Same Matrix numbers and both have the 320. Do you know if your Universal copy is all analogue?
  16. WhoTapes1

    WhoTapes1 Forum Resident

    NC, United States
    Same here! The very first Who album I ever bought - still sounds great (mainly because I transferred it to cassette early on and played that most of the time, lol!).
  17. I couldn't tell you if it's all-analog or not. Sure sounds purty though...
  18. mrclick

    mrclick Forum Resident

    London, England
    Beatleswho, Quadrophenia is one of my all time favourite records too. I got a copy on release in 73, long since worn out.

    Now I have a very clean UK original with the deadwax matrices you mention. And I have the Classic 200grams. I need both since I don't want to wear one out again!

    The UK original is better. Its just that bit more vibrant, dynamic, and enjoyable. You do want the Who to sound as vibrant as possible. The Classic is really good though, and I would be happy with that if I couldn't find a UK original.

    The cover will be better on an original - if you can find one in good condition - the printing of the photos in the booklet are much clearer.

    Hope that helps. Enjoy the hunt.
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  19. Gardo

    Gardo Forum Resident

    For vinyl, I have the original US, a Track from the U.K., the Phases pressing, and the Classic Records. Classic is tops for me, followed by US and UK. The US pressing is punchier, the UK pressing has more grandeur. But the Classic has it all, to my ears.
  20. kozy814

    kozy814 Forum Resident

    I have an MCA copy with the TML markings. I've always assumed it was the same stamper as the original US Track. It sounds solid to me.
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  21. Moonchild

    Moonchild Forum Resident

    Coruña. Spain
  22. beatleswho

    beatleswho Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Thanks for all the answers! You guys help a lot!
    It seems that there's not a clear winner. Some say Classic Records is the best, others Uk original Track and others prefer the US Track. I've heard that the US Track original is very good but pressed on noisy vinyl.
    Yesterday i heard my Back to Black editon and i like the sound, John bass and Moon drums are the very clear, very present. Roger vocals are sometimes buried in the mix but that's how the original mix is. I would love to campare this with the Classic one but maybe there's not a huge difference.
    Is a mystery to me the source of the Back to Black edition, analogue? Digital? It sounds really big, great sound and have that 320 in the deadwax.
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  23. Sam

    Sam Senior Member

    Rochester, NY
    The Classic pressing is fantastic. The only negative is the cover and booklet picture reproductions. They are a tad blurry compared with the U.S. original or Japanese pressing. The Japanese pressing, wide band obi stating Rocks best 100, is also outstanding for sound.
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  24. beatleswho

    beatleswho Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Thanks! Maybe i should grab the Classic Records
  25. jgrillo

    jgrillo Forum Resident

    Boston, MA USA
    I agree with Gardo on this one. Done a few shootouts and this is what I found as well!
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