Queen "Bohemian Rhapsody" The Original Soundtrack

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by lwh1, Sep 5, 2018.

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    I only know because I saw an article about it. I didn't notice at the time when watching the movie.

    And yes, I believe the tours are successful but I have no real interest in the Queen+ activities.
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    Nope. The biggest conflict in the film takes place in Munich (if that's not giving too much away).

    I'm willing to concede that in making a 2-hour movie, they've got to compress history and the timeline a bit. A lot of the other details - like instruments, the Kenny Everett scene (which will go right over 99% of American viewers' heads), and I even thought the roadie who hands Freddie the mic at Live Aid looked like Ratty - were so spot-on that I think even diehard fans should enjoy it for what it is.

    The Mary Austin thing was more than a "subplot." The real-life Freddie did actually leave her his entire fortune when he died. She was pretty important.
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    Not just me then.

    Just curious. Not enough to search the web looking for info though!
  4. Sondek

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    Remember when Freddie was on a payphone and a truck pulled up? An American trucker with a beard and cap walked by Freddie and into the Men's toilet? That was Lambert.

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  5. KAJ1971

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    No, I don't remember that. I'd had a few ales being as it was my birthday and my girlfriend organised the Odeon trip. I'll watch it again at some point.
  6. Sondek

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    I just edited my post, added a photo of him in the movie that I found on the net.

    Belated birthday wishes! :tiphat:
  7. Black Elk

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    This page shows a b/w early image which I presume would be the poster?

    Queen Bohemian Rhapsody (Target Exclusive)
  8. Diego Lucas

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    When i see his eyes, i knew in the right time.
  9. KAJ1971

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    Worcester, England
  10. andrewskyDE

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    I agree the original non-cropped versions of the videos should be re-released sometime. But not the Greatest Flix variant, don't like the crossfades so much.
    Should be more like the Greatest Video Hits DVDs but, as you say, 1.33 all the way through. At least SD Blu-ray release would be nice.
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    Just saw the movie. I understand the concerns with the timeline since, being of a certain age, that timeline reflects my own parallel history and messing with years and dates, it messes with me. So thanks to all for some clarifications here (I was actually telling my wife that I doubted my own memory after seeing this movie). All that said, I really enjoyed it. Most musical bio-movies leave lots to be desired but I found myself back in grim Brit 1970s where Queen were a breath of life. I thought the main actor did a great job, and the other members of the band were portrayed in an almost freakishly accurate manner. I realize that people who weren't there or paying attention will now treat this version as truth, but that's life, people believe what someone tells them way too easily. For me, it got the band, it got the sounds, and it gave me a jab in the ribs to remember how bloody great the music was. Freddie was a wonderful talent, sorely missed, but celebrated in this movie. I'll settle for that.
  12. Sondek

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  13. Sondek

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    This is interesting, stuff that was cut from the movie...

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  14. OberonOz

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    So nauseating, that if you didnt know it was Adam Lambert you wouldnt even know he was in it. I watched the movie, I remember the scene, but I had no idea it was Adam. He certainly isnt mentioned in the movie. Hardly appalling, I think.
  15. OberonOz

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    I didnt notice it at all, and if you hadnt mentioned it I still wouldnt have known. Perhaps I might have realised when I watch it again, which I will be doing soon :)
  16. trackstar

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    One of the biggest piece of **** major studio films ever made.

    This was just awful...everything about it, just awful.

    Brian May and Roger Taylor need a serious reality check that they signed off on this thing.
  17. OberonOz

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    Id love a Complete Greatest Flix in original aspect with 5.1. SD Blu-ray would be great. All the bells and whistles. I'd like it to go at least as far as all the Innuendo videos but would be very happy if it also went up to include No One But You and include any alternate versions too. That way we would get both versions of We Are The Champions and These Are The Days Of Our Lives etc.
    I think that this kind of set is long overdue. If they really wanted to go over the top then a Deluxe version would have a bonus disc which included all the extra bits, all the Queen+ and Made In Heaven stuff etc.
    Hopefully it will happen sooner rather than later.
  18. Binni

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    When was the last time Queen played Somebody to Love with Freddie?
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  19. Sondek

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    Rock in Rio ‘85.
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  20. Terry

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    Thoroughly enjoyable film.
  21. Eiricd

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    Part of a medley on the Japanese leg in May of 85, albeit only a section of the song
  22. lavalamp3

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    As a big Beatles fan, I've never remotely enjoyed any Beatles biopic I've ever seen (Lennon is always portrayed as totally humourless and McCartney's role diminished to mere sideman) so I fully get why you major Queen fans are irritated by the movie, but these 'details' only matter to the real fans, doesn't it? Everyone else just takes it for what it is - good entertainment - and these are the people for whom the new Queen film is aimed at?

    As 'casual Queen fans', my family and I all thoroughly enjoyed the movie last night. Down the years, I've also enjoyed similar historically inaccurate biopics featuring the likes of Elvis, Buddy Holly - and even Glenn Miller! All three of those films of course, were completely chastised by the 'real fans' who understandably knew/know their story far better than I.
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    Two months before Live Aid in Japan.
  24. KAJ1971

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    If you walked out, you haven't seen the film so your opinion is no more valid than my gran. She hasn't seen it either.
  25. NightGoatToCairo

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    She was with me x
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