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    Queen fans,

    For sale on eBay is the rare OOP, 1997, Queen - Greatest Flix I & II Double Sided DVD, Limited Edition, Promo only from the UK. The condition is brand new sealed.

    Buy It Now Price: US $24.99
    Shipping: $3.79 (US only)

    Queen - SEALED Greatest Flix I & II DVD - Limited Edition Numbered Region 2 PAL | eBay

    This DVD is a wonderful compilation of the first two Greatest Flix videos. The sound and picture are great and the original aspect ratio (4:3) is used for the videos for which they were originally filmed in. This DVD compilation is the only place you can get four of the videos from the Innuendo album digitally. More info below:

    Region 2 (PAL)

    Note: You will need a DVD player that can play multiple formats and regions if you want to open this and play it.

    Discogs details:


    In 1997, Queen struck a deal with Toshiba to release this double-sided DVD set as a freebie with their new DVD player. Approx 30000 numbered copies were pressed - however, after Toshiba had to re-call the player due to some technical problems, thousands of the free discs never saw the light of day.
    The disc holds 35 promo videos in all from Queen's original Flix and Flix II releases on PMI, and has a running time of 142 minutes.
    Released in the UK only.
    Maroon digipack with Gold titling and iconic Queen crest. Tracklisting and artwork on inside sleeve.

    Compiled by Rudi Dolezal and Hannes Rossacher for Queen Films.
    © 1997 The Copyright in this compilation is owned by Queen Films. Under exclusive licence to EMI Records Ltd.
    ℗ 1997 Queen Films.

    Queen - Greatest Flix I & II

    More info:

    Despite the DVD being region 2 PAL, I am still able to play it on my PC using various media players like VLC and Media Player Classic. There are a few other free media players out there that should convert and play this DVD without any problems. You could if you wanted to, make your own DVD copy in NTSC format using some video converting software so then you can play it on your DVD player and TV. Some cheap DVD players from China often play any disc regardless of the region. Some Cyber Home DVD players and other brands can do this and they are usually cheap.

    One more thing to mention. The only thing wrong with this DVD is that there is a small flaw/skip/loop in the audio for the song "Love Of My Life" for less than ten seconds but other than that this compilation is perfect and is essential even if you own the Hollywood Records Greatest Video Hits DVD volumes one and two. Stock photos of the item are shown below:

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    This seller has another copy for sale.
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    Yet another copy of this DVD for sale from this seller. He has sold four copies already and lists another copy after selling each one. I will not need to update this thread any more since you can just look at his recently listed items or search for this DVD yourself. Good luck to those who want a copy and get one. This seller may have a good number of these that he will keep relisting until his stock is gone. It's a great DVD for a great price. I paid more for my copy early this year from the UK.

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