Queen "Sheer heart attack" appreciation thread

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Sear, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. abzach

    abzach Forum Resident

    Masterpiece and their second best album after A Night At The Opera.
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  2. October Man

    October Man Forum Resident

    Sheer Heart Attack was the first album I bought with my own money
  3. 905

    905 Forum Resident

    Southern IL
    My favorite Queen A side is on News of the World, but I'm definitely into this.
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  4. mace

    mace Forum Resident

    Fantastic album, start to finish. My fav from early period Queen.

    After II and this one I found Bohemian Rhapsody to be a bit of a letdown.
  5. Rose River Bear

    Rose River Bear Forum Resident

    I love SHA and saw them live when it was first released however, the best A side ever belongs to this album.
  6. Tim S

    Tim S Forum Resident

    East Tennessee
    Now I'm here is the best track on the record
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  7. John54

    John54 Forum Resident

    I certainly like Killer Queen, Flick of the Wrist, Lap of the Gods and She Makes Me.
  8. kwadguy

    kwadguy Forum Resident

    Cambridge, MA
    Not as good as Queen ii and not as ambitious as Night at the Opera. But it's an excellent album. Best side ever by any band? No.
  9. Sondek

    Sondek Forum Resident

    That’s a good album, but I’d pick Sheer Heart Attack over it every time.
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  10. Sondek

    Sondek Forum Resident

    My original 1974 first pressing, looks and plays like new.

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  11. Holy Diver

    Holy Diver Forum Resident

    Great album. Now I’m Here is in my top five Queen songs.
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  12. 9 Volt

    9 Volt That cat's something I can't explain

    Yay! Another Queen thread. Love it. It's gonna be a great weekend!
  13. 9 Volt

    9 Volt That cat's something I can't explain

    Yay! Lava lamp!!
  14. 9 Volt

    9 Volt That cat's something I can't explain

    Ever wonder why the song "Sheer Heart Attack" does not appear on the Sheer Heart Attack album?

    "We came up with the title for the Sheer Heart Attack album and it was a song that I had an idea for, but I hadn't actually finished the song yet. By the time I had finished the song we were two albums later, so it just struggled out on the News Of The World album. It's quite interesting because we were making an album next door to the Sex Pistols, and it really fit into that punk explosion that was happening at the time."

    -Roger Taylor, 1999
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  15. mr.dave

    mr.dave Forum Resident

    Berlin, Germany
    I don’t think, that such a thing exists.
    However, it surely has it’s place in the highest rank in musical history.

    It’s not my personal favorite among the first 6 albums. But, pah, it’s legend anyway. Great mix of tunes, contains almost everything queen has to offer.
  16. Murph

    Murph Somewhere...under heaven

    I’d go I,II& SHA myself but ymmv. BTW, if you haven’t seen the movie Baby Driver, definitely check it out for the use of one of the deep cuts from SHA- it works fantastic in the movie
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  17. NightGoatToCairo

    NightGoatToCairo Forum Resident

    Hampshire, UK
    Kind Of Blue: what an album! London Calling: o_O
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  18. NightGoatToCairo

    NightGoatToCairo Forum Resident

    Hampshire, UK
    Sheer Heart Attack is classic, IMO. The structure of the album is superb and the songwriting is top notch. Such a satisfying album from beginning to end; great fun and exciting knowing what's coming next whilst still enjoying being in the moment. Queen II is the only Queen album I'd rank above it, with Opera just below in 3rd place.
    My favourite track is Lap Of The Gods [Side 2 opener].
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  19. redfloatboat

    redfloatboat Forum Resident

    One of my top 3 Queen albums.
  20. mark winstanley

    mark winstanley Pick up a fast car, burn my name in the road

    I think it is definitely a great album.
    I think best anything is always going to be more likely subjective favourite, rather than objective best, so I don't tend to walk that path ... for example how does one compare sticky fingers, sgt pepper, bitches brew, dark side of the moon to one another? they are all great, but they are all so completely different in style, mood and composition that comparison is futile.
    I am one of those terribly uncool people that probably likes night at the opera and news of the world more, but still a great album
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  21. Jerquee

    Jerquee Take this, brother, may it serve you well.

    New York
    I'm a huge Queen fan and this is in my top three. This album is so rich.

    A perfect side one.

    Side two... although I never liked 'Leroy Brown', I couldn't get enough of 'She Makes Me' and 'In The Lap of The Gods... Revisited'.
  22. Django

    Django Forum Resident

    Dublin, Ireland
    Of the Queen albums I've heard SHA is my favorite.
  23. George Co-Stanza

    George Co-Stanza Forum Resident

    In the Lap of Gods is so amazing. I remember hearing that for the first time and being blown to shreds.

    Anyhow, Sheer Heart Attack is easily my favorite Queen album. Its consistency is amazing.
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  24. Sondek

    Sondek Forum Resident

    These three tracks are superb...

  25. The Panda

    The Panda Forum Mutant

    Marple, PA, USA
    Big change from Queen II which I still like the best. But I still bought it. I knew Killer Queen was going to be huge before I even finished the song. First side is just great, second side not so much. But Stone Cold Crazy might be my favorite Queen rock out song. Years ago, I found sone kind soul had ripped the singles so I reconstructed side one with no cross fades. It really is jarring the first time you hear it.

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