Question about Blonde on Blonde

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by jmm55, Aug 1, 2020 at 1:24 PM.

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    great stuff! thanks...
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    first off, discard anything charles r cross says or writes about anything...king coattail rider, him
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    Really? When I went looking for a Hendrix biography I wanted something relatively current, assuming a modern author would have the advantage of reading all previous biographies, and Cross fit this bill. One might argue it's unreasonable for later authors to borrow any anecdotes from previous biographers, but that would make writing biographies all but impossible except for the first one or two of any given subject.

    Cross claimed to have interviewed hundreds of people over the course of four years, apparently many of whom had never been interviewed before. If your complaint is only that many of the stories can be found in other Hendrix biographies, I have to admit I'm not bothered by this. I think the only important part to me is that he got the story essentially right. If you can cite some specific cataclysmic fault in the book I'd be curious to know of it. I'd also like to know what Hendrix biography you'd recommend.
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    The Lenny Bruce album (at least) is one he likely brought from the U.S.

    You can see the shrink wrap on it (albums weren't shrink wrapped in the UK in the 60's or 70's).
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    Well done...likewise, although blurry, that looks like a US stereo version of Blonde On Blonde, not a UK copy.
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    Something to keep in mind, the original stereo mix has never been released digitally. The original mono mix has been released on CD, but Hendrix was known for preferring stereo over mono, so if you want to hear what he heard, you'll have to get a vinyl copy.
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    Amusing story. I liked the idea of the SACD but decided to buy a less expensive version, and did so on ebay. I thought I had bought the 2004 remastered version based on the seller's description, but close examination of the picture of the CD itself indicated I had actually bought the 1987 CGK 841 version, which didn't make me happy.

    While waiting for the seller to answer my question about how he messed up the listing details, I stumbled upon a just listed 2CD SACD, the exact one as found at Acoustic Sounds as linked, and managed to get it on a buy it now for about $12CDN and free shipping. I did well enough that I think I'm going to let both versions come and A/B the sound quality.

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