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Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Katz, Oct 15, 2019.

  1. Katz

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    My main source is Tidal, and I'm using it through the Yamaha WXC-50 streamer.

    Unfortunately it doesn't have Chromecast, and I must use the Musiccast app, which is Ok but not as nice as the Tidal app.

    I do however use Chromecast on my Sony Bravia tv, which is hooked up to my WXC-50 streamer by optical input.

    My question is - is there any quality degradation if used this way in comparison to a Streamer that has Chromecast built in? Any point in changing my WXC-50 with something that has Chromecast support?

  2. dolsey01

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    Boston, MA
    I would pick up a Chromecast Audio and cast directly to it and eliminate one item in the chain. But, if the TV is just passing along the digital bits, there really shouldn't be a difference if it supports the full resolution of Tidal.
  3. Katz

    Katz Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    If I buy a chromecast, it could be the same thing, but I kinda like playing Netfilx and such throuigh my hi-fi stereo, as the WXC 50 has only 1 optical in.

    Yeah, as specified, the TV is just a "network digital transport" basically - optical from TV to WXC-50, which in turn sends the analogue signal through RCA to my A-S2100 amp.
  4. Helom

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    The Chromecast Audio will pass the CD quality audio of Tidal but not the MQA. It works fine IME, with an occasional dropout. I have more problems with the Tidal app on my Android phone than anything with the CCA.
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  5. Mlle. Aurora

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    Have you tried USB Audio Player PRO for Android ? Not free but cheap, I think there is also a demo version available. The best app I ever used on my Pixel phone for playing plus sending music via USB including Tidal (without having to open the native Tidal app!), also supports MQA (but only with other USB interfaces than the Chromecast of course).
  6. TerpStation

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    Chromecast audio is pretty good and was an amazing bargain.... i have two.......i did an A/B once of my chromecast via a cheap amazon.com optical cord playing Ziggy Stardust vs my Ziggy SACD off my oppo 95.........on some tracks there was a difference, but it was ever so slight....the chromecast really did well.

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