R.E.M´s 'Automatic for the People' reissue confirmed for 2017

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Lynd8, Dec 31, 2016.

  1. Audioresearch

    Audioresearch Forum Resident

    I have the 2 cd version. Great art work. The remastering is oke! Much Better than out of time that one was way to loud and compressed.
  2. Porkpie

    Porkpie Forum Resident

    Was it the final track on side 1 (Sweetness Follows) or side 2 (Find The River)? I picked up a copy and just played it and have bad non fill on tracks 5 & 6 (New Orleans and Sweetness Follows - right at the end) but side 2 plays without any issue.
  3. McRib

    McRib Well-Known Member

    U.S. vinyl release sounds great after some residue from the sleeve was removed. Hype sticker says remastered from original analog tapes, and CB appears in the deadwax. Go buy it!
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  4. Too bad the videographer doesn’t actually show much of the set. More of just their reactions to it.
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  5. Mean Dorris

    Mean Dorris Active Member

    Was side 2, Find The River, right at the very end on the fade out :0(
  6. mattdm11

    mattdm11 Forum Resident

    Cleveland, OH
    I can't decide if I want to get the 3 disc version on 7digital for $34 or get the 4th disc/artwork/etc. for $76. It's over double the price for the physical copy, and I'm not a huge artwork guy anyway.....
  7. Porkpie

    Porkpie Forum Resident

    Ok, well that track plays perfectly for me, so I’d recommend you swap your copy and try your luck (my replacement copy from Amazon is showing up tomorrow so will let you know what that one’s like).
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  8. lonelysea

    lonelysea Forum Crustacean

    No clue. I find I usually only listen to surround releases once, just for the novelty.
  9. charlie W

    charlie W Forum Resident

    San Antonio
  10. beasandpeans

    beasandpeans Forum Resident

    Said it before but why break the uniformity of the design from OOT? Are they going to go back to smaller DVD sized deluxe editions after this or keep the album sized format with OOT being the odd one out. This one, without seeing it in the flesh, looks flimsy and cheap material wise. The other thing is, I realise this is one of their greatest albums, critically and personally etc, but I hope they really give their later albums just as much attention, and even consider expanded editions of their live albums post 1995. I hope they don't do a U2 and fawn over this like they did with numerous editions of Achtung Baby and JT and neglect every other album
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  11. J_D__

    J_D__ Forum Resident

    Mooresville, NC
    If they put half as much attention to the sound quality as they did to the packaging, this would sound great!
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  12. richbdd01

    richbdd01 Forum Resident

    So....exactly the same as the ‘Out of time’ reissue...ie analog tape transferred to hi res digital and then cut by Bellman?

    I’m not convinced this is going to be any better. When it says ‘from the analog tapes, it mean basically f-all...doesn’t mean the vinyl is cut directly from the source tape. Its just marketing bullsh1t!
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  13. gdruncle

    gdruncle Active Member

    How does the Blu-ray hi-res compare to the dvd-a from a decade ago or so? Has anyone compared?
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  14. richbdd01

    richbdd01 Forum Resident

    Anyone care to compare the new vinyl reissue with the last EU repress? (wmme alsdorf)
  15. rpd

    rpd Forum Resident

    What’s on disc 2, the demos or the live stuff?
  16. Porkpie

    Porkpie Forum Resident

    Just finished playing my second copy of the EU pressing on headphones and it plays fine without any non-fill. There’s some surface noise/static between tracks but nothing to complain about. So not dead silent vinyl but if I want a truely “silent” experience I can listen to the original CD I have of this.
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  17. McRib

    McRib Well-Known Member

    I haven't heard Out of Time, but based on others comments I'd have a hard time believing this is exactly like it. I am definitely interested in reading more opinions here, the discogs comments are in line with my experience.
  18. Vern

    Vern Forum Resident

    Do people reckon for Monser they'll wait until 2019 for the 2th anniversary reissue, or will they continue to do these reissue yearly per album, so due next year?

    Monster is probably the reissue I'm looking forward to most and it'd be a pain to wait two years!
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  19. monkeyboy67

    monkeyboy67 Well-Known Member

    Since every album in the campaign so far has been released as a "25th Anniversary" reissue I'd say its a safe bet that we'll see Monster in 2019 and then New Adventures in 2021.
  20. joe1320

    joe1320 Forum Resident

    dublin, ireland
    I really hope it’s next year, but I think they wait till 25th anniversary
  21. bferr1

    bferr1 Forum Resident

    The new deal with Concord/Craft is supposed to include Green, and Deluxe Editions are planned through Up. My bet: Craft will issue a Green 30th Anniversary next year to plug the off-year gap before Monster's 25th in 2019.
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  22. richbdd01

    richbdd01 Forum Resident

    The only one I’m really wanting is New Adventures in Hifi....
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  23. Audioresearch

    Audioresearch Forum Resident

    The live stuf
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  24. FourWalledWorld

    FourWalledWorld Forum Resident

    It'll be 2019 before we get Monster but it's possible we get something next year in lieu of an album (a la the release of the Unplugged sets in 2015 when there was no album to reissue).
  25. HappyFunMiles

    HappyFunMiles Well-Known Member

    Looking forward to testing it out later this week when the BD arrives...

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