R.I.P David Bowie: 8th January 1947 - 10th January 2016

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by sunspot42, Jan 11, 2016.

  1. modrevolve

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    My entire wall on Facebook and Instagram feed was all Bowie..American, Brits, European..his loss was felt worldwide.
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  2. overdrivethree

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    Well social media reaction is one thing. But as far as the media in general goes, it was lead story yesterday morning, and that's it. I don't know what the 24-hour news cycle is like in other places, but suppose it shouldn't be a surprise that Bowie gets his morning of coverage, and then onto the next thing. That's what I mean.
  3. vince

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    Further proof that music is no longer the 'be all, end all' for MOST of the American public!
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  4. You may check my post #1355, on page 54 I think.
  5. autumn daze

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    Milton Keynes, UK
    St Albans Cathedral, near where I grew up, posted this on their Twitter yesterday in tribute. Beautiful.

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  6. mick_sh

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    Madrid, Spain
  7. maxnix

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    Random notes:
    I'm in Florida doing presentation graphics for a convention, and the speaker yesterday (a man in his mid 60s) began his speech by announcing to the audience that he was "emotionally fragile today after the sad news", then had the audio guy play "Heroes" before he would start his presentation. Never saw that before in the 30 years I'm doing this job. On the other side of the coin, my 30 year old daughter (who was lucky enough to have seen him on the Reality tour with me, part of her "education") has been sending me links to Bowie articles for the last 24 hours.
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  8. tootull

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  9. overdrivethree

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    Yep. I think I posted here yesterday that not even VH1 Classic could be bothered to do anything. They just had a crawl that ran across the bottom of the screen every few minutes. That kind of says it all. And it's frustrating because an artist of Bowie's stature deserves more, whether Americans care about music anymore or not (and I agree, they mostly don't).
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  10. marmooskapaul

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    I don't know...in Indiana the sports talk shows had Bowie music playing and talking about his death...

  11. BrewDrinkRepeat

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    Merchantville NJ
    I was surprised and a bit saddened at the lack of Bowie presence on local radio yesterday, but I think that's a reflection on the piss-poor state of rock radio in the Philadelphia area than a lack of admiration by the local music fans.
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  12. dividebytube

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    Grand Rapids, MI
    I've already posted - but an additional thought or two.

    Last night my wife and I watched the Lazarus video. At the end I had to walk away - in tears. I felt depressed (still do) and just down for the rest of the day. I feel as if I had lost a friend - even though I never personally met Bowie - and as if part of my childhood died. He was a big influence in my pre/early teen years and also changed the way I look at people and art. Heck most of the music I listen to can be traced in some way to his body of work.
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  13. artfromtex

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    Fort Worth, TX
    I have owned "CHANGESBOWIE" for about 15 years. Only played it a handful of times.

    But, I "get it". He was an icon. He was an original and will never be replaced.

    How he kept his illness underwraps and actually turned his death into his last artistic statement amazes me.
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  14. Jerry

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    New England
    I don't think this was posted, but my apologies if so. Almost right after hearing of Bowie's death, I wondered what Peter Frampton would say, given their history. Peter's dad Owen was an inspirational art teacher at Beckenham Technical School in Bromley, Kent, and an influence on the early career of his student David Jones (Bowie). He gave Peter his first guitar lessons and taught Bowie art. When still in school, both Frampton's and Bowie's bands would play functions, and in between classes the two would jam on Buddy Holly tunes. Here's what I just found online from Peter on his classmate and friend Dave Jones:


    “The ’80s were a difficult period for me,” said Frampton. “It wasn’t until my dear friend David Bowie got me out on the road for the ‘Glass Spider’ tour and on his ‘Never Let Me Down’ record and reintroduced me as a guitar player around the world. I can never thank him enough for believing in me, and seeing past the image of the satin pants and big hair to the guitar player he first met when we played together in school.”

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  15. RIP! This sad news make me want to play some his vinyl albums again.
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  16. marmooskapaul

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    I had my 15 year old daughter listening to Bowie..last week..The Man Who Sold The World..and Blackstar CD.
    Last night she ..watched the video for Lazarus and Blackster. She likes dark off the trail music...she has a new King...in Bowie. She just thought what she listened too was dark.moody..till she heard/saw those two...lol..her words.."what did I just watch"..in amazement. Wanted to dress like Ziggy Stardust for school...but it got snowed out today..lol

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  17. tootull

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  18. dead of night

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    Northern Va, usa
    VH1 played Bowie all day on Sunday, 01/10: the movie, Ziggy Stardust, an hour of classic videos, Bowie Storytellers, and The Man Who...

    Did they get advance notice of the gravity of Bowie's illness?
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    Pittsburgh, PA
    Same here - I've been listening to the Five Years box since it came out, but not that seriously. I was already familiar with Ziggy & Aladdin Sane but not the others, aside from the hits. Yesterday I started really listening to them and will continue this week (and I am sure continuing much longer). I'm sad but looking forward to discovering all of his music that I had missed so far.
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  20. thrivingonariff

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    Depends on what media you're reading. The NY Times has featured the story---multiple Bowie stories, actually---prominently, and has continued to do that today.
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  21. JL6161

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    Michigan, USA
    No, it was his birthday and he had a massively promoted new album out. Everybody was playing Bowie last weekend.
  22. jeffmo789

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    New England
    I'm going to play Cure cover of YA later!
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  24. mdm08033

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  25. jeffmo789

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    New England
    In fairness, DB has always been a much bigger star in UK than US, if you look at the charts for his album and singles.
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