R.I.P. Margot Kidder

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    I'm a genuine fan.
    And as a man in his 40s, may I say Margot will always be my Lois Lane. Her charisma was off the charts.
    I only wish I got to meet her or talk on the phone and tell her how much she meant to me.
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    RIP Margo. I wonder what I would’ve done if I ever met a woman with Lois’s characteristics...
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    Because she gave the guy in the pub in Dublin her shoes(QUACKSER FORTUNE).
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    What a super woman.
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    as a last ditch attempt to keep us afloat until the fall fund drive. Margie rang up. “Sorry to hear that you’re in such bad shape that you’ve got to sell all your good stuff,” she said. “I’ve been there and I’m willing to help. What if I send you and Becky a pair of my panties to auction off to the highest bidder? There’s got to be some Lois Lane-obsessed pervert out there that would pay good money to sniff them.”

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    I was at Motor Coty Comic Con in Novi, Michigan this weekend, where Margot Kidder was scheduled to be a guest. The booth where she was to be signing autographs was converted to a tribute to her.
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    R.I.P - On the set of Superman.

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    RIP ! apart from superman films my favourite role of hers is Vanishing Act one of the best tv movies I have ever seen! I was watching something a few months ago (can't remember what ) and saw an actress that looked and sounded very much like her I later found out it was her niece so that voice and the looks runs in the family.
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    Rest in peace.
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    How sad, she had both a wonderful and tragic life. It saddens me to think of the pain she must have been suffering at the end.
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    A few days ago her death was ruled a suicide and it just sucks that she is no longer around. From what I read, she was living in poor health lately from her protests in cold weather. Particularly at the Standing Rock protest camp in 2016. Regardless, she struggled with mental health, and it is just so sad to me.

    I am watching the Amityville Trilogy (Shout) on bluray and thinking about Sisters coming out to Criterion, the recent Black Christmas (Shout), and of course the recent longer TV edition of Superman...and just loving her work.

    R.I.P. She was a vibrant actress that just brings me so much joy to watch.

    Call it disrespectful, but yeah, I like watching her with the 1 pink leg warmer scene in Amityville as well. She had a unique beauty and even with recent interviews, I found her so much fun to listen to. She was someone that called it like it was. Gotta respect that!
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    We had Ms. Kidder as a semi-regular recurring character on the shortlived NBC sitcom Boston Common back in the late-1990s. Margo still had problems walking, so they wrote into her part (the dean of the college) that she got around on a motorized scooter. She was funny, had great timing, and was a total pro and got along well with everybody. I was sad that she didn't get more work out of that, because she gave 100% on the series.
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    RIP + Margot Kidder
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