R.I.P. Mike Connors of "Mannix" Fame

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by jsayers, Jan 26, 2017.

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    CBS SUNDAY MORNING always does a "people we lost" segment at the end of the year. They did so today - and they did NOT include Mike Connors.

    Mr. Connors died in a group of three back in January: Mary Tyler Moore and Barbara Hale were the other two - and they both got mentioned.
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    That's unfortunate he was lost in the shuffle. Mary was obviously an icon and Barbara was on one of the most popular shows of all time that is still a staple of reruns to this day plus she had a decent career before the series and a career revival in the 80s.

    Mike deserves to be remembered more than he is although the relative lack of exposure for Mannix (aside from the DVDs) since it went off the air 40 years ago and his life outside the public eye since then probably has relegated him to footnote status.
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    Bismarck ND
    Corrupt Media.....
    Mike Connors
    Occupation Actor
    Years active 1952–2007
    Political party Republican
    Spouse(s) Mary Lou Willey ( m. 1949; his death 2017)
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    It would definitely be a shame if party affiliation caused his death to be silenced by controlled mainstream media. Although I'm not a fan of the divisive two-party system in America, I remember watching the overhead TV which was always on at my gym about 10 years ago and seeing MC interviewed by the Fox News channel. I don't recall what or if MC was specifically promoting something at that time, but it was nice to see him answering questions and looking well both mentally and physically.
    Mike Connors as Hatfield the Gambler by Norman Rockwell for the film "Stagecoach."

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