R.I.P. Rupert Hine-record producer*

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    Rupert Hine in a recording studio in 1973. Although he performed under his own name, he was best known as a hit-making producer. “I never wanted to be a rock star,” he said.
    Image Credit: Fin Costello/Redferns, via Getty Images.

    Mr. Hine with Tina Turner in his studio in Buckinghamshire, England. He produced Ms. Turner’s Grammy-winning hit “Better Be Good to Me.
    Image Credit: via Fay Morgan Hine.
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    Agreed... brilliant stuff!
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    Last night I was spinning Camel's I Can See Your House from Here (1979), another Rupert Hine production job.
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    I think this an absolutely fabulous record. My only regret, when I interviewed Rupert years ago, was not asking him about it. Some top flight drumming from the fantastic Mike Giles.
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    ICT, Kansas
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    I believe Rooms on Fire was written about Rupert if Icrecall correctly. One reason Nick's rarely performed the song live after that tour.
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    Producer of 2 seriously great and underrated albums: Round the Back and International, by Café Jacques.

    RIP Mr. Hine.
  9. Terrific producer. RIP.

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