Radiohead Kid A Mnesia $44.99 USD

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    Katy, TX
    It's retailing at $60. So even with shipping it's about $10 less. I cancelled my Amazon Pre-Order.
    The site is wonky. It kept redirect to the Matador site. I had to the back button a few times. Guest purchasing is disabled, so create an account if you haven't one.
    XL Recordings
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  2. DapperGentleman

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    Thanks, I was hoping to see it was the indie Red Vinyl version being offered, but I'm seeing the regular black vinyl version. I quit before learning the cost of sales tax and shipping.

    Bullmoose and Amazon Prime would ship this without shipping cost to me (and I think Bullmoose doesn't charge sales tax to my state, if I remember right.)

    I'll wait.
  3. Bloom

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    there was a record store owner on reddit that said that 44.99 is essentially wholesale cost and that XL is basically cutting the legs out of everyone selling the standard at that price. Interesting stuff

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