Rami Malek is Freddie Mercury in "Bohemian Rhapsody" first look

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  1. Champions Of The World was actually my first contemporary experience of a Queen documentary, and while I used to be quite the fan of DoRo's work (especially their music videos), I've since grown quite weary of their tendency to recycle elements from previous efforts. Sure, that instance was an updated take on much of the same basic content as the three-part Magic Years series, but we've since had the far more candid Days Of Our Lives, which did a fantastic job of covering everything fans would ever need without going into the same territory as lesser television productions I could mention... Some of those concentrating on aspects of Freddie's personal life in particular are something I can't even watch out of morbid curiosity!
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    Three weeks of shooting left apparently.
  3. Considering how much of the project was already in the can, so to speak, it wouldn't surprise me if the powers that be resume production in January with Sigel taking over full-time and give him a secondary credit, unless there are legal reasons why Singer can't be named (apart from his various ongoing issues that may lead to the studio wanting to keep its distance, there is precedent of a director being completely unlisted if they weren't present for a set percentage of the overall shoot). Whatever ends up happening, I just don't see any chance for this movie succeeding... At such a late stage, potentially opening the door to further personnel changes would surely jeopardise the planned release date, and I don't recall any solid deadlines being mentioned in all the previous years Brian and Roger had been trying to get this misguided idea out there.
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    The main reason I question whether Singer's name will remain on the film has to do with the possibility that the studio is aware of and/or afraid of further accusations against Singer (and/or the past accusations being emphasized again more heavily), and at least in part is using whatever else is going on as a pretext to get him and his name away from this movie for fear there will be boycotts/protests, etc. if/when it comes out under his name.

    If this were a bigger-budget film with more profit potential, I would say I wouldn't be surprised if they brought in a new directory to shoot enough footage, even down to re-shooting the *same* stuff the same way, just so that they can justify to the DGA that someone else's name should be listed as director.

    But I think this film is something closer to the Bill Pohlad "Love & Mercy" Brian Wilson film; it will have maybe some awards potential and film festival potential and will do okay at the box office in perhaps limited engagements or mid-level amounts of screens. But a film like that can't afford to re-shoot half of it to get Singer's name off of it. And if it's not a big money-earner, they may not have the money to just buy off Singer and get him to agree to take his name off.

    Those are the aspects that make what will happen next interesting. Will they just finish it off as quickly as possible, leave Singer's name on it, hope for the best, play it at some festivals and then move it to VOD or something? Will they shelve it for a year or two after finishing it and see what happens?

    If this film really is like 90% or so completed, I can't think of a ton of films that got *that* far along in filming and so heavily publicized that were 100% shelved forever. They're usually dumped onto VOD and DVD if nothing else.
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    Because we were made to forget things like that documentary and got hoodwinked with "rainbow flags" and "unicorns"
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    There are Directors Guild rules against omitting the director's names from the credits and publicity, and (as we saw with Justice League) even when a new director steps in and shoots and reshoots for 6 weeks and then works on the post-production for six months, they still can't get credited as the director. But I would be very surprised if they allow Singer to do any interviews or publicity about the movie.

    Dexter Fletcher was just hired to do two more weeks of shooting and oversee production on the Bohemian Rhapsody movie, and my guess is that he'll get a credit as "creative consultant" or "producer" or something like that, along with a very large paycheck.

    Dexter Fletcher Replaces Bryan Singer On ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’
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    Mr. Robot.
    He's got the profile pretty good, skinny factor ( Freddy was slim), but Rami's got bug eyes more Omar Sharif.
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    I'm not Nostradamus, but it looks like Singer's career will follow the path of Kevin Spacey's one.
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  10. That picture has been circulating for a while now along with others from the same location that show "Freddie" (supposedly on a break from sessions around Munich, which is really a street in London) staring into the window of a record shop where you can see the original Greatest Hits album, only with the cover modified to include the four actors playing Queen's members. While the degree of accuracy has been great in some places, such as the aforementioned sleeve, I can see why some believe Rami Malek's eyes aren't quite right for this iconic role, and I've noticed a small number of fans complaining about the first on-stage shot that was released having the wrong lighting rig for any of the early '80s tours it's meant to represent...
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    Maybe better lighting will fix it, but I’ll never believe that’s Freddie.

    I thought the Great Pretender documentary of his life was well done. I don’t see why we need a dramatization if it.
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    Doubt it. Spacey created an unsafe work environment by preying on crew as recently as this year, whereas Singer's bacchanal partying was in his personal life in the '00s. A failed effort to link Singer to a prostitute who worked at a friend's party, followed by similar attempts from the same lawyer look like a shakedown, the kind that could happen to anyone who was single and living it up inadvisably. Singer should not have exposed himself to that sort of risk, but the same could be said of countless others - heterosexuals and gays, both.

    He evidently didn't offer hush money and so now this is a takedown, with headlines about his past professional life somehow appearing. But if the court case falls apart like the ones before, and if the claims that he was late showing up on set on X-Men and Superman and other X-Men films and whatever else turn out to be exaggerations, then he'll probably put this behind him since no studio is going to start blacklisting talent based on their private lives.
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    Not bad. I wonder if the majority of the music will be directly taken from Queen or 'Queen'
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    I’ve seen worse, but time will tell.

    At least the music is on point.:)
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    This first trailer is very much about the music but can't tell anything about the plot. Definitely more of a teaser than proper trailer imo.
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    i wish they look more like Queen though it just looks like 4 blokes on a stag do, personally a well drawn animated would have been better IMO and more classy and fitting for Queen but I guess it all comes down to $$$
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    I expect a nice glossy whitewashing of events
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    Brian May, in particular, I don't think they could've got any more right than they have. It looks like his double. The same goes for the actor playing John Deacon.
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    Yeah, kind of expected to see Freddie dancing in a gay club but none of that to be seen in this trailer.
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    The guy playing Freddie looks (and sounds) more like Mick Jagger in bad Freddie wigs.

    ‘Roger Taylor’ could be anyone.
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    I don't hate it. I think those actors look better than a lot of other bio pics I've seen. They're never going to find carbon copies who can act.
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    It looks like a parody.
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    So far it's the Def Leppard VH1 biopic :cry:
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    Who knows if the film will suck or not, but don't discount the lead actor. Rami Malek is astounding in Mr. Robot, and I don't really care if he doesn't look 100% like Mr. Mercury because he's a magnetic presence on camera. That said, poor choices from the director or a poor script could still sink him regardless.

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