Rami Malek is Freddie Mercury in "Bohemian Rhapsody"*

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    So you can see Freddie succum to AIDS and die? No thanks, brilliant ending it the way they did, on a high note.
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    That sort of already exists:

    You don't get Rami Malek, but I will say this part documentary, part docudrama has some great performances in it; the actor playing Freddie may not quite look the part, but it feels rather genuine.
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    While this biopic has some inaccuracies and anachronisms, like most biopics, I enjoy it a lot too. Probably had the best feel-good ending (they were wise to end the movie there instead of going on to the depressing end of Freddie.) I don't know if it is my favorite biopic, though. I think Walk The Line (Johnny Cash), Ray (Ray Charles), and Elvis (Elvis Presley) are really good too, even though they all suffer from inaccuracies and anachronisms too.

    Bohemian Rhapsody resulted in a best actor Oscar for Malek.
    Ray resulted in a best actor Oscar for Jamie Foxx.
    Walk The Line resulted in a best actor Oscar nomination for Joaquin Phoenix, who arguably should've won (Phillip Seymour Hoffman won that year for Capote.)
    Elvis resulted in, at least, a best actor Oscar nomination for Austin Butler. Will find out soon enough if he wins the best actor Oscar this year.

    In my opinion, Austin Butler did the best job out of these four in their respective biopics, with Joaquin Phoenix a close second.

    The big strike against Malek compared to the other 3 is that he did none of the singing, but he did a great job with all the mannerisms and showmanship that Freddie had.
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    Walk the Line is probably my second favorite biopic.
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    For what it is, TV budget, TV wigs - this was a good watch - Thanks! I thought some of the shots of the Freddie Mercury actor* looked uncannily like the real thing, and the rest of the time, he looks so much like him that you start picking out the differences which you wouldn't with Malek (who looks like a man with a moustache). That's not to say an actor has to look identical to someone they are portraying but it helps with historical reenactment. The documentary feels to me more straight (if that's the word) about Mercury's lifestyle than the major motion picture.

    *) John Blunt - looking it up and getting it out there.
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